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UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME & REVISING CAPITALISM: Rutger Bregman & Federico Pistono on PROGRESS over Poverty and The DIVIDEND of Progress ... The "Beyond Left & Right" Edition ... (The AWAKENING PT.43)- (POVERTY & DESPAIR PT.3)- (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.45)


Rutger Bregman                                 Federico Pistono

This posting will serve 3 series of this journal, "The Awakening", "Poverty & Despair" ... and to include both of these guyz in the "Public Patriots" series for their work, research and contributions to enlightening our societies ... and Thanx to both for inspiring the title of this posting too. Also what inspires the posting, is the number of people that I have talked to over the last several years, that shared their thoughts on the future of capitalism and their concerns on where all this AI, automation/ robotics and such are taking us. I also try to emphasize when talking to folks especially here in Texas, or in this blog/ journal, that I dont necessarily think right or left, I think beyond that ... instead, I use right or left to learn from and communicate in these times with folks, but do not embrace it. This is another subject and idea that been around for centuries, and is very importante especially now to have thought and action on, that dont get the atencion it deserves, so there can never be enough focus on it as far as I'm concerned, with all the distractions/ obstacles, and especially now in this political/ elections season, which will burn alot of our atencion and time. Below I have chose these 2 guyz out of many talking about this, with a video presentation and an article from each to look at ... after, I will add some to it myself.

Why we should give everyone a basic income | Rutger Bregman | TEDxMaastricht ... Thanx to TEDX TALKS

***** RUTGER BREGMAN/ THE CORRESPONDENT: Why We Should Give Free Money to Everyone ... (article)

***** FEDERICO PISTONO/ CNBC: Get ready, robots are going to steal your job ... (article)

Basic income and other ways to fix capitalism | Federico Pistono | TEDxHaarlem ... Thanx to TEDX TALKS


**** www.amazon.com: Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That's OK


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp & daughter "Bear"

First of all, to anyone who never read a thing in this journal or doesnt know me personally ... I am NOT against capitalism at all, nor am I a person who feels that we should ALL be equal, I feel that reward should go to those who work hard, invest, take risks, and the rest that goes with it, I even credit to the idea of capitalism to where we are today as far as what we achieved in technologies and science, space exploration, health, lifestyle and a variety of other things that we have that made better for our lives and progress as a species. Today there is a growing hate for capitalism simply because of what a portion of the population with extreme greed has done to it, I even joke around calling Capitol Hill, Capitalism Hill ... I also view the design of capitalism as being able to bring people OUT of poverty instead of putting people IN poverty as we see more of, I see opportunity and other positive things from it ... as long as it's done and implemented properly ... that's what we lacked, because of our nature ... which is why I am strongly for financial regulations as well, and I support the idea of taxation, which to me is a responsibility in a civilized society such as now. At the same time, I feel that socialism is positive for a society and healthy capitalism ... and that is where some people get confused that I talk to, the only reason why they get confused, is because by instinct and habit, they look at almost everything as they were culturally and institutionally programmed to look at things as only left and right, black and white, good and evil, which has also slowed more progress that could have been made too. More detail of my views in Part 2 of "Poverty & Despair".

I am also 110% for a form of "universal basic income" for everyone from rich to poor ... I say rich to poor, because I dont believe that those who have wealth should be denied what should be a basic dividend that is for ALL society ... even though they dont need it, I dont feel that they should receive more, but an equal amount to everyone, just like I feel they should have an equal voice in politics and "a vote (1)" ... but not running everything and buying our government and elections, which is what you see now. An equal amount of dividend to every person regardless of class status, any additional income or wealth a person achieves, will be from their own effort ... I see no reason why we need poverty, poverty is NOT necessary for a healthy capitalism society. Unlike many, I dont think either socialism or capitalism ... I use the benefits of both and combine them. I had some folks tell me that they dont see why someone should get money for doing nothing ... one guy who is a truck driver and his wife who works in the human resources department of his company told me that this idea of giving away money will just create a culture of sloth, and that nothing will get done, and couldnt understand why I would even advocate something like that ... knowing the kind of guy I am, his wife and him worked hard for years and paid their own way ... so I can understand their point. Like him and his wife, we both believe in getting the job done and take pride in our work, and look at the responsibility that all comes with an honest dayz work, we are also both family and community oriented, both pro- Constitution, both feel that reward and hard work should go together, both love our country and family, so we have much in common ... I explained to them, why I would support such an outrageous idea.

As both these guyz in the above videos and links talk about as far as the transition that we are going to have to deal with ... to me, now/ very near future couldnt be a better time to revise what capitalism will need to look like to work at least in this time and place of the first half of our 21st century, I dont believe that the future will have a need for a system like we have now, or have a need to have a society that resembles much of what we have had in the past, because of the changes that will come over the next few generations, so this idea is for what we need now in the present to deal with the change that will come, and to transform society and market. We can at this point, eliminate poverty and at the same time, it would not have any negative effect on those with wealth, or the capitalism we have now, with just some added socialism needed because of the transition and income for most. No, I dont think at all that this would create a massive sea of human sloth and out of control breeding, or interfere with those who want to expand wealth or the rest of the negatives that are talked about. As a matter of fact, I look at it as a positive move, that will enlighten, motivate, and invigorate people to do things that they never took time, or had the time to do,  and start to dissolve this institutionalized neo- slave mentality that we have had for long, it will reduce misery, reduce unnecessary expense, and make an easier to maintain and more efficient social safety net system, that will work as an economic positive across the board, while reducing crime, stress and much else that we have now.

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**** www.amazon.com: Utopia for Realists



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Infidel753 said...

We're beginning to transition from the age-old system where humans have to work to produce what they need, to the future system where humans no longer need to work because machines do practically all the producing. That system will work fine -- it's the transition from one to the other which will be difficult and messy. Basic income is an obvious tool to help us get through it -- provided ideology doesn't get in the way. If we screw this up and the result is a tiny number of people holding all the wealth while billions live in poverty, it's going to mean revolution, and that benefits nobody.

Fifty years from now people will think it bizarre that a "job" was considered a valuable commodity that could be "stolen" from a person.

Ranch Chimp said...

Great points Infidel! ... yeah ... IDEOLOGY can screw you too. When I look at some of this, it reminds me of the way back a few millennium ago we used to build our huge structures/ temples/ monuments, etc ... spending lifetimes and generations of hundreds on one structure ... who would think of attempting such a task now? ... not even the most hardcore worker or designer would. I was talking to another guy recently (not the one that I mention in the posting), he also drives for a living ... he said ... "they will still need truck drivers ...", I told him that truck drivers will soon be obsolete too ... they already have trucks (early stage) that can drive themselves. Yes, I feel they can easily automate even fast food joint, and everyone in big business wants to automate. I actually see some positive things though on the horizon, some think I'm optimistically silly I know ... and that's cool, if they want to think that. My wife brought up to me the other day ... who in business would want to hire a human, when they can get a robot to work all day without bitching, never get sick, or need a vacation? ... she has a point. This is exactly why I point out so much in this blog about the economy and those at the top ratholing all the wealth, because they know better than anyone where were going, they are ratholing all they can now to build their future empires, because they know that their wealth intake, may even become obsolete at a point. Thanx for your voice guy ....