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SAUDI ARABIA & U.S. LOVE AFFAIR 2017: Their Discontent with Dissent & The U.S. Cowardly DISGRACE to DEMOCRACY ... The "Tribal Society" Edition ... (ARAB WORLD TENSIONS PT.11)- (HUMAN MORALITY PT.22)

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Trump, Tillerson, Ross dance with swords in Saudi Arabia ... Thanx to Times of Oman

This posting will serve the "Arab World Tensions" and "Human Morality" series both of this journal/ blog. I opened above with a video of President Trump's visit to the Kingdom and their little tribal dance he engaged in with these sworded Royal Saudi bunch of fellas, and even ole Secretary of State Rex Tillerson joined in ... and frankly, none of these SOB's can dance worth a shit, none of them even have any sense of rhythm and has to be some of the worse choreographed shit I've ever seen. Many people viewed this meeting and dance here in America, and many thought it was sort of cute, entertaining, etc ... as for myself, I thought of it as a goddamn disgrace to everything our democracy and American society should stand for and should be against, and the ass- kissing overall is beyond belief. Another reason for this posting is because I still run across folks here and there who have no bloody idea what Saudi Arabia is about ... and I understand, I myself years back thought it must be like a paradise of wealth with high schoolers driving Mercedes and Aston Martin cars ... a gentleman I know who worked in Saudi Intell for over a decade really enlightened me too. This is an issue for everyone regardless if you're left or right too ... right now the establishment left will criticize the right for Trump doing what he insulted Obama for doing, and if it was a left administration and President, the right would do the same ... bottom line ... most Presidents since F.D.Roosevelt had to kiss up to these Saudis both left and right and continue to. Years back President's like FDR or Eisenhower could be excused to a degree, because they didnt have the background that we have today on Saudi Arabia, and remember, when we first went to them ... they were piss poor. Plus it gives us leverage in that part of the world, along with our strong ally of Israel and protection for them. I mean, our business with oil production made them the wealth power they are today, and they just are hog wild with their power and violations and oppression on not just the Saudi people, but neighbouring countries, migrant workers they imported in from Asian and African countries, and how they treat many of those. I commend the Saudi people for the resistance that they gave their own government especially ... these folks are tough as steel and been weakening slowly their own government. The Saudi people go through Hell, and particularly women in that country, they tough it out, because frankly the U.S. and U.N. stand by and just kiss ass, which they could do much more. The Saudis slowly have been loosening up on their strict oversight, but very slowly. Some may say it's not our business to get involved ... but to me, it is our goddamn business since we financially fed them, and do high volume business with them, and they have too much vested interests in our country.

I feel that the west playz/ hustles Saudis for the oil markets, and the Saudis play us, and I suspect indirectly fund terror groups to keep the U.S. on alert in panic mode and in need to kiss their asses and give them defense support. Saudis are feeling the pinch these dayz, they are getting opposition out the ass from their own people, their oil wealth is running thin ... so now they're scared and trying to buy more into the U.S. and other countries for investments into more avenues of industry and technologies, and hoping for more investments to build their own country up more ... other than what they can use us for, they frankly dont give a shit about us. I myself am strongly opposed to giving them too much leverage in our business and investments in our country, but our country mainly does whatever major multinational corporate and banking/ finance interests and lobbies tell them to do, and most of our president's today are suck asses with no integrity, not leaders, but flunkies. There is frankly nothing to fear by putting our foot down with the Saudis, the only people that should fear, are the wealthiest investments and the Kingdom. U.S. has the power to lay down the law and set shit straight, just like the U.N. does, but both decline like cowards. No, America wouldnt even have to worry about terrorism increases if we slacked off in the regions affairs, the terrorism in the west would drastically decrease, and our defense spending on intervention would decrease. We dont have to worry about oil these dayz, just in America we are producing at record highs, and we wouldnt even have to go across an ocean for that matter with all the import business we can do with countries of just North and South America, while investing ourselves in renewable energies infrastructure and technologies. So frankly as far as the Saudi government in my view ... we dont need your ass for a damn thing. As far as defending our country ... we have a military defense that is second to none in power in the world ... dont fuck with us or sell woof tickets like North Korea ... and we wont have to come down on your asses 10x times harder on striking you back (such as our response to this attack/ war, which was justified ... at least President Truman got the job done) ... simple. So it's only the wealthiest people of the world and their paid political flunkies, our duopoly U.S. corporate politics and folks like the Royal families that have to fear, and do everything they can to maintain their powers. Their discontent with dissent from people, is because they know that people whether in America or Saudi Arabia dont need their sorry asses for a damn thing ... they're not elite, and are weak without us to pamper, support and fight for them ... most of them are worthless to societies in my view and overpaid backward pieces of day old shit, and like any old dried out shit, will one day turn to dust and disappear. I selected some links and video below for the reader. In the first link it's said to be graphic, but needs to be, so we can let reality set in instead of the bullshit were told, and realize who we are choosing to be friends with and letting dictate to us.

Word Out ....

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The Best Documentary Ever- PBS Frontline Saudi Arabia Uncovered ... Thanx to Baylee Cummings

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Beach Bum said...

I feel that the west playz/ hustles Saudis for the oil markets, and the Saudis play us...

Absolutely! I read somewhere that if you look under all the supposed goodwill the Saudi government and ours are pretty much disgusted with each other. Our relationship is just a marriage of convenience with Saudi Arabia really getting upset that our growing national gas supply is helping to undercut the oil money they think is a natural entitlement.

Ranch Chimp said...

Looking at the Saudis, I feel they actually feel superior to us anywayz, like Hitler felt of his master race or similar. After all, they believe that their bloodline is royal and they are the chosen of Allah/ God, superior by ethnicity, etc ... plus all the wealth mixed with generational power tends to make one delusional in time without self control ... which also can eventually lead to hard failure (look at empires throughout history and the wayz they collapsed). As far as their strict religion and fundamoral Sharia laws ... they are over 500 years younger than christianity ... look at christianity 500- 600 years ago when they were their age ... christians engaged in the same strict rules, customs, executions, crusades, etc. So it will take some time to get that out of their system. But all the ass- kissing is besides and unnecessary, talk business, keep your distance and leave it at that ... I have nothing in common myself with people that do those things, I'm American and of european ancestry, and stand against those values being raised in a democratic republic. Enough from me ... Thank You for your input here Bum.