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DALLAS POLICE AMBUSH 2016: Legislating the LEGISLATORS & Diffusing the Ticking TIME BOMB with Glen Ford & Michael Wood ... The "Casualties of War" Edition ... (Police Brutality PT.24) & (Michael A. Wood,Jr Pt.3)

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(left to right) Michael A.Wood,Jr & Glen Ford

This posting will serve as Part 24 of the "Police Brutality" series and Part 3 of "Michael A.Wood,Jr series of this journal/ blog. My condolences to the families and friends of the 5 police officers (one a Dallas Transit officer) who were killed during this ambush as well. Even though this was the action of one man, as so far found during this investigation ... I wanted to include this in the "Police Brutality" series because it is all connected to the growing issue of the communities, race and class relations with law enforcement, but in particular, those who control and manage law enforcement and legislation. The ironic part of this incident ... is that it happened in Dallas, which shows that this is a ticking time bomb that can happen anywhere coast to coast ... and what I mean by that, is that out of the largest U.S. cities, Dallas PD is a model for other cities as far as police community relations, Dallas is one of the most progressive cities when it comes to policing (see Toronto Star link below) ... and more ahead on this avenue than most of the so called "liberal cities" of the country, this may be hard to believe for some since it is in Texas, but it is fact, and much credit also can go to Dallas Police Chief David Brown. I had been able to talk to several people in the community here in Dallas since this happened to get their views and reaction, none of them I talked to though attended the protest event, nor was I at the event, and didnt even hear a thing about it as it was going down, I live in the City of Dallas, but I live about 15 miles northwest of downtown, I didnt hear anything until I woke up friday morning on the news. But for thousands of people that live in downtown and uptown, this was traumatic and continues to be, as well as for the peaceful protesters and officers who were trying to keep the peace, but got blindsided by this. But below I wanted to add videos about the condition from Glen Ford of "Black Agenda Report" (a blog I recommend for insight on related issues), and from former Baltimore Police Sergeant Michael Wood, both of these guyz are straight about pointing out the problems and should be heard out, and Thanx as well to The Real News Network for covering this from an alternative non- corporate controlled view. I also added a couple news links from Dallas and Toronto news ... after, I will add my own part to this.

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after the march/ protest ....

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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

While many officers that are in question of their lethal force and in some cases clear murder of citizens are being not held accountable for their actions, and because of policies almost impossible to be reprimanded in any significant way or brought to a trial or any kind of real justice served ... we had 5 innocent police officers killed in Dallas as a response, and others that were shot but survived, including 2 citizens. You have an Army veteran who was the shooter and determined to take down as many as he can, in particular white officers/ people ... technically it is a hate crime as well ... a police chief, who is being criticized for using a robot armed with a bomb to take out the shooter, the police in a situation and stand- off, and this man Johnson was NOT going to be taken alive, I would bet on it ... these are the casualties of war. Even though it seems ironic to me that this happened at a very peaceful march in downtown Dallas, like Michael in the above video sayz, "I was not surprised" either ... to me, it was just a matter of time, I wrote plenty about this in this series and journal, as far as the sophistication and proficiency of not just the police and militarization, but about folks that are trained in combat and tactical response/ resistance that will come ... in time. The opinions and blame on this is in the thousands all over internet/ social media ... I heard folks blame it on Black Lives Matter, Progressives, a conspiracy by the globalist elites to start it to disarm everyone, and some politicians blaming the gun ... to even blaming it on Hillary Clinton staging it so that folks dont talk about her email scandal, and everything in between ... it is just insane, I'm surprised to not hear yet that space aliens are to blame. This shooter just had enough frustration in him to go and do this alone (if indeed he didnt get help) if he needed ... the 'condition' and 'trauma' of the reality in this country is motivation all by itself without any conspiracies ... if Johnson didnt do it, you can bet that someone else would and there are plenty more that think like Johnson and even look at him as a martyr and hero in a domestic urban battle. I heard President Obama say that everyone involved with this shooting is going to be held accountable and brought to justice ... my question to the President would be ... "when are police officers that kill people with no good reason going to be brought to justice and held accountable?". I heard U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas say that "Washington wont be able to legislate themselves out of this one" (similar wording) ... the problem in that statement from Congressman Sessions is ... that there is no one hardly in our Congress in Washington or the states, that are legislating enough to improve this or doing a damn thing about it ... we need to as a society start to lay down the draft, present and demand legislation to these legislators, and making them actually change policies and how policing is done ... and especially what in Hell has his own Republican Party done? We have so many politicians telling us what the problems are that we already know, while they run their mouths over and over and are doing nothing, but kissing corporations asses like the private prison industry, who make a bundle off these bunk biased policies. What is the Congressional Black Caucus doing as Glen points out in the above video? ... what are cities that are so liberated supposedly with people of colour and Democrats that been running these cities like Baltimore been doing? ... Baltimore is heavily in this crisis, and the resistance from the people is 110% justified.

What lit the fuse for this incident in Dallas was not just past cases and policies against black, brown and lower income citizens, but these recent cases in the week around the Dallas Police ambush, the cases of Alton Sterling (CNN), Philando Castile (HuffPost), and Dylan Noble (LA Times) ... there was also another that is lacking mainstream news coverage of Delrawn Small (Democracy Now), today these are becoming a week to week or bi- monthly thing, more and more common, there are so many, that I cant even keep up with them ... rest assured though, that the resistance as well will become more and more common. Until action is taken, it will continue to get worse and worse, there is no avoiding it ... deadly force policy needs to change, the drug issue with addiction needs to be addressed and money to work on it, instead of our taxes used as a for profit industry, mental health issues as well ... you dont lock up people that are sick with an illness in penal institutions, especially corporate ran ones ... period. Legislation needs to also be made on a Federal Government level at first, to tear down this mass incarceration machine and police militarization, and it can then be adopted with enough pressure on a state to state level ... the same as how the states quickly adopted the 1993/ 1994 Federal Crime Bill on a state to state level to make money ... what we can make, we can also change and unmake ... those in Washington and on a local level that DO NOT attempt to change a damn thing, need to be ousted from political office ... this means on both these sides of Democrats and Republicans, they are the only ones doing all the damage in this country, and the citizens and police are paying the price for THEIR actions and lack of action. This is NOT the fault of radicalization or the Black Lives Matter movement ... why "Black Lives Matter" is needed? ... is because this country with it's intergenerational and systemic racism and neo- classism makes it so that all lives matter except those of colour and the working poor classes ... that is WHY you need organizations like BLM. We are going backwards in this country, there is even a war on our Civil Rights today, and everything from voting to workers organizing to our First Amendment Right of speech, assembly is being attacked and suppressed. The people/ citizens or Black community are NOT asking for "special treatment", as so many right wing advocates espouse ... this IS NOT about special treatment, it is about equal treatment and justice ... this does NOT penalize those with wealth either, it simply makes a fair playing field, and that is what Democracy and liberty should be about ... not this oligarchic controlled corporate communism you see today. The incident that happened in Dallas last week was just one man ... if there were really 3 or 4 involved in this ambush plot, with the same motivation and training as Johnson, there would have even been a significantly higher casualty rate, as it is right now, our military has been having to dismiss new recruits recently after screening them and finding connections with them to groups such as White Supremacist's ... they are joining for the training in other words. As long as our legislators allow this to continue, the police and citizens will suffer, and in time ... will come for you too in politics and high places ... bank on it. Enough from me ...

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