Thursday, December 22, 2016

TWAS THE TIME BEFORE CHRISTMAS- An OLD FASHIONED XMAS ... In the Spirit of Christmas PAST .... "Winter Holidayz 2016"

A little added Holidayz posting I wanted to put up here, to look at "Christmas Past" ... and some of the culture and mythology of old, that was the roots of todayz culture and mythology of what's called Christmas. Today it's very commercialized on one hand, and big business ... or modern religious institutions building off of its roots to shape their followers spiritual beliefs, and financially strengthen their institutions ... but the roots of this winter holiday season goes back for centuries in various cultures around the world, who all contributed something to its evolution and transformation to what we make it in the 21st century. Everything from the Christmas tree, to the mistletoe, to exchanging gifts, fireside stories, tree decorations of fairies and angels, candle lights, treats for the kidz and lovers , overindulging in food and drink, long parties and visits with friends and families, the nativity scene, Santa Claus, etc, etc ... all have very ancient roots ... this posting will look at Saturnalia and Yule, these have heavily molded our Christmas season of today. No doubt though, whatever culture or period you celebrate at this time of year, it's another "time out" well deserved to enjoy, and to look forward to the new year and sun ... the winter solstice has attracted people, as much as the waters of the Earth ... that both play their part in life. Have a good winter holiday ... Enjoy!

Yule/ Winter Solstice/ Winter Festivals/ Saturnalia ... Thanx to Helen Demetriou


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Saturnalia ... Thanx to Historia Civilis


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