Thursday, July 28, 2016

TRUMP CAMPAIGN/ USA FREEDOM KIDS DISPUTE 2016: Breach of Contract & Trump's BUSINESS AS USUAL, Ripping off American Kids ... The "You're FIRED- You're SCREWED" Edition ... (THINKING OF THE KIDS? PT.6) & (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.11)

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The Official Donald Trump Jam ... Thanx to FOX 10 PHOENIX

This posting will serve 2 series of this journal/ blog as well ... "Public Parasites" and "Thinking of the Kids?" series ... to take a look at what the Trump campaign has been up to, who will be this postings public parasites, who are alwayz so called 'thinking of the kids'. It's bad enough in the DNC with the email leaks as it is in this 2016 political season, and you may think that is about as low as you can go ... but the Trump campaign took it even lower and went rock bottom, screwing American kids out of a paycheck, promotions and expenses! First of all, I want to give credit to these kids for their patriotism, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit, and it seems like they and their dad/ manager Jeff Popick (dad of the youngest girl) learned something from this I would hope. The Trump campaign has gave these kids management one runaround after another, broke promises and their verbal contract to these kids that have worked hard to perform for the Trump campaign and even making a song just for it and Donald Trump. Not only were they scammed out of the next show and money for the performance, but also the money they put up for promotions, airfare, rental car and hotel expenses. They were supposed to do a show in Des Moines for the Trump campaign, jumped on a plane to Chicago, after landing they found out it got cancelled suddenly, and they would still have to drive in a rental car from Chicago to Des Moines too ... instead of the $2500 previously arranged and promised for a performance, they were hustled into a counter offer to have a stand set up at it to where they could sell their CD's, which they never even got that ... no performance, no stand to sell their CD's! The kids management tried to call, text, and email the Trump campaign to get answers and compensation ... the campaign wouldnt even answer to any of it. These kids are the embodiment of what a man especially like Donald Trump claims he values, the American ideals of opportunity, reward for hard work, straight business and entrepreneurialism, understand that this was all done by the Trump campaign to basically skim a few thousand bucks tops ... and to children at that ... a campaign that raises millions, for a candidate who is a billionaire. Damn right a lawsuit is in order here from the father/ manager Mr.Popick ... this kind of money is basically dinner money for Trump and a few friends ... it is disgraceful ... this isnt even conservative, this is cheap, un-American ... and of course business as usual! More below in the Washington Post link ... Word Out ....

***** WASHINGTON POST: The creator of the viral pro- Trump act 'USA Freedom Kids' now plans to sue the campaign ... (newsread)







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