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WORKPLACE PEOPLE & BEHAVIORAL ANALYTICS: Meet Big Brother's Cousin "BIG BOSS" ... ID Badge Monitoring & Surveillance ... The "Slippery Slope on a Rope" Edition ... (End to Privacy? ... NONSENSE ... NOTHING in the PUBLIC has ever been PRIVATE PT.6)- (AMERICAN JOBS PT.5)

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Ben Waber PhD ... CEO of Humanyze

This posting will serve the "End to Privacy?" and "American Jobs" series of this journal/ blog ... it will be to highlight the new generation of workplace performance, people and behavioral analytics that is becoming the new norm in our pop- culture institutionalized programming. Waber sayz this technology is just scratching the surface (in other words, the possibilities are endless), they like to call it "biometrics meets the boss" ... and that is why it is so importante to watch, legislate and regulate closely ... especially in this new era of corporatized dominance. You have folks of course like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America who absolutely love this, to maximize profits and productivity of course, and a couple thousand other companies ... employees who currently decide/ volunteer to wear these and participate are sold on the idea, because it is looked at by them as a fitbit of sort to enhance their performance and career ... or how we get over- excited over every new tech that comes out, whether its a new phone, tele or whatever that we just get fascinated by how cool it seems ... and it is "cool" ... however, you have to watch the people behind it purchasing this technology too, like a fox watches a hen house. I mean ... I think they're cool too ... I would like to see some of these CEO's/ associates and their corporate pocket puppet politicians wear some of these cool devices, perhaps we could get a more clear and precise evaluation of their performance, since when they're questioned by the people/ shareholders/ investors, or a Senate Committee, they are very vague of what they do/ done, oversaw, who they know, or even their positions ... maybe we could refresh their memory, eh? (an example of that here in the video and 3rd paragraph).

Of course the other positive they talk about, is it/ they will not monitor you while in the bathroom ... beacons tracking your movement are omitted from the bathroom, sounds great ... since sitting in the shitter is about the only privacy you have left (I think we should add a "shitter amendment" to our rights, to at least try to preserve that). Your boss dont get to see personal details?, data will ONLY be used to enhance workplace performance? ... dont count on this nonsense ... if you get fond feelings towards a co- worker, which is even common in the workplace, it will be questioned and possibly attacked ... this can also make or break a persons career, with just a simple mistake, etc. ... not just help it, every coin has a flip- side, eh? This can be a slippery slope as it progresses though, is why to watch this closely ... you can see they already have algorithms on Facebook for instance to monitor and censor your morality today, and to watch everything you shop for and buy, so that they know what commercial/ ad programming to use when they want to steer you in whatever direction they choose ... and Lord knows we have enough advertising saturation and aggressive marketing as it is. This cool device that hangs on a rope around your neck, or one that you wear on your wrist, such as the cool sounding "Hitachi Business Microscope" ... can read and record every damn thing you do, from your breathing, emotions, conversation, movement and contact, to when you just take a breather for a minute to try to relax ... they catch it all. Like with any new technologies, it becomes less expensive and more abundant in time, those like Ben Waber are only looking at the positives, and what business/ usage it can grow into over the next decade. I chose a couple newsreads linked below from "The Washington Post" and "CNN" to review that gets more into this.

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***** THE WASHINGTON POST: This employee ID badge monitors and listens to you at work- except in the bathroom ... (newsread)

***** CNN: How your boss can keep you on a leash ... (newsread)





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