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THE VENUS PROJECT/ JACQUE FRESCO: Freeing Ourselves from Force- Fed Feeble- Minded Fear & Failure ... "NEVERMIND, IT CAN'T BE DONE" ... The "New World ON Order" Edition ... (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.47)- (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.44)- (The AWAKENING PT.45)

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Jacque Fresco & partner Roxanne Meadows


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This posting will serve the "Public Patriots", "Global War'n'ing", and "The Awakening" series of this journal/ blog ... and to highlight the ideas of Jacque Fresco, his partner Roxanne, and The Venus Project, which I consider as public type patriots, in this case, those who inspire change and alternative ideas to our youth most importantly, who are the future. This has to do with not only social issues, but environmental issues, the future, and the idea of a "resource based economy". But, this is an organization that receives quite a bit of criticism for all they talk about, many call it a cult, and destructive to human progress and capitalism, part of the "new world order" to have us all slaves to robots, computers and artificial intelligence, etc ... one thing for sure though, is we need to put some type of new world direction on "order", eh? Of course, there are plenty of voices yelling in the distance ... "Forget it, nevermind ... it can't be done", most folks that say so much cant be done, also have a cult mentality and agenda, political or otherwise of their own though, with no vision out of the box, and will only keep you in fear, thinking the same way, and running the squirrel cage of their mental prison. I was driving down the freeway here in Dallas friday morning, trying to catch the news on the radio, and it was basically the big news that Thanxgiving Day retail early Black Friday sales were at I believe $1.3 billion, market/ investor confidence is up, because Trump will be President, and folks investing are excited about the possibility of heavy deregulation, etc. The part on the news that really made me bust out laughing, was when they started talking about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Black Friday merchandise sales, I mean, I actually thought it was a joke ... but looked it up online, and found that it is real ... I was trying to picture shoppers excited, trying to buy and fight over getting their Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump merchandise for the holidayz {:-) ... but, this is the level/ mindset we are at, as sad as it is, it still alwayz makes me laugh. Ole Jacque is a Great Depression era kid out of Bensonhurst/ Brooklyn, left home at 14/ 15, left school, didnt like all the institutionalized education and programming, etc ... I mean, I can understand, I left home and school at 14 myself, and felt similar ... so he didnt get the credits as far as a formal type education, basically educating himself in what interested him, and just enjoying life, and this man will be 101 years old this coming march, so he had a decent life. But what he sayz, sure can get alot of peoples panties in a bind, and even online bitch fights can break out, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) But, what is importante here is the ideas, concepts and vision, so at least give the gentleman a listen, it cant hurt you anymore than the shit that is shoved down your throats and drilled into your brains by this current vermin that runs and rules our societies of today, a couple videos below, a couple links above ... and after the first 2 videos below, I want to add some thoughts and opinion.

Jacque Fresco- Designing a Future of Peace and Progression (episode 1) (2011) ... Thanx to Jacque Fresco

Jacque Fresco- Designing a Future of Peace and Progression (episode 2) (2011) ... Thanx to Jacque Fresco


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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

If this is difficult to envision or even understand to folks, that is understandable and normal, many of us look at this as science fiction, impractical, nonsense, but why? Because, we all live in the here and now ... we are controlled and force- fed various cultures, politics and beliefs, we are forced to compete and step on each other to please those at the top, you cant make a decent honest living unless you get educated and credited by the approved college/ university institutions, which we have to do, to at least make sure that you know what you are doing in your profession, and now these dayz, have an arm and a leg to pay or be in debt for years to do what you are offered in society if you want to get ahead and pursue a career. All we know is destruction and having to use violence and war to achieve anything from rights to social approval and acceptability to domination, we still even eat meat, which isnt necessary, I myself am just as much a part of it, I even hunted animals and ate what I hunted, this is the way of survival that we known for years, so of course this can be difficult to understand how could something like this work. What in Hell would we do without our feeble minded fears and failures?, or having to please and compete for the benefit and approval of corporations/ financial institutions, politicians and religions/ preachers (what I call the "3- entities" in this journal/ blog), all who fill us with fear of life without them ... is it possible we could still exist? ... I myself have no doubt we could, and even do a Hell of alot better without them and their current system. We fear the wrong things actually, the other day when Stephen Hawkin announced that we have only 1000 years left before extinction of human life, and that robots, machines and artificial intelligence could be of harm to us, etc (Business Insider) ... many folks went into panic mode, it is only natural to maybe have some fear of things like AI, automation/ robotics etc ... ONLY because of those at the top, who control its progress, development and usage, which are the "3- entities". I feel confident that our longevity, health and prosperity, along with the ability to improve the Earth , environment, agriculture, and even migrating to other planets such as Mars, will be greatly improved by these things that many seem to fear, science and technology to me are what will help us so much. I envision just artificial intelligence alone, as taking us into a future of solving so many issues in a few decades that would have otherwise took us centuries or even thousands of years to do, and robotics and automation, as a sort of "man's best friend" actually.

One of the things that I point out so many times throughout this journal, is those who really are in fear more than us ... are the 3- entities that control us, this is why I say that they constantly try to become bigger, bigger and bigger, with bigger empires and monopolies, to make us have to depend on them, so this is why they rathole all the wealth and resources, and take control of all our markets, inventions, technologies, and everything else, so they can continue to reign in power ... because they know that with this future to come, they will be needed about as much as tits on a bull, and truly be more worthless and useless than they are now. As far as their political puppets and religious leaders who they finance well with our hard earned money at that, to keep us in line ... they are about the same worth for most of them, selling their cultural, political, and social snake oil through fear and propaganda. Other fear that were conditioned to believe, is that if we werent slaving for this system and "artificial elite", that we would all become a lazy society sitting on our asses and doing nothing ... dont kid yourself, people will have all kinds of things to do and much more time with less stress to do things, explore, travel, utilize new technologies and science to create, healthy exercising, fun times in the arts, or whatever else they want to do, it is NOT our nature as a species, to just do nothing ... it will spur creativity and innovation as well at a faster rate. It is also good to see now that so many folks are looking into the idea of "universal basic income", and recognizing the challenges that we face, this is also why birth control education is also needed (my views on population moderation and reduction), the more we multiply, the merrier those who are making only a buck/ dollar off of us, and forcing their utopian vision on us, instead of our vision of progress and prosperity on them. I actually believe that we can have a future after this storm of transition we are in now, with less misery and much less population, and a Hell of alot more prosperity and progress on every level. But, enough out of my mouth/ mind ... and I wanted to close with a lecture below that Jacque gave to some folks, much of what we think about, and question, but remain too silent on, out of social or political fear, and just common sense thoughts from the man ... some of it may seem harsh, but reality is harsh ... the listen is well worth it.

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The Greatest Talk: Jacque Fresco ... Thanx to The Anti- Feminist


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