Tuesday, October 18, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS JANITORS LABOUR VICTORY 2016: Cleaning Up the CONTRACTOR Toilet, & Getting The JOB DONE in more Wayz than ONE ... The "Bargaining FIGHTS/ RIGHTS" Edition ... (AMERICAN JOBS PT.6)

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This posting will serve as Part 6 of the "American Jobs" series of this journal/ blog, which I wanted in this series because it is such a great job by these Minneapolis- St.Paul area janitorial workers, and is genuinely what they call "multitasking", after all ... that's what we expect today more than ever, eh? ... these folks got the job done in more wayz than one. This backfired on the contractors that were ripping off workers, as well as shortchanging in a sense, their clients that bought the contractors services, to keep it 'on the cheap', even resulting in $1 million in back pay and damages to the workers. This is a case where the workers/ janitors exposed them all in one shot too, with pressure on these big retailers like Target, Best Buy, and Macy's ... who were so sick of the pressure, embarrassment, and exposure, they started to sit down and bargain with these workers, while at the same time 'dumping' the contractors, reducing these shady contractors from 20 companies to 4, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... contractors that even had employees clocking in as a 'ghost employee' over 40 hours, to avoid overtime, and other gimmicks they screwed workers on, and in violation of multiple laws. It's right on time, because of this wages, benefits, and rights 'race to the bottom' that has once again been growing strong, which we havent had this level of, that I recall, since the pre- Great Depression dayz. Many of these workers are immigrants too, they dont have expertise in labour organizing, they are kept isolated, language barriers, nor have law degrees, or politicians in their pockets ... but with strength, persistence and determination ... they managed to do for themselves, what companies wont do for them ... and demand basic rights and bargaining power ... while too many in todayz society casually say things like "... this is the new normal, we cant change things, this is HOW IT IS..." etc, etc, again, those people have no backbone or determination, and their words and ideas will get you nowhere. Target for example paying unionized corporate office janitors, twice as much as those in their retail stores? ... that's NOT good business, your customers in retail should come first on the service they receive, and compensating employees fairly is part of good business, employees that also spend part of those earnings in your businesses ... which strengthens your businesses and the economy, eh? Contracting and third party entities to run our work forces is more popular than ever by companies, in this era of no one wanting to be held accountable or responsible in their business operations ... yet expect it from their workers. Congratulations to these workers and their new union, which took time and wasnt easy, but it paid off ... still you must stay vigilant, and hold those responsible that need to be ... this should also spread and inspire other workers to act in the same manner, to get what you deserve, in a time when profits are at an all time high, running off the charts. More below ...

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CTUL Workers' Groundbreaking Victory ... Thanx to WORKDAY MINNESOTA

Minneapolis janitors win right to unionize after employers of 'rampant wage theft' ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

***** THE GUARDIAN: Twin Cities janitors declare victory in union fight after 44- month campaign ... (newsread)

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Some of the original Target janitorial strikers




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