Wednesday, December 7, 2016

THANK YOU to VETERANS STANDING with Standing Rock ... The "Holidayz Salute" Edition ... (VETERANS SPOTLIGHT PT.47)- (GROUND ZERO @ STANDING ROCK PT.3)

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This posting will serve as Part 47 of the "Veterans Spotlight" series and Part 3 of "Ground Zero @ Standing Rock" for this journal/ blog, to serve as a Thank You posting for those veterans from around the country who showed up to protect and serve at Standing Rock, it has inspired many civilians as well as veterans ... and is about protecting what we have and challenging all that needs to be challenged. This is not a right/ left issue here, this is an American issue, it's an attack on not just the right to have clean water, but a matter of protecting all rights for everyone, it's Standing Rock, it's Flint (MI), it's for all America, and what America should really stand for. I hear reports that the oil pipeline construction is still going through, regardless of what President Obama said or the Army Corps of Engineers say ... some petition and news here from "Lakota People's Law Project". As I pointed out in Part 2 of "Standing Rock" ... I dont buy it, as far as "The People Win" headlines, and I dont think that many in their right mind buys it actually, I need some actual "reason" to believe in other words ... some evidence ... these companies will ignore what the President or anyone sayz, and just pay some fines, none are ever criminally prosecuted, just like banks ... if there was actual consequences, they would have incentive to change the way they do business and deal with us, but much of our politicians and courts are tied into them and weakened, so I myself expect this battle to continue, and have alot more attacks on us ... and we will have to escalate our pressure and attack back, they chose to attack our people and nation, rights, Constitution, properties, businesses, children and much else ... some are as much an enemy to America, as a foreign entity trying to militarily invade our country. But I just wanted to have some quick interviews from some vets below and some newsread links ... and say Thank You to our veterans, and wishing them, their friends, and families a good Christmas and New Year holidayz.

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Wes Clark Jr speaks about Standing Rock ... Thanx to Rod Webber

***** STARS & STRIPES: Sioux leader asks Standing Rock protesters, including veterans, to leave ... (newsread)

Marine veteran speaks about Standing Rock ... Thanx to Rod Webber

***** VOA: Veterans for Standing Rock Head Evacuation Mission ... (newsread)

Veterans Against DAPL ... Thanx to J Grady





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