Tuesday, October 25, 2016

EARLY VOTING TEXAS 2016: Texas' Record Breaking Turnout, Despite the Burnout ... The "Don't VOTE, Don't BITCH" Edition ... (AMERICA'S VOTE BOAT PT.6)

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This posting will serve as Part 6 of "America's Vote Boat" series of this journal/ blog ... to highlight just the first day or 2 of early voting here in Texas, and they say that now is the time to get out to vote, because next week, the lines will even be heavier ... and as my wife Rosalie said this morning ... "don't vote, don't bitch" (meaning, if you do not vote ... you have no reason to bitch about the politics) ... which inspired part of the posting title, so get your asses out to vote. It's not just in Texas with this big turnout, I been reading this all over the country, I'm just highlighting Texas, cause I live here, and we have a decent amount of voters registered in Texas at 15,015,700. I just got back from voting here in Northwest Dallas, and it is the heaviest amount of voters I ever seen here in the first couple dayz of early voting, it usually isnt heavy until the actual voting day, we had a line about a block long, and there are many places to vote around Dallas- Fort Worth. The new voter ID law was no issue for me, I simply flashed my drivers license, didnt even take it out of my wallet, nor did they look at it hard ... they say you can  also bring a utility bill, water, electric, cable tele, or whatever, if you dont have any ID, or if you have none of that, you can simply sign your name on a sheet saying you are legit, so there shouldnt be much issue with that.

As far as how I voted ... that was a toss up ... in fact this morning while at Starbucks in Addison with my daughter, I told her I wanted to vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party today, while waiting in line at the voting polls in Northwest Dallas later, I changed my mind after giving it some thought, I voted for Hillary Clinton and straight Democrat. But, I didnt vote this way out of fear, in other words, Trump doesnt scare me a bit, unlike many. While in line, I was thinking about how hard Senators like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fought ... as well as those progressives that are sincerely trying to make change in the Democratic Party, I been reading about so much concerning pharma pricing control, to social security strengthening, to making adjustments to ObamaCare/ ACA, to affordable higher education, to ending Citizens United and so on, that Democrats been talking heavy on ... so I said ... "what the Hell, at least give them the benefit of the doubt". No, I have been skeptical about Hillary Clinton, and she certainly wasnt my first choice of a candidate, voting in the primaries for Sanders, and I have reason as I point out in related series in this journal. However ... I thought that I should at least give Hillary Clinton also that benefit of doubt, she has the experience, she said she wants to make good, and I would hope that she wants to heal some past mistakes ... so I believe just in fairness and giving folks a chance, as hard as she worked, even working the campaign circuit while sick with a case of pneumonia weeks back, trying her hardest to talk to crowds while having a bad cough ... to give her a chance ... she worked hard. I was also interested in getting back a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives and Senate ... if they regain power, and with help of progressive Dem's try to do as much possible, of what they say they want to, it will be a relief from anything that the Republicans want to impose ... if the Democrats and Clinton screw around too much ... I will probably not vote for them again in 2018/ 2020, I'll go third party ... I just feel to give them a chance. Some newsread/ video below.

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***** THE TEXAS TRIBUNE: Early voting is breaking records in Texas' 10 biggest counties ... (newsread)

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Brook Hollow Library North San Antonio

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Fiesta Mart Kirby Drive South Central Houston






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Infidel753 said...

Glad to hear you voted for Hillary in the end. I sent off my ballot yesterday (all voting is by mail here).

This is looking like one hell of an election. I don't know if you've been following the polls closely, but Trump's lead in Texas is down to about 3% in some of them, incredibly small for a Republican. It's just possible Hillary could win the state, the first time in decades a Democrat has managed that.

Is that Big Bird waiting to vote in the Fiesta Mart photo? I guess he still hasn't forgiven the Repubs for how Romney went after him last time.

Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting Infidel ... I knew that you had vote by mail in Oregon, but I didnt think it was all voting by mail ... I kind of like the idea of that actually, being that there is a paper trail of your vote, I use a touch screen system here in Dallas for years, and I have wrote in this blog about that, as far as having issues with it.

Well, I think it is reasonable to assume that Clinton and Democrats could pull off a win in Texas, I have believed that Texas was going in that direction as I've also posted about in past. The voter suppression deal here that you hear so much about, never was the main problem to me ... the main problem I have seen over the last few decades voting here in Texas, is that so many people just plain dont vote, many dont care, etc (I have met so many myself)... this has gave the Republicans their biggest advantage, they stay in the trenches at the grassroots levels here, alwayz pounding how importante it is to vote, and they got the message out well ... I mean, Texas is fairly easy to vote, besides getting off your ass to do it ... even convicted felons can vote in this state. I dont like this Governor Abbott we have here, on what he has been doing, especially attacking womens right to choose and have access to womens health needs ... it is just plain wrong to me, as well as putting fracking/ mineral companies rights over peoples property rights, and some other issues.

You know ... I didnt even notice ole Big Bird in line until you mentioned it, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... yeah, ole Mitt was a little hard on Big Bird I remember, well at least, Big Birds programming/ show ... which is just anti- business!

Thanx for your input here guy ....