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SYRIAN BOMBING & REGIME CHANGE 2017: The "EXTREME IDEOLOGY" of Regime Change & Consequences with Tulsi Gabbard ... The "Intervention Intentions" Edition ... (TULSI GABBARD PT.2)- (ARAB WORLD TENSIONS PT.10)

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Tulsi Gabbard speaks out against the regime change war in Syria ... Thanx to Tulsi Gabbard

This posting will serve 2 series of this journal/ blog, "Arab World Tensions", and "Tulsi Gabbard". I wanted to make sure to have a series in here for Congresswoman Gabbard, because I been keeping up with her for awhile, and looking forward to her moving into higher leadership positions in the future for America, and even a possible presidential candidate ... in time ... I mean of course ... I would "hope" to see her evolve into such ... but that has to be her will and choice, and the support of the American people. I been following the Syrian situation for some time, and expecting this bombing the other day was coming as well, for a few years actually, and the intentions on heavy intervention, regime change, etc ... I mean, they been playing us for awhile through corporate media and politics, from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, to see our reaction ... but they're all in on this, as far as the so called establishment of both parties, just trying to figure out how to play it right, and save their positions. Tulsi has been very outspoken about this, and I agree with her on this and many other issues she takes on, so I wanted to have her explain some of her views in here concerning Syria, to have an alternative view/ approach ... Tulsi uses a little common sense as well, for a change from the usual establishment mouthpieces. Not even Wolf Blitzer of CNN below made any mistakes this time, like he did last year with Sen. Rand Paul (The Intercept), when he said these interventions, bombing campaigns and billion dollar arms sales to Saudis were good for creating American jobs and business. The news mainstream has been playing this bombing up, and the talk about saving the women, children and babies of Syria from evil, spreading democracy (their twisted version of democracy is global neoliberalism), humanitarian intentions and love by the U.S. and Saudis (and dont think for a minute that Saudis arent key players in this shit as well, in this entire region of the globe), the need for this regime change, and the rest of the usual nonsensical bargain basement trash talk that is alwayz peddled to us. A video and petition above, some newsread and videos below, including a video from a progressive Syrian American opposed to Tulsi's approach ... then I wanted to add a few cents from my view on this, after below.

Dem Lawmaker who met with Assad blasts Trump ... Thanx to Fox News

***** THE TIMES OF INDIA/ WORLD: US liberal left and alt- right both oppose Syria intervention with Tulsi Gabbard taking the lead ... (newsread)

Lawmaker questions gas attack evidence ... Thanx to CNN




***** PD/ RCJ: "Funding & Stupidity are NOT Compatible" PART'S 7 THRU 1 ... (a related series I figured to toss in here)


Progressive Syrian Explains What's Wrong with Tulsi Gabbard's Approach to the Conflict ... Thanx to Peoples War


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

As far as Tulsi's establishment democratic party colleagues that would like to see her ousted from the democratic party or whatever ... great! ... why dont ya'll do it, and get rid of other progressives that you dont like either in your party, and see how long your sorry asses last as a viable party, eh? I mean, as a voter, I would love to see you get rid of them, so they can form a real progressive party and exclude ya'll from it. In the meantime until you do something, perhaps you can just go back and do something constructive like spending time in your phone banks and luncheons, panhandling money for your campaigns from your wealthy constituents ... or do what you do best, as far as kissing the asses of your corporate and Saudi lobbyists, and do some more ass- sucking to the majority of republicans ... if you're lucky, you may get re- elected, eh? They been slowly on both sides, laying this on us for a few years now, and looking for reasons and a show, to have an all out attack on Syria, just like other invasions and occupations over the years ... they/ politicians know they are walking a fine line right now with the American people, as far as approval and much else. Or maybe since you have such humanitarian concerns in the Washington political establishment, you can get your own families and kidz to volunteer in Syria on land ... maybe the royal families of the Saudis can do likewise ... you know, share, love, save babies and women, etc. ... isnt that what this is all about? It's sickening enough having to hear some of these politicians relentlessly push for regime change here and there, to please their wealthy donors ... the only goddamn regime change we need is right here in Washington ... which has its own "extreme ideology" on how they handle situations abroad. There's NOT a more efficient and economically better way to deal with this? ... why dont I buy that?

Sadly, as a friend was telling me the other day ... these people, whether in Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else in this region, are the ones that get hit the hardest, whether it's terror attacks, existing regime attacks, outsiders intervention such as U.S., Saudis, Russians or whoever. It would be great to see the people of these countries get their hands on these parasites at the top, who inspire, fund, and influence these wars, and serve them justice, including Americans ... in the most horrific and inhumane manner possible. When I seen the news the other day at first of the chemical attacks on Syrians, I had questions, as far as the rescue methods, hazmat gear, equipment, protection, etc. At the same time, knowing the history of Assad, the U.S., Russia, ISIS, I have to question also, if this was a real attack, and if so, who was really behind it? Then when Trump ordered the sudden quick bombing, which he hinted a day before in a news conference, I expected that ... and expect it's to see the public reaction ... waiting to see if Americans will cheer or sneer, hoping for a cheerful American public support, so they can go full throttle, like they did in Iraq ... and play it as saving all these people from evil. Me personally, no, I dont support any of these over night decisions to bomb countries, especially when we are not attacked, and/ or without further review, and the proper channels of going through Congress either. Nor do I want to see us quickly jump into another half trillion or trillion dollar expenditure, so a bunch of multinational corporations and contractors can capitalize off it while milking us dry, and forcing even more misery and uncertainty on Syrians ... as we get shafted in America once again, because we cant even afford as it is, to use our taxes or borrowed money to pay for our own goddamn domestic needs, because of these bastards in Washington squandering our money.

Word Out ....

***** POST NOTE: I'm an independent politically, who happens to vote Democrat. However, due to the unique circumstances and issues we have currently (and more increasingly with neoliberalism, even on a global level) ... the United States is past due and in need of a strong peoples political movement and party. I believe, that if we had a real progressive party in America that stands firm, that it would in these times receive a mass amount of public support (and both these deadwood parties know that, deep down). I believe the voting power of the people hungry for REAL change, would give it a landslide victory over these 2 parties we have now. It would be exciting as well, to so many people in our country, that are just burned out, on the same political crap over and over, decade after decade ... it could and would, be a political shift of historic magnitude. We have not had the challenges that we have today as Americans, that I can recall, since the Great Depression era, and even in some wayz worse now, due to the unique circumstances now/ today.


Syrian school kidz playing ball in Ras al- Ayn, al- Hasakah, Syria

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