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"There's nothing in the Bible that talks about retirement. And yet it's been an accepted concept in our culture today. Nowhere does it say, "Well, he was a good and faithful servant, so he went to the beach" ... The example I think of is Noah. How old was Noah when he built the ark? 600. He wasn't like, cashing Social Security checks, he wasn't hanging out, he was working. So, I think we have an obligation to work. The role we have in work may change over time, but the concept of retirement is not biblical" - - Greg Gianforte


Alicia Acuna details candidate's 'bodyslam' confrontation with reporter ... Thanx to Fox Business

This posting will be for the "Public Parasites" and "Self Defense" series of this journal/ blog, which will look at the assault on Guardian journalist Ben Jacobs by Congressman elect Greg Gianforte. I opened above with a video with Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna in fairness, because a person may read the title of this post and just say that I am some left- wing radical that is going to slam Gianforte's actions, she is a reporter for Fox News, which is right sided news ... and for the record, I myself am a former straight republican voter. But, I am going to slam Gianforte's actions though, first based on the first amendment to the Constitution which I alwayz supported, and the increasing amount of attacks on our rights. President Trump who supported Gianforte, after the assault calls Gianforte's win ... a great win for Montana and America. As a representative for the people whether Montana or any state, even when running for office, Gianforte has a responsibility to answer questions of journalists and people, on camera, town halls, campaign trail, at home or office plain and simple ... if he cannot answer it, he should be straight and say he simply cant, dont know, etc. Some folks like Trump or the locals in Montana may compare this to a simple brawl, as if it was a fella at the bar over a ball game or whatever ... but it's not, and the excuses for this I been hearing are incredible and ridiculous ... people actually blamed the reporter for asking the questions that the majority of Americans want to know about their healthcare.

Even though Gianforte is so respected and praised for the nice sweet guy that he is, successful in technologies, business, well educated, etc ... he is not respecting the people he wants to represent or the Bill of Rights. I added a quote from Gianforte above under his photo to show his other side for example when it comes to a person retiring. He brings the Holy Bible into it, saying the Bible dont mention retirement, etc ... he sayz that Noah was 600 years old when he built the ark? ... WTF!!?? ... are you kidding me?! Where in Hell does some of these ancient middle eastern sci-fi bedtime stories compilations of the Bible even come into our 21st century America labour standards and Social Security/ retirement? ... that hasnt a bloody damn thing to do with our money, our retirement (and yes, Social Security is OUR money that we pay in) ... or even our damn country and democracy! And no, I'm not trying to insult peoples faith in a God ... understand that these stories in the Bible, were not wrote by God, but by men and tribes ... a combination of history, family tree stories, wars/ feuds/ victories, ancient culture and fiction/ fantasy, etc. Writings that were then hijacked by a bunch of rich wealthy scholars, rewrote, repackaged and published to be fed to slaves/ serfs ordering them to submit to the masters and kings, telling you, you will get a reward when you're a corpse for spending a lifetime kissing their asses, in short.

These folks like Gianforte are nothing but bullies and parasites to the people, they dont represent no one but those in their circles basically. Ever since Trump started running for president and after his election win, this type of right wing bullying on Americans that exercise their rights has intensified, and every time they get away with it ... it emboldens them to escalate their attacks. There are even many in Washington's republican establishment that even want to rewrite voting laws/ rights, repeal rights like free speech with amendments to the Constitution ... they publicly talk about it even. I also am a supporter of not only the 2nd amendment, but ones right to defend themselves on every level. If Ben Jacobs would have pulled out his pen or used the frame of his glasses to stab Gianforte in the balls or whatever ... I support it 110% ... he couldnt get to Gianfortre's face or throat unfortunately because of the hold/ position Gianforte had him in, so go for his balls. Some think that is violence to think like that ... and maybe they're right, but it's Gianforte who struck first ... I mean, I just think like that and believe in defending myself ... it probably goes back to my childhood or whatever, and being in a inner city environment around violence, receiving ass whippings and getting stabbed myself from bullies and having to fight back. Even when Trump was campaigning or even as President ... when people express and exercise their right to free speech, they have goon squad type bullies (like prison/jail guard crews) that start busting heads of our people and kids, large grown men even beating women half their size and kids ... you know ... fuck these bullies and defend yourselves whatever it takes.

Some of these people we respect and look up to of wealth and politics, many who have never even fought for this country, have no goddamn respect for us or our rights and sell us out to the nearest hedge fund manager or foreign capital interests ... just because someone has alot of money or power, doesnt mean you should have unconditional respect for them ... they are nothing but flesh, blood and bone, just like you. Gianforte after his big win sayz he's sorry, during that apology to his supporters in Montana, many of his supporters though in that win speech are happy he attacked this journalist, and they support these actions, just like our President does ... and support handling our peoples business, money and rights with no transparency even. I dont know what Ben Jacobs is going to do ... and of course that choice is his. Many say to just forgive it with this lame apology as if it was a bar fight ... but this is more than just a regular brawl between a couple guyz ... this is a further attack on our democracy. I would hope at least, that Ben prosecutes this guy to the fullest extent of law if anything, and perhaps sue him for damages as much as possible ... even if you dont want the money ... take it and give it to charity or someone who can use and appreciate it. Some news on it from The Guardian below.

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Greg Gianforte body slams Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs in Montana Video ... CSPAN LIVE STREAM


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Infidel753 said...

WTF!!?? ... are you kidding me?! Where in Hell does some of these ancient middle eastern sci-fi and horror bedtime stories compilations of the Bible even come into our 21st century America labour standards and Social Security/ retirement?

Well, that's what the Republican party has become these days. Gays are evil and hated because the Bible says so. Women should be submissive because the Bible says so. The Earth is 6,000 years old because the Bible says so. They simply refuse to accept that the Bible is just a collection of mythology like all the other primitive tribal folk tales you find all over the world. Giantfarte is actually being consistent in extending his reliance on the Bible into areas many Republicans don't. Logically he should also call for abolishing the space program, since the Bible makes it pretty clear that the Earth is flat and the sky is a big dome over it, with water above the dome, therefore outer space does not exist.

If people voted for a party which believed that Spider-Man comic books are literally true and contain all the rules we need for running a country, they'd get a randomly-insane government. This is no different.

Ranch Chimp said...

I know Infidel, as a guy who feels traditionally conservative on spending and defense and former GOP voter (myself) ... it is really sad what this party has been edging into ... I mean, I dont even consider it's economics at that to be reasonably conservative. What is remarkable to me, that we actually have a member of the House of Representatives in 2017, especially with a "background" as Gianforte, who frowns upon retirement, because of the Bible, and telling the American people that Noah was 600 years old building an ark ... otherwise if I heard that, I would have thought it was simply a joke ... it's almost unbelievable. No, Infidel, I actually believe these dayz, that there are people who would make a religion out of a Spider Man comics too ... there are more bloody damn religions than you can shake a stick at these dayz, and all specially tailored, they got one guy in Houston (Joleston or Olsten?) who has a church, that's about money, I shit you not ... kind of a "Jesus of Wall Street" type joint ... we have people I seen online, that actually believe that Trump is the Christ figure 2nd coming (no joking)! Be by your site soon, thanx for your voice here guy ....