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JOHNNY WINTER: "Interview 1984", "Stranger Blues", "Tobacco Road/ feat. Edgar Winter", "Mean Town Blues" & "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

Johnny Winter guitar and Janis Joplin vox, Boston 1969


Johnny Winter- Interview- 11/ 4/ 1984- Rock Influence (Official) ... Thanx to Docs&Interviews on MV

This posting for the music/ arts honour roll society is way past due, to honour and feature the great Johnny Winter (wikipedia) from down on the Texas Coast city of Beaumont, I mean like, I been planning for Johnny to be in here for a few years! A few postings back when I posted the piece on the legend Robert Johnson and talking about some of the great progressive amplified blues sounds that were inspired by Robert, I couldnt stop thinking of Johnny ... Johnny falls into the cream of the crop category when it comes to this. Not just being a excellent blues rock guitarist, songwriter and blues vocalist ... Johnny also produced 3 Grammy winning albums for Muddy Waters, as well as several other Grammy nominated recordings, he's a Hall of Famer, and worked with so many in the industry of not only blues but rock ... I'll let the Wiki link handle much of that though. I myself havent seen Johnny "live" since back in the 1970's ... but can tell you, this guy when it comes to blues picking and slide on guitar, Johnny really smokes ... and I also had the opportunity to see him in a small venue back in the day with good acoustics. I opened this posting at top with a "84" interview with Johnny to give a little background and his roots in music, and basically coming from a familia of music. Of course his brother Edgar Winter worked with him too, as well as Edgar going off into his successful rock music career in the 70's. Back in those dayz, union card or not, there was such an open invitation in music, it hadnt got too corporate controlled at that time as it is now. When I first moved to Texas in the 1970's, I was living in Houston, the scene was wide open and loose, with such a good amount of venues with so many great blues and rock music locals that I never even heard of, me coming from the east coast. I was so excited like a little kid in a goddamn candy store wired up on sugar ... because mind you, this was a time when America coast to coast was saturated with disco joints! I had the opportunity to sit in and jam with many folks myself ... who just said ... "come on ... grab a mic man", like a big social gathering of various musicians, that were experimenting with everything except pop music or disco.

For this selection I wanted to mix it as much as possible and keep it "live" ... I open below with Johnny in Barcelona doing "Stranger Blues" because of the excellent slide work that he does on this. Then I put up the "Tabacco Road" piece that Edgar worked on with Johnny, because Edgar does some really great blues vocal work and sax on it (he plays keyboards as well on it). Also when I look at Edgar's compositions, he tended to incorporate a jazz lean in them ... where Johnny's compositions tended to lean to blues ... at least in my view. Below that, I had to add the classic "Mean Town Blues" which is a favourite of mine, especially with Johnny's vocal work and blues guitar work. I closed out with the Stones cover of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" for a little classic rock and roll. Enough from me ... Enjoy!

JOHNNY WINTER- Stranger Blues (Barcelona 1990) ... Thanx to therockandrolltv

Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter- Tobacco Road (Live) ... Thanx to JOHNNYWINTERVEVO




(left to right) Jimi Hendrix on bass, Buddy Miles on drums and Johnny Winter on guitar, february 1969, The Scene Club, NYC


Johnny Winter- Mean Town Blues (1970) ... Thanx to JebusJames

JOHNNY WINTER- Jumpin' Jack Flash (1974 UK TV Appearance)- HIGH QUALITY HQ- ... Thanx to GreatGuitarHeroes





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