Monday, December 5, 2016


Protesters celebrate after Army denies Dakota Access pipeline permit ... Thanx to RT America

This posting will be Part 2 of "Ground Zero @ Standing Rock", and Part 45 of the "Global War'n'ing" series. There is alot of happy cheers of jubilation today ... and rightfully so, because the block of construction by Army Corps of Engineers and President Obama's support ... these folks that call themselves protectors of their land, water and people deserve to celebrate. But my reason for this posting is to try to look beyond the veil of victory and what brought this about, and the need to be VERY vigilant STILL, so it's also a relief to hear some of the native American leaders still keeping on this ... because all the news, mainstream and social media is playing this as a solid victory ... I dont buy this, or even trust it ... but at least it is a good temporary block for a start. I see alot that has brought this decision, that I havent heard much talk about yet ... and I could very wrong, and hope that I am. The amount of supporters has been growing at a rate that the federal or state governments did not anticipate would happen, they thought they could wear down the protectors/ protesters, even thought they could threaten and intimidate them with mandatory evacuation warnings, weather warnings, attack dogs, concussion grenades, militarized police, fire, cold water and pepper- spray mixes in sub- zero temps, fines, arrests, corporate/ political designated relocated "free speech zoning", etc, etc ... the fear tactics didnt work, the people stood defiant against it all. Bus loads of veterans started arriving despite the weather, who are well trained to stand strong and defend, as well as more people joining in ... now the politicians and their corporations see this growing beyond control, and very possible that there will be a large conflict, they already know that the tensions of the American people as a whole are high, and probably will escalate with the new leader/ President coming in 2017 even, as well as all the neoliberalism that is going to have to be challenged, that they all have up their sleeves. This is also a political move, because of the failing popularity numbers of Obama and Democrats, they had to do something, because they have been doing nothing, and will not move until they are "made" and pinned in a corner. The republicans are already making this into the classic left/ right bitch fight as usual, and vowing to have this pipeline go through, even the new leader Trump has investments in it, and my guess is even some democrats, both of these parties establishments are owned and controlled by the corporations ... both parties and their corporations have proven that they can not be trusted on anything, many have proven themselves to be weak and incompetent as far as peoples representation, compulsive liars, and will try anything they can to de- escalate tensions, no matter what, and scam something else some way ... they have proven this of themselves time and again.

This strategy to de- escalate tensions and resistance is very common, to get people to disperse, go home for the holidays, forget, while they  make accessibility to the site/ area difficult with fortification of some sort, this strategy is used by law enforcement and government time and again, whether it's in penal institutions, detentions, or in the streets, occupations and regime changes of other countries, as well as these investigations and assessments of environmental damage ... there are 10's of thousands of miles of pipelines as it is, that nothing has been done to stop it by these politicians or their corporations, in fact, it is at all time highs, even fracking and every other source of extraction onshore and offshore is on steroids. Although President Obama did buck the Keystone XL pipeline (CNN), this had to be done for political reasons and upcoming elections ... it was a "party decision", it had nothing to do with "going green" or other politipop nonsense, once in awhile there are some renewable energy research money tossed in, but that also gets harsh resistance from their corporate bosses, and usually results in us having to give the fossil fuel industries and investors much more money through subsidies and breaks. The positive that can come out of this, is possible rerouting of the pipeline ... and YES, it can be done, so dont believe the shit when they say it cant (they could route a damn rover on planet Mars any which way with accuracy and precision to avoid 99% of obstacles), but the companies involved say "no way", they have the courts and politicians on their side so far, but, it may be the most economical thing to do actually, as far as rerouting, because the amount of tensions will only grow if they dont, and it will cost much more trying to police and militarize the area and all the others coast to coast that will jump up and unite in resistance, but I wouldnt look for any of these pipelines to come to a halt any time soon ... and these politicians and courts will play with this for long if they can. It doesnt matter what the issue is in these times, whether it's the environment, healthcare, education, Social Security, etc ... all is going to be attacked, they have so much control as it is, and this time they have legalized the corruption even ... so the way I see it, is this war on Americans and our country by this vermin has just started, and VERY importante to fight them every step of the way ... we have nothing to lose, that wouldnt be lost anywayz by submitting to these parasites. Celebrate this victory now, but stay very vigilant, and never trust any of these folks completely, you have NO reason to, they made themselves perfectly clear as far as their agenda ... in trust, we can rust. Some video and newsread below on this victory.

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***** CNN/ POLITICS: Dakota Access Pipeline to be rerouted ... (newsread/ video)

The People Win- Army Corps Puts Brakes On Dakota Access Pipeline ... Thanx to The Ring of Fire





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Patricia said...

Like you, I am also worried, there are reports that the drilling and construction continues. These people are so brave and your reporting is spot on! Keep it up! I am still plowing through it. I think every blog, every social media share, keeps this issue and the shady, underhanded goings on in the dark, will come to light, as long as people like yourself keep on keeping on. Job well done Ranch, keep going, keep fighting. It's insane to me that it's bloggers and Native Americans, who literally have nothing are the ones giving pushback. Let's have their back.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for your input here Patricia, I think you know the score for sure. But, I had to at least do a posting with this viewpoint, because there was so much media, acting as if this was stopped, even progressive media at that ... I find it hard to believe that so many people think this may be over ... I mean, these SOB's in Washington, and their corporate bosses on Wall Street have been very transparent of what they do, how corrupt and vile they are, and how they will fuck any American, individual, familia, seniors, minorities, or even veterans in a heart beat, they are a disgrace to the idea of democracy and our country, and if it wasnt for these veterans, protectors and the resistance and folks like yourself, I would be downright ashamed to even be American. Have a good one Patricia!