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ST.VINCENT/ ANNIE CLARK: "Your Lips Are Red", "Dig A Pony", "Birth In Reverse" & "Huey Newton" ... (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.20)

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This entry into the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal/ blog is another past due and has to go to Annie Clark aka St.Vincent for her outstanding work as far as her unique compositions, guitar work and vocals ... difficult as far as what to post here on her, since there is much to choose from, and I wanted to keep this as "live" performances. Annie grew up here in Dallas, and graduated from Lake Highlands High School and started her arts venture there, the same High School that Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers graduated from ... after High School, Annie went to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, spent a few years there and dropped out, figuring to just go out on her own and do her own thing, coming back to Dallas and joining The Polyphonic Spree. But Annie plays various instruments and had many influences in music from Hendrix and the Beatles to David Bowie to Kate Bush is at the tops of her list ... pop, rock, jazz, to indie, she also had the opportunity to do an album with David Byrne of the Talking Heads and opened for so many groups, looking to do her indie/ alternative with a touch of jazz thing, but wanting to try to incorporate it into pop music and give it a harder alternative edge of sort. She is just an outstanding writer, vocalist, guitarist ... and a producer who is hands on in everything she does, and lives in her art, she has received awards and even a Grammy, and managed to get out 5 albums in a 7 year span, I'll let the Wikipedia cover the rest. When it comes to vocals for instance, she is at the tops with me, because she can make a sharp turn quickly in any arrangement from soft and gentle to a rage of fury, and blends it just right with a really nice range, and has a great crew behind her ... I love her unique guitar style, and I went with her electric work here instead of the acoustics for this posting. I also wanted to add her in the "Beautiful Girlz" series for her talent, mind and exquisite beauty ... she is really a jewel, and top of the line! I selected 4 pieces below, and I wanted to add her cover of "Dig A Pony" by the Beatles, which I love her guitar work on, and I look forward to much more from this artist and wishing her the best on her adventures ... Enjoy!





St.Vincent- Your Lips Are Red @ ACL 2014 (Austin) ... Thanx to MARKO PRELIC

St.Vincent- Dig A Pony- Live @ All Points West Festival (Jersey City, NJ) 8/ 1/ 09 in HD ... Thanx to SUPREFAN





(01) St Vincent- Birth in Reverse @ Outside Lands Fest, Golden Gate Park 8.07.15 (San Francisco) ... Thanx to DAREKHIMSELF

St.Vincent- Huey Newton (Live in Copenhagen, November 5th, 2014) ... Thanx to mathiasnielsen66




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