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JORDAN EDWARDS KILLING 2017: When a Teen Party Turns DIRE ... While Putting Our Kidz in the LINE OF FIRE ... America's MILITARIZED POLICE Battle Ground ... The "Rogue Cop" Edition ... (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.28)

Jordan Edwards with his dad Odell Edwards


District Attorney: Evidence was there for murder charge in death of Jordan Edwards ... Thanx to WFAA Media

This posting will serve as Part 28 of the "Police Brutality" series of this journal/ blog, to focus on the killing of Jordan Edwards in Balch Springs (Dallas area suburban city). I try to cover what I can in this series, and dont put anything in this series unless I see clear cut brutality and excessive force. But because of the frequent amount of innocent people being killed in America by law enforcement, it's hard to keep up with them all ... this is a small local blog and I'm not a professional writer or journalist, and just keeping up with this blog is an effort at that. I opened this posting on top with a news video with Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson, because Johnson made the right move as far as arresting and charging Officer Oliver of Balch Springs PD with murder in a quick manner without the usual grand jury review ... there was clear probable cause and evidence to indict right away without waiting for months with no transparency, period. And I would hope that DA Johnson pursues this trial aggressively as she did indicting Oliver, because sometimes you may get an arrest/ indictment, but then the case gets twisted in the trial, and the accused officer ends up with a slap on the wrist. Too many times across America whether Texas or elsewhere ... it is just opposite, with fiddle faddling around behind the scenes, no transparency from courts, little from law enforcement departments, even in clear cases of murder having extreme difficulty getting arrests and convictions of any in law enforcement, etc. Because of this delay or lack of action and reprimanding even officers when wrong, and having an increased militarization of these departments ... rogue cops are on the loose coast to coast these dayz that are emboldened more and more each and every time they are allowed to get away with criminal actions, beatings, including murder. Balch Springs is an independent small city/ suburb ... BUT ... it is in the County of Dallas. One of the biggest problems in America is the politicians, local, state, and in Washington ... they have all these crocodile tears in press conferences or on the campaign trail about these murders by police and brutality ... but what the fuck are they doing to change these deadly and excessive force policies? ... as long as you tell police to do these things by legislating law, they will do their job as such. The key to this is PRESSURE on these politicians, and they come on both the right and left, some of the most worst cases of this brutality these dayz, is in what's considered as the so called most liberated, culturally and politically diverse areas of the country ... why is that?, dont take my word for it ... look it up and see for yourself. I mean ... many of our politicians are creating this domestic militarized police battle ground, that puts our citizens and children in the line of fire.

Press conference from the family of Jordan Edwards, the teen fatally shot by Balch Springs police. ... Thanx to The Dallas Morning News

As far as kidz ... my heart goes out to Jordan's familia, being a parent and grandparent myself. Jordan is the dream kid of many parents and teachers actually, no gang affiliations, straight "A" student, involved in Mesquite High School sports in football, laid back and easy to get along with, does pretty much everything the right way, eh? ... I mean, this kid was like in the scholarship category. Jordan's dad Odell looks very familiar, I'm almost certain we met somewhere, someones home, social gathering or whatever ... just cant place him, but feel sure we met, talked or something. This happening in Balch Springs to me is surprising ... I'm familiar with the area and frequent over there because I know folks in neighbouring Mesquite, and the "Pleasant Grove" area of neighbouring Dallas, and far east Dallas, I live about 20+ miles straight down LBJ Freeway in northwest Dallas. Balch Springs is a small suburban city with only about 25,000 population, it is really laid back, it has a very rural type atmosphere at that, very familia oriented, etc. I mean ... what in Hell was this cop thinking, firing a semi- auto high powered rifle (MC5 Modern Carbine) at a kidz party in a residential neighbourhood like that?, do you realize what stray or deflected bullets from that type rifle can do in a tight residential area like that? ... especially with this officers professional shooting background, U.S. Army background serving in Iraq, etc. ... this is NOT a combat zone. Not even from what I read, should the other officer with Oliver used his firearm to break out the window of the car at that ... and the shots fired into the passenger window were targeted to kill, they were head shots at a fairly close range ... windows of the car were up and no visible weapons, threats or gunfire at that moment ... the shots were heard according to the body cam while officers were in the residence, not at the vehicle. Officer Oliver has been suspended in the past, even made to take anger management classes for going off in a Dallas County courtroom, and even recently while off duty, in a minor fender bender car accident, where a lady hit his back bumper, he went off on her and pulled his gun on her ... why is this guy even on the department? If it wasnt for the officers wearing body cameras that they didnt start wearing until about 2014, this wouldnt have even been exposed for the truth in this incident. The officers falsified their report and said the vehicle taking off tried to back into them in a threatening way, justifying deadly force, the cam after review showed it was a lie, that's when Balch Springs PD Chief Haber fired Oliver, after first backing Oliver simply on the word of Oliver.

Basically these kids were at a house partying with other kidz they knew, a neighbour called police to question if there was underage drinking going on and about noise, and it being after 10pm in such a laid back residential area, many folks dont like to hear loud music. When cops arrived at the house, it seemed to be cool, but some kidz knowing the cops were coming freaked out and started taking off to get away ... I mean, they're kidz and panicked, what do you expect? ... our kidz and grandkidz do the same thing too. Jordan, his brother and a couple friends jumped in their car as well, who got scared after they thought they heard gunshots, Jordan was the front passenger not driving, and decided to just get out of the area. Supposedly witnesses and body camera recording on the officers said there was the sound of gunfire also, if so, this would also make kidz scramble quick, but I havent seen/ heard that evidence yet ... sometimes I heard folks mistaken a car backfire or firecrackers too as gunfire. If there was gunfire in the area, there was no gunfire obviously coming from the car Jordan and friends were in, if officers were there at the vehicle after the alleged gunfire, so no one in the car was shooting at officers or displayed any weapons, they were leaving the scene. I seen NO evidence as of yet that those kidz and vehicle posed ANY threat, they were simply driving away. If the car drives off and officers feel it to be suspicious of something, you call it in and detail while tailing in pursuit till back up falls in line, etc ... it's simple, and you'll take them anyway after with a road block or spikes or whatever, plus, once the vehicle goes outside that Balch Springs boundary line, you'll immediately have Dallas or Mesquite PD join in. What you dont do, is freak out and run to your cruiser and pull out heavy hardware like a goddamn Modern Carbine MC5 and go into combat kill mode ... what the fuck is wrong with you? ... especially knowing this was just some young teens partying in this type non- urban or non- threatening area. I dont give a shit what some rule book sayz or a police chief trying to justify this kind of action ... just use goddamn common sense. I expect Oliver's defense to use something like PTSD or the gunfire sound, and assuming these kidz fired the shots as defense to try to justify Oliver's actions in a trial, still early, so we'll see what comes next. They say Oliver didnt get a grand jury review to indict him? ... well, he will get to make his case in front of a grand jury and get a fair trial, eh? ... this way it can be in the open court and no closed door crap. And even if a jury unanimously came back quick with a slam dunk guilt verdict, Oliver's defense can request the judge to impose sentence instead of jury on sentencing phase ... being, the judge is usually more compassionate on sentencing when it comes to convicted cops than a jury. Yes, the familia of Jordan should sue as well, this was totally uncalled for, the civil rights groups should jump in, and pressure be applied on every level in our community. The Edwards familia asked for calm and peace ... and the people have respected that request, and once again, put their faith in justice ... it is now the job of the county/ state courts to do their job and make sure justice is served. Below I added some newsread links, and the first one from WFAA has Jordan's friends, brothers Maximus and Maxwell Everette who were the backseat passengers of the car explain their experience and incident.

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Jordan Edwards vigil, 05/ 04/ 2017, Balch Springs




(left to right), Edwards family ... Vidal, Odell, Korrie, Charmaine, Kevon & Jordan

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