Monday, October 29, 2018


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This posting will be to highlight an American millionaire, Morris Pearl, who serves as Chairman of the Patriotic Millionaires group ... Morris was formerly active for years with Wall Street, and managing director of one of the largest investment firms in the world, and this group consists of hundreds of millionaires like Morris. Morris will focus on the ins and outs of taxation here in the U.S., from the working classes to the top classes. This is something I write and talk about quite a bit in these related series, and thought it be enlightening to hear out Morris here. Probably about the most infantile and stupid thing we have to listen to as American taxpayers ... is these people of considerable wealth, whine and whimper like helpless babies, about having to pay taxes like everyone else, that have done nothing themselves, but make their wealth off the backs of us. Taxes are not going to send one of the rich to the poor house ... look at it like those "cash back" deals their financial/ corporate institutions peddle to us ... you know, the more you spend/ buy, you get cash back points, etc ... what we need is a "tax back" plan for them, eh? This posting will serve the "Poverty & Despair" series, because of the rise of gross inequality and what needs to change to level the field a little more for everyone. It's in the "Neoliberalism Crisis" series, because this newest wave of neoliberal economics and politics, which is a main contributor to out of control unregulated capitalism on steroids, and what it can lead to, if not addressed and fixed. It's in the "Public Patriots" series, because people who do this that are in the top 1%, are promoting a type of patriotism that really matters ... regardless of all the rhetoric out there, of what these peoples intentions are ... bottom line, is they're inspiring and informing people and doing something. It's in the "How To Privatize America" series, because the whole point of eliminating taxation, is to privatize everything, from our voices on their social media platforms, to our retirement, health, and even government, to make all we have and built, to be taken over, with the billionaires having exclusive ownership of everything. The first is a video interview with Morris from TheRealNews network ... followed by an informative piece in the Guardian that Morris wrote this year. Below that ... I'll add a little something of my own.

Millionaires Group Says Unfair Tax System Undermines Democracy ... Thanx to TheRealNews

***** THE GUARDIAN | US | MORRIS PEARL: I'm a millionaire who created zero jobs. Why do I pay less tax than you? ... (newsread/ opinion)


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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

One of the most popular sins today in our institutionalized pre- programmed post neoliberal ran country, is the sin about how evil taxation is ... taxation is NOT a sin, but a win for all. I think Morris sums it up perfectly on how some of our loved ones, like the Koch brothers, have all kinds of pre- paid flunkies working for them, that spread this disease of irrational thought. Because they want to create this way of thought among the masses, that taxes are evil, keeping us torn on tax reform, so that folks think that eliminating taxes, will put us all in prosperity heaven, and that despite human's natural instinct of greed, that it will all trickle down and put more money in our pockets, etc. The facts are, that most people as Morris sayz, can't afford to invest a damn thing, they can barely afford the over- inflated out of pocket costs for a medical emergency, or enough to do auto repairs, or pay for daycare, because mom and dad both have to work multiple jobs ... and so much for their family values talk as well, eh? Taxation is one of the best things we have going for us, as well as even popular social programmes like Medicare, Social Security, etc, and our public amenities and so much else we enjoy, because we pay in taxes. Imagine if we eliminated taxes, what we would have in this current form of capitalism we live in ... everything would have to be privatized (which those like the Kochs or even Trumps hope for).

We would get nickel and dimed to death on everything ... imagine using a water fountain on a hot day in the park, and having to swipe your credit/ debit card or insert cash to get a drink of water ... or even having to pay some fee just to get in the gate of the park, that will rise and fall according to the market demand ... just an example here, because the list of what they can privatize for profit is almost endless. And many of these privatized electronic services they create, cloaked in "for your convenience" don't even create one bloody damn job. We have folks here in Dallas, that will whine and vote down a .30 cent a gallon gasoline tax increase, the same folks that are now bitching about these new tollwayz and the outrageous toll fees, that these private investors, many foreign, charge to use their toll road, because you rejected a tax that would pay for roads. Give me the .30 cent per gallon tax, which comes to $3.00 per 10 gallons ... and I'll be happy, instead of paying a toll, that increases throughout the day and drops according to the weather, flow, usage, or whatever they can make another buck from. All we hear about from these mouthpieces/ flunkies for these billionaires, is the need for tax reform, as if it's actually going to do one damn bit of good eliminating all taxation. Anytime today that you even hear the word "reform", that should be an immediate red flag, asking yourself ... "what are they trying to screw us out of now?".

***** Lobbying spending at highest levels since 2010 ... (newsread) **** incredible, just spending on lobbying for the first 3 quarters of this year, exceeded $2.6 billion, which I'm sure alot of that gets also written off on taxes, and we pay somehow ... it's insanity.

Another thing that Morris points out, is how we are creating a society of unrest, that many of those with considerable wealth, don't want to have to live in themselves, making them feel like they will have to barricade themselves in some compound type fortress. What he sayz makes sense on that ... because they at the top are endangering themselves, and making themselves more and more hated. It's only a matter of time, before people start to target them, some even using the technologies to target them, that the top wealth have control over ... history repeatedly shows, as Morris points out, what has happened in past societies in this situation, and what will continue to. And violence is in order, by those who have been robbed blind by these entities, and have had violence even imposed on them through legislation made by those with the wealth to create this lock- down tyrannically controlled society. It is bad enough how they already control so much of our politics, making our representatives follow every demand that they make, or they will cut off their careers and campaign funding. Lobbying is one thing, but when we have a Congress of 535 Senators and Representatives, that already have to appease around 12,000 lobbyists, it makes it more difficult for our Congress to get anything balanced and beneficial for most, that are by definition supposed to represent their districts constituents as a representative body.

Many at the top can eventually be targeted, including politicians, they may have to live a life that is like being locked up and under house arrest, and they know it. The global warming is going to strain us economically as well, and the impact of the intensified storms and weather, is also making those at the top have to build places to withstand that climate change, as well as the social unrest. What will really hurt the top wealth more than violence even, is when people start to realize that those at the top that rathole all the wealth and resources, and their institutions are useless to us ... because we create and do everything, meaning we don't need them, anymore than we need a middle man insurance company to control our healthcare. These people are NOT creating jobs either, we are the ones that create that too, by our needs and consumer demand. At the same time, taxing the wealthy to death will not solve all our financial problems, but taxation of those who exploit and make so much profit off the vast majority, is just the price of doing business, and creates a more level and balanced society. Many of those who are millionaires that simply want to pay a fair tax, are not asking to have everything taken from them ... they are looking at the benefits that come from it, even for their class ... they know they are still going to make a decent profit and live well. Balancing inequality, is not to make everybody equal as far as wealth, or a danger to economic growth ... it expands economic growth and prosperity if anything.

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Infidel753 said...

Yep. A fortress of wealth in a sea of poverty is no way to live, and in the long run, reality asserts itself. Just ask Louis XVI. It's amazing that more of them don't realize this. I guess they think they can keep bullshitting the masses with Fox News and religion forever.

Ranch Chimp said...

I think they realize to an "extent" what they're doing, and what to expect, as far as social unrest and even climate change, their actions show it, and think that is why they are doing so much as far as building their heavily secured bunkers, residences and the rest, they have also been building places to withstand extreme weather too, not all, but many ... the business for these builders has been booming too. Thanx for your input Infidel