Monday, October 1, 2018

HALLOWEEN 2018: "Funny Or Die" Halloween Anthology with Marilyn Manson & Elvira (Mistress of the Dark) ... Diamanda Galas "La Llorona" & "L'Heautontimoroumenos" ... (HALLOWEEN PT.11)

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This posting will be Part 11 of the "Halloween" series of this journal/ blog. Yes, I realize it's early, and Halloween isnt till the end of the month ... but the stores are already selling Halloween stuff, and folks in my neighbourhood put decorations up earlier in october ... and it's that time of the year, where I just kinda get in that Halloweenish spirit, you can say ... so that's that. I chose a couple funny pieces for a little light (or dark in this case) humour, with Marilyn Manson and Elvira. At least 30 years back, I was at a private social gathering, and I met Elvira ... we had some small chat, after she asked me the meaning of a particular necklace I was wearing, we were both dressed, not for Halloween, but sort of dark I guess, and it wasnt Halloween. But Elvira was admiring one of my rings in particular, which was a scorpion ring (yes, with a real scorpion in it ... this is the ring, in a different custom setting), and she had a couple unique pieces of jewelry herself. Anywayz, she told me I should give her the ring, as a gift, I smiled, telling her it was a fav of mine ... I just thought she was joking around, being she was just pointing out that she liked the ring. I bought the ring for myself from a guy that made unique pieces, because I found it unique and liked it. After I had a few drinx later, she came to me from behind with her hand on my shoulder, leaning to whisper in my ear, saying to me ... "where's my ring, Thomas? ... I thought you said you were going to give it to me as a gift ... it would look good on me" (similar wording). So perhaps she was serious about me giving her the ring (?). I was thinking to myself ... "is Elvira trying to hustle me out of my ring?", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Of course I cant part with it, I still have it too ... I guess some folks may have gave it to her, being a celebrity ... and she is pretty cool people too, I just couldnt get around to it. At the bottom I wanted to add a little music, a couple favourite pieces of mine by the beautiful composer/ pianist/ vocalist, Diamanda Galas. The first piece "La Llorona" is a cover of the Mexican folk classic ... and the second piece, Diamanda's music to "L'Heautontimoroumenos", from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire's "Les Fleurs du Mal", these will also be included in this journal's "music/ arts honour roll society". To the reader/ viewer ... Enjoy ... and have a fun Halloween!

Funny Or Die's Halloween Anthology with Marilyn Manson ... Thanx to Funny Or Die

Funny Or Die's Halloween Anthology with Elvira ... Thanx to Funny Or Die


***** PD/ RCJ: "HALLOWEEN" ... PART'S 10 THRU 1


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Diamanda Galas- La llorona ... Thanx to Carlos C.L.

DIAMANDA GALAS | L'Heautontimoroumenos ... Thanx to Morgawse Arth


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Infidel753 said...

We must build up and strengthen Halloween as early as we can. It's our main bulwark against the steady infiltration of Christmas earlier and earlier into the year.

That's a bit weird about Elvira. I can imagine the ring is the kind of thing she would like, but pushing you to give it to her is a bit much. Maybe she didn't realize she could buy one? She could afford it, I'd think.

That last picture is rather disquieting.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: Yeah, I thought that was odd, I think it was just spontaneous on her part ... like I said, I figured she just admired it and was joking around (didnt really mean it), etc. Of course she can find and afford one, and I could have afforded to give it to her too, so it wasnt the cost thing with me, it didnt even cost that much. After she first asked me, my buddy, Greg (aka "Spike") who was there when she asked me, tells me on the side, that I should give it to her, since she's cool, the "mistress of darkness", etc. I told Greg, that's easy for you to say, it's not your ring. I just like the imagery, art and stuff of Halloween, and after a long hot summer, enjoy the change of season that identifies with it. Yeah ... good point, they do, do the Christmas thing earlier and earlier ... Hell, I heard this year ... think it was Amazon?? ... had some big sale promo called "Christmas in July" or something. Of course, most of that is driven by sales/ marketing for the buck ... I actually sincerely enjoy the season, it has nothing to do with monetary reasons for me. Thanx for your input here.