Monday, July 25, 2016

CARAVAN PALACE: "Rock It For Me", "Jolie Coquine", "Clash" & "Brotherswing"

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This entry for the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal has to definitely go to a crew that I been intending to get in here for awhile ... the exciting French electro swing crew out of Paris "Caravan Palace", this is really a tight crew if you enjoy old swing or electro swing either way, a nice blend of swing and incorporating other elements of contemporary genres ... they really rock you, a crew that is hard to keep your feet in one place listening to them! This crew started out as a 3 piece, but had to expand to the 7 member team they are today, they officially been a company since 2008 on release of their first full album, but toured a year straight between 06- 07 off of singles/ demos they had ... they are one that enhances traditional swing, and was partly inspired by another old school French great of swing "Django Reinhardt". But I really enjoy everything about this crew ... and love their stage set lighting too ... the electronics really put some spunk into it, and traditionally combined with some great clarinet, saxophone, double bass and vibraphone, 3 members doing vocals ... and excellent front vocals by the beautiful Zoe Colotis, who I love to listen to her work ... a mix of smooth, sharp and sensual! {:-) ... another crew that I recommend for those who like new swing is "Diablo Swing Orchestra". Since there was a good selection of "live" work as far as visual/ audio, I wanted to go with their live work here, and I wish great success to this crew as well ... Enjoy!






Caravan Palace- Rock It For Me [LIVE @LE TRIANON] ... Thanx to CARAVANPALACE

Caravan Palace- Jolie Coquine live ... Thanx to UMAR OSMAN

Caravan Palace- Clash [LIVE @LE TRIANON] ... Thanx to CARAVANPALACE

Caravan Palace- Brotherswing live ... Thanx to UMAR OSMAN


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Patricia said...

Hey, one thing I just don't get, and yeah that music is great! Thanks for that! However, there is not one musician, backing any political party. Tom Morello is the main musician who is a force for change. Isn't that interesting how music is not heard in our political process? The politicians just rip off whoever they can because no real artist will participate in this travesty.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Patricia, good morning! I'm not sure about musicians supporting or endorsing political parties or politicians ... I know a few have spoke out in behalf of some, including Sanders, I dont know the depth of participation though. I know who Tom Morello is though (as far as his past work with "Rage Against The Machine"), but no, I didnt know that. While viewing the news this morning as I woke, I noticed they had Paul Simon at the DNC last night singing I believe "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", and talking about love, uniting, holding hands or whatever. I havent even kept up with the conventions this year of either party ... well ... I kind of know what they're going to do and say anywayz, from their past conventions, and I expect this year, that both party's will be talking about how they are "good" and their opponent is "evil" ... you know the score, I just catch some clips of parts of it on the tele or online when I can ... I sure as Hell wont sit through hours of that shit like some may. Hey Patricia ... Thank You for your input here!