Wednesday, November 9, 2016

VETERANS DAY 2016: Veterans Experiences from the IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN WARS ... The "Words of WAR" Edition ... (VETERANS SPOTLIGHT PT.46)

This posting will be Part 46 of the "Veterans Spotlight" series for this journal/ blog ... and to honour and highlight our veterans for "Veterans Day", which is importante to me, as one can see throughout this journal/ series. It's hard to imagine for folks like myself, who never been in combat or the military, to clearly understand the impact of war, but I had many familia, friends that served. We also dont think much about where we would be without strong defense in the world we have, so these folks are part of what I consider as the elite as far as defense, the best trained in the world in my opinion as well. But at the same time, I am disappointed in how our government does not work in the best interests of our troops and the American people, and instead, treats them as disposable ... while to me, the ones who are disposable and worthless to us, is the candy- ass multinational corporate/ banking/ Saudi ass- sucking political puppet network we have in Washington .... which in my opinion, wouldnt disappoint me a bit, if our own military laid down the law and dealt with these bastards in Washington and take more control ... I'll just leave it there though. But, I wanted to add some experiences of veterans below in their own words at least here, of this ongoing battle it seems we have in Afghanistan and Iraq (yes, I have friends and familia that served and serving in both, and multiple tours). I also wanted to add some video and newsread below, of the "burn pits" in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how it is harming not only the citizens and environment of these countries, but 10's of 1000's of our veterans. I wanted to add that, because it is something that was conveniently swept under the rug fast, of course, this is also why I have criticized our invasion and methods of intervention since day one, the first red flag for me, going up in 2003 ... because I knew that Cheney and his friends were fixin to milk us on contract awards, it could financially bankrupt us as well, and it would go on and on and on ... but many people didnt understand that at the time, and veterans (our finest) would end up with the shit end of the stick basically. Thank You to our military defense, veterans, for their strength under pressure, integrity, will and persistence to get the job done that they are ordered to ... more below ... Word Out ....

"Lone Survivor" SEAL recounts deadly battle ... Thanx to CBS THIS MORNING

A Marine Squad's Lone Survivor- Iraq War Stories ... Thanx to WALL STREET JOURNAL

***** TRUTHOUT.ORG: Burn Pits: US Government Ignores 60,000 Suffering War Vets ... (newsread)

Sgt. Steven Gardner says he was sickened by toxic air from U.S. military burn pits ... Thanx to PBS NEWSHOUR

American soldier breaks down- HEARTBREAKING ... Thanx to DATTUCHA




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