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Tony Romo Press Conference ... Thanx to MARK HOLMES

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Tony Romo                                                Dak Prescott

I wanted to open with the top video from Tony, he deserves it, and I know it took alot for him to come out with this, it was emotional for him ... and I give him so much credit for what he done here and all he has contributed to the Cowboys over the last 13 years ... Tony is throwing that long pass with a torch to Dak! Anyone who knows me around Dallas, knows how this been chewing at me now for a couple years, as far as us getting and grooming a new young quarterback ... earlier this year I was so excited of the possibility of getting Johnny Manziel or RG3 ... I was desperate hoping that the Cowboys would get someone for that position though, because of how critical it is to get a leader to lead and motivate a team ... dont get me wrong, I love Tony, but I seen all these injuries and surgeries, as well as now being 36 years old, and I was very concerned. Here comes Dak out of the blue ... I never even followed this guyz college career, he was not a hot pick, and we actually took this kid in as a 4th round draft pick ... how f'n lucky can we get?! What a performer this guy has been ... geeez ... he's the talk of the entire NFL today, Tony got injured again in the early pre- season, more surgery, more recovery time needed, and all we had was this rookie kid to connect with our veteran and new players ... Dak came in and kicked ass, and the team has really connected with him, he has sparked new life into our team, and works well with everyone. But it isnt just Dak, Cowboys right now going into week 11, have the best record in the NFL with 8 wins, 1 loss ... and that is "8 straight", which is difficult ... we have the best offense, and a tight defense too, and weapons on the offense right now, new blood and veteran weapons like Ezekiel Elliot, Cole Beasley, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten, just to name a few of this elite line- up. With a crew like this, I believe we have SuperBowl material, and can get in there again over the next few years.

I know it has been hard on owner/ manager Jerry Jones too, having 2 starters to have to choose (although Jerry described it as a good problem to have), for weeks having to look at his main quarterback sitting on the sidelines trying to recover from another surgery/ injury, who signed a $108 million dollar 6 year contract, $55 million guaranteed, $25 million signing bonus, and Tony has been like an adopted son to Jerry. Now it's time to step up after this season, and for Jerry to negotiate a new contract for Dak, who is proving himself ... like Tony said, football is a meritocracy (would be great if our politics were like that) ... he came in with lower starting 4th round pick rookie pay, and is proving himself, and the team loves him, the chemistry is right. Tony will be a backup quarterback now, Dak is the new starter, so Tony will have his back too, and have plenty to teach Dak as he leads the boys. The great thing is, Dak is 23 years old, yet very mature as far as leadership qualities, he has alot of good years ahead, his performance has been outstanding, even in college, he has an unbelievable passing arm and game, he moves well, can run and scramble well too. That is why it is no#1 importance, to jump his pay asap, you dont want to lose this kid ... I know there are NFL teams as I write this coast to coast, kicking themselves in the ass for not grabbing this kid in the draft! ... and it's been Dak's dream since childhood to become a Cowboy. Congratulations Dak ... we love you here in Dallas ... and Jerry will take care of you salary- wise, the weather's good and no state income tax, stick around awhile! I wont shut up, so below some video and newread ... I also wanted to post this last game highlights from last sunday up in Pittsburgh, which is the game that finalized it for Dak, and put us in first place in the NFL ... this game was awesome, it went back and forth, this is what great football is all about, and Pittsburgh really gave us a tough fight to the last 10 seconds of the game, I couldnt even sit I was so pumped up on this game!


Dak Prescott first press conference since being named starting QB ... Thanx to Mark Holmes

***** NFL/ YouTube: Cowboys vs. Steelers (Week 10) | Game Highlights | ... some highlights of the game here, really an exciting and tight match- up!




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