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SVETLANAS: "147 Voices", "Crimea River", "Go F*ck You Self", "Tales from the Alpha Brigade" & "I Am a Spy"


SVETLANAS- BUS INVADERS Ep.909 [Warped Edition 2015] ... Thanx to Digital Tour Bus

***** Olga, Diste (Svetlana)- 06/ 26/ 2015 ... (interview)

This entry into the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal/ blog is to honour and showcase some of the music of the Russian- Italian crew Svetlanas out of Moscow & Milan. I see this crew as a hidden treasure still in the trenches and touring all the time, that has not been fully recognized yet or have reached that peak of potential yet they are clearly capable of ... they are a crew that gives fresh tastes to raw punk music with a touch of class instrumentally and performance- wise, a real gem! With 3 albums and a few 7" inch singles and busting ass working on bills with so many, they are really on a roll, and now touring America! They been around as far as I collect from around 2009, they had a couple change ups as far as members, but seem to be solid in this line up with Olga/ vox, Diste/ drums, Ginger/ guitar and Steve/ bass. I included above a short vid with frontwoman/ vox Olga, and drummer Diste while on tour here in America ... and below that I added an interview with them at to answer some questions and show how politics and standing strong in the face of the establishment, in Olga's case being Russia, is especially importante as a message in their music. Here in America, they are more free to be able to express their free speech, and I am thrilled that they made it here as far as work and getting on an American label, Altercation Records of New York/ Austin, TX. Olga and her mother are banned from going to their home of Russia, and Olga and the band from touring there. Russia under Putin seems to have issues with some arts/ music, depending on content, making it so the underground scene and music in Russia ... has to STAY underground if it isnt what's acceptable, since everything artists may speak of and advocate in their free speech, art and opinions is censored or analyzed I guess from what I gather. Olga feels confident as well, if she went back to Russia at this time, she would be arrested and jailed for her speaking out about what the Russian government is to her and others ... and what President Vladimir Putin is about to them. You are certainly welcome here (unless the Trump administration tries to change that), and hope ya'll feel at home here too. Below I chose some of their work to showcase here ... and coming from an old school guy/ me who has seen and shook hands with some of the best of the best in the underground industry over the years, as far as the punk type genre, this crew I rank in the "best of" category ... this band does everything right and keeps it raw and fresh, and I wish them success and fruits to come for their work in the future ... Enjoy!

Svetlanas- "147 Voices" Altercation Records- A BlankTV World Premiere! ... Thanx to BlankTV

Svetlanas- "Crimea River" Altercation Records- A BlankTV World Premiere! ... Thanx to BlankTV

Svetlanas- "Go F*ck You Self" A BlankTV World Premiere Music Video! ... Thanx to BlankTV


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Svetlanas- "Tales from the Alpha Brigade" A BlankTV World Premiere! ... Thanx to BlankTV

Svetlanas- "I am a spy" (Lido, Berlin, 2015) ... Thanx to Stefan Muller


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