Thursday, July 14, 2016

CLINTON vs. TRUMP (PT.1)- THE MATCH- UP 2016/ LYING101: ... In The Ring & More Full O' Shit Than a SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT ... The "Oligarchy or Fascism" Edition ... (If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many Politician's would call in SICK? PT.3)

(left to right) Donald, Hillary, Bill and Melania ... just hanging out and lying to each other, the Clinton's probably trying to hustle Donald out of a few bucks, while Donald tries to hustle another tax loophole ....

This posting will serve as Part 3 of the "If Habitual Lying was an Illness, how many Politician's would call in Sick?" series of this journal/ blog, just a little cheap humour, inspired by the pre- paid excitement and seriousness that this election is being presented as ... and Thanx to Bernie Sanders, who is at least trying to force some reform in the Democratic Party. But frankly, this has to be the most bland, plastic, and overpriced elections that I've seen in my 4 decades of voting, despite what the pop- culture media sayz it is ... all it is worth to most voters, is simply fearing what either of these 2 and their establishment parties will do when they win, it's a choice of basically lesser evil vs. greater evil to most, just simply voting out of fear, instead of what they really want, and not really much choice at all. Probably one of the funniest things to me, is that the Republicans are kind of stuck with Trump, not unless something changes convention time (?), they did not have a Superdelegate system like the Democrats, they had to go with their voters choice it appears ... where Democrats had Superdelegates and can quickly mute their voters voice by using it to override Democrat voters choice if needed, from the information I gathered, that it how this seems to work, maybe something can change in the convention, I dont know. Although it's kind of obvious that the Democratic Superdelegates majority for example, and their banking/ corporate financial support, had already chose Clinton long before she ever even announced running. However, this is mainstream pre- paid American politics and bullshit at its best! ... I would assume that some of our European friends probably get a laugh looking at our system here and the corporate controlled duopoly, especially those that in their country actually use a paper ballot, that dont have to use electronic corporate controlled touch screen voting machines like many in America, at least what I have to to use to cast my vote here in Texas. Nonetheless though, this election will at least be the best horseshit that money can buy ... both of these candidates pretty close as far as lies and hypocrisy, and when they jump into the ring, there will be more shit than a sewage treatment plant! {:-)

In the moderate right corner of the ring we have defending champ of bullshit Hillary "Dead Broke" Clinton, the self proclaimed "moderate right progressive" (????), and sponsored by some of the finest oligarch controlled corporate communism in the world ... coming in at 5'ft- 6"in and around 143lbs!, a decades old political veteran of lies, and amongst the best of the best at it in modern history. Hillary is no lightweight, she has been able to flip- flop, change faces, personalities and outfits at the drop of a hat ... she is slicker than owls shit and practiced law, she is also wife of former President Bill Clinton, one of the best bullshit artists and liars in modern presidential history. Hillary started decades ago in politics as a "Goldwater Girl" ... she even at a time early on, served on the board of WalMart and helped keep the employees pay low, so that WalMart can give you "alwayz low prices"! Hillary and Bill may sound modest and claimed to be broke at a time, but been able to rustle up over $150 million in paid speeches over the last decade and a half ... they have some of the biggest and best of Wall Street and banking in the world behind them, and enjoy 4 beautiful properties throughout the year. Hillary is the best of the best when it comes to avoiding questions and changing the subject as well ... look for some of her expertise in this during debates. The Clinton's are very popular for their past trade agreements that helped send tens of thousands of manufacturing companies out of the country, and crime bill legislation that led to mass incarceration of what is seen in their circle, as the lower peasant elements in our society, to be used for corporate incarceration profiteering and asset forfeiture/ seizure. The Clinton Foundation has also been able to rake in millions from some of the worlds top money including folks like Saudi Arabia, who donate money to them I guess, to make up for all the persecution of women and executions of gay men that the Saudi's do in their country? The Clinton's are one of the most popular household names in politics today, and have plenty of house workers at minimal pay to work their asses off for them.

In the other far right corner of the ring, coming in at 6'ft- 2"in and roughly 200lbs, the one and only self proclaimed "Great One" and phony religious fundamoralist, and sponsored by American neo- fascism, is Donald "The Great" Trump, and looking as great as his challenger Hillary ... with his great make- up, hair, and designer suits ... you look absolutely beautiful Donald! ... and I personally must admit, that your wife Melania looks damn good to me too! Even though Donald The Great does not have that political experience and background as his opponent Hillary Dead Broke, he is not one to take lightly either, he was able to beat out all the top of the chain worthless Republican candidates running against him in the primaries with only words, and this guy is more smooth than the silk ties he wears ... this guy is so smooth and full of shit that he could hustle the shirt off a pimp/ players back! Known for his lavish lifestyle, buildings and casinos, I myself even stayed at his Playboy Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City back years ago for a few nights, and had a great time Donald! Donald also takes pride in his vision of "The Great Wall of Donald", which will be built on our border with Mexico to keep out undesirables and Muslim terrorists, while smart terrorists simply use Canada to get in here (you wont find too many Muslim terrorists in Mexico setting up shop anywayz, cause they dont have enough social programmes or many mosques in Mexico as you would find in western European countries). At the same time, Donald is the one who sayz he will make America Great again, and bring back those thousands of jobs from places like China and Mexico, which I would assume would be the jobs/ business in Mexico and China that he has to make his clothing line and products that he peddles off to stores in America like Macy's, so his pop culture crowd can pay over inflated prices for them. Donald is famous also for his quickie insulting tweets on immigrants and women, he also easily hustled hundreds of millions in free political advertising in mainstream media because of them ... this guy knows how to stretch the buck. He like Bill Clinton is also well known for hitting on women "below" the belt ... he also knows how to keep labour cheap like Hillary, but instead, by shafting immigrant workers that he brings in to work on his jobs and sites in America ... having left many workers and business partners even holding the bill/ tab ... with a tax and bankruptcy legal team that can milk every dollar imaginable!

But there you have it ... which will Americans choose to be their next top multimillionaire or maybe billionaire? ... which of these 2 will be the best and No.1 at peddling off their bullshit to the voters? No doubt looking at the facts and history, you would really have to be hardcore into this election, in fear, or else totally wasted on drugs to buy most of this bullshit or get excited over it. At least this ought to be a little better year for Jill Stein and the Green Party, they should be able to hustle up at least a few more votes as a result! {:-) Below some challenging video for the viewer to decide on who's best, or in this case ... more full of shit ... Enjoy! {:-)

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight ... Thanx to MICHAEL ARMSTRONG


donald trump's TOP 10 LIES ... Thanx to MCCAINISTHROUGHX



PD/ RCJ: "If HABITUAL LYING was an ILLNESS, how many Politician's would call in SICK?" PART'S 2 & 1




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Patricia said...

I am sorry, couldn't stomach watching those videos. Seriously, is this the best we can do? I want to move to New Zealand, maybe I could tag along with Ruth Ginsberg.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hi Patricia! I didnt even think of the video may be difficult for some to watch, I just saw them and thought it was hilarious on how openly full of shit these folks are, thought of a boxing match after listening to the excitement on mainstream media and people paid money to say they're excited, etc. ... it was just a little humour. But you're absolutely right Patricia, this country can do much better than this crap we are fed ... Thanx for your input here.