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NEOLIBERALISM CRISIS (PT.1) 2017/ MONBIOT & KLEIN: When DEMOCRACY is Reduced to FAILURE ... Political/ Economic Radicalization & EXTREME Ideology ... The "Zombie Doctrine" Edition ... (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.14)- (NAOMI KLEIN PT.2)- (HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA PT.13)

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This posting will serve "Corporatcommunazica", "Naomi Klein" and the "How To Privatize America" series of this journal/ blog ... and will be Part 1 of "Neoliberalism Crisis". The title of the posting was mostly inspired by George Monbiot, and the posting content by him and Naomi Klein. Although I talk about neoliberalism (wikipedia) much throughout this journal, I didnt have a posting strictly for it, and so many folks that I've talked to one on one over the last several years, are confused at times as to what the word neoliberalism actually means? ... and it's been defined, interpreted and repackaged differently over the last century. And in all fairness to markets, there can be positives from this design as far as market, I see/ seen even capitalism as a mechanism to reduce poverty for instance, but it shouldnt extremely multiply poverty, and it's way out of balance with only a handful of too big to fail entities controlling it ALL, which can make it a market disease with no freedom, eh? This disease is being spread globally, not just the Americas or European countries, by the same invisible powers of wealth that design and peddle this trash. Some were led to believe it's the "new thing", globalization to create free market, spread democracy, free us from bureaucratic central planning (Zero Hedge/ argument), the answer to solve world economic, social and political problems, create wealth to trickle down ... I even listened to economic professors on the tele, promoting and marketing this garbage and sugar coating it ... to politicians painting it as the way to go (both, left and right). I myself never studied economics or have a background in this, or have much formal education, so I'm still learning, but I look around and just put 2+2 together, eh? ... I grew up a street kid of working class around hustlers. But, I can usually most of the time, see when I/ we are getting screwed on a deal and a hustle, so that's why I focus much on this ... because were getting SCREWED big time. I was searching for some folks to explain this, and thought that George Monbiot and Naomi Klein sum this garbage up well ... so a 2016 piece from George below, and a 2012 video from Naomi. After at the bottom, I will add a few paragraphs of my own.

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Naomi Klein on Global Neoliberalism ... Thanx to Big Think







Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp & Rosalie (wife)

I dont sugar coat this, or try to make excuses for politicians who try to peddle this trash or radical extreme ideology through fear cards off to us ... I dont care if they're with the party I vote for. All the political leaders they help get in office these dayz, may feel some obligation, and think that this is the future whether we like it or not. I dont have any obligation to any of them, and neither should the majority of people. Our economies, public services, safety nets are not failing, they're being destroyed and replaced by an oligarchy ... a transfer of ownership, from the public to them, and the public/ private partnership sales pitch is more bullshit, they dont want the public to own a bloody damn thing. And these people are more of an enemy to progress than worrying about some foreign country invading us ... we are being robbed blind. I started pointing this out to folks and in this journal, because of seeing how our money is being milked from our governments and public institutions, a steady decline and deterioration of what we built, America footing the costs of most in money and lives for their gain only, and looking at our past record of intervention, regime change, and occupations of various countries in the name of freedom or spreading democracy. For those who praise this and look at it as free market, true democracy or sugar coat it ... fine ... love it, embrace it, suck up to it, and marry it for all I care ... dont think the majority will. I like to call this trash corporatcommunazica ... a word I made, to combine corporatization, communism, nazism and America ... that's all I view it as. I credit much of this to American and European corporations and finance, as far as creating this ideology, maybe the first intentions were positive, but it hasnt ended up as nothing but a negative for "most", and will get worse before better with no regulatory control ... like an out of control gambling addict losing all their money, or a dope fiend overdosing. I'm also opposed to this move, trying to make USA the ultimate empire, controlled by oligarchs that simply do this to rape the globe for their gain only. I actually support capitalism, but also feel that a little socialism mixed in is good for social and economic reasons, plus, you dont have to waste millions hiring politicians to lie for you, and millions on propaganda through media. Frankly, although we need a leadership structure, we sure dont need a bunch of thieves to lead and plan our future ... we can do fine without it, or need them to rathole all our money and resources, replace the people's voice/ government, constitution, or tell us how to live ... we can manage without you.

The most hypocritical part of this trash, is those that promote this, say it's about free market, and the idea of this laissez- faire economics of letting the markets take their course, the opposition to socialism, opposition to government, taxation, etc, etc ... they dont want any revenue like taxes going to any government unless it exits a backdoor to them. There is hardly a thing "free" about the market anymore, a guy I know Steve, a mid 30's libertarian that does well for himself, who also opposes this crap, recently told me, that the only free market is the black market these dayz, Steve has a point. Letting the markets take their course? ... I agree, we should, which includes not bailing these bastards out when they fail, not letting them get so large, to where they take everyone else down when they fail, and making them pay for their mistakes when they damage our environment, societies and economies, holding them accountable, and even imprisoning them when needed ... not increasing their tax write offs and subsidies, you failed, which means you lack what it takes ... so you're worthless to manage our money, choices, destiny, or whatever else. Everyone I talked to over several years, from professionals, small business folks and entrepreneurs, locals politically involved of the left and right, to working classes and labourers, have a problem with this new system. Even my son- in- law, who is a corporate man, representing an American corporation promoting and setting up new business in Latin- American countries, has told me of the problems with this in countries like Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia. Instead of eliminating extreme poverty, you are expanding it. These too big to fail power houses, dont even allow markets to take their course ... and we have to bail them all out, let them write all the legislation from rights, to our properties powers, laws, and what we buy and trade from who ... they want to control and regulate all of that, with no regulations for themselves. Their opposition to socialism, another snowjob, they want socialism 110% for their corporations and financial institutions, in fact, they are the biggest, laziest, gluttons of corporate welfare and social safety nets ... my question is simply ... why in Hell should we pay your way?, you're already swimming in wealth you didnt even earn, pay your own shit, and not with our tax revenues. What do you contribute to society, that we cant do ourselves? ... not a damn thing ... because we are the ones that make this all work, all they do is pocket our profit and gains. They dont support any kind of government or democracy unless it's powerless and owned by them ... nor do they care about your opinions, even in their mega corporate consumer surveys ... why in Hell should we care about them and their opinions? ... they are the epitome of communism, oppression and anti- capitalism or free market.

For people supporting this ideology that want progress for humanity, the environment, decent opportunity and standards of living, real freedom and free/ fair trade, rights/ voice, or any future of worth to our children ... it's stupid to support. The top 1/10th of 1% wants the other 9/10ths of 1% to control over in the future only, when they replace workers with robotics, and have no need any more for consumers or producers ... after they ratholed all our wealth, resources and innovations, and put the final touch on their future empires they built with it. Then, they will even destroy any free market, competition, or even corporate/ financial mega giants of past amongst themselves, that they dont need. And destroy us, whether it's through denying healthcare through privatization, or starving people to death, to creating environmental hazards, intentionally or unintentionally that kill people and ecosystems, after they dont need you anymore, they want you to die, to make the world only populated by them and who they need, which is also a drastic population reduction combined. You may think that some of these folks (not all) would not kill millions either way ... but ask yourself, why not? ... what would be their reason? ... do you think they are humanitarians?, or have any regard for anyone outside their circles? ... what does history tell you when it comes to certain powers killing millions of people? There is no reason why you should not look at these powers of unearned wealth as your enemy, and equally hope for them to die or self destruct, in whatever way necessary to eliminate them ... dont have any humanitarian feelings for those who would even indirectly have you killed, plus, it's not natural or rational thinking. All this is more reason also, not to dissolve regulation, bureaucracy, taxation, and representation ... but to reform and strengthen it ... when you lose all that, you lose your voices, natural rights, freedom of will, competitive business and safeguards, and anything worth living for. We need to look to alternative ideas such as universal basic income even, or other ideas, deal with population or nourishment problems in other wayz, to reconstructing economics to fit for our 21st century needs without their interference ... and if they dont want to play ball or negotiate ... attack and abandon their systems, their ideas, and let their institutions and empires dissolve and die ... the same way they would let you and yours dissolve and die. For those who say that nothing can be done ... I'm confident and optimistic, that the resistance from the majority can be strong and powerful ... once you discovered and tasted any level of liberty, you are not likely to accept losing it without a fight.

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Beach Bum said...

Great post! It's depressing to hear some right-wing knucklehead brag about the virtues of free market capitalism but yet they can complain about how everything like schools, roads, and general infrastructure is falling apart. I'll admit capitalism has the edge on innovation but far as maintaining the basic physical structure of a working and healthy society it is as lost in its delusions as communism.

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree with your comment 110% Bum ... if the mess isnt here yet, it certainly is knocking on the front door. It's ridiculous how they say, we are keeping our promise to give the American people what we promised and want ... well, at least they're somewhat honest on the part of what they "promised", because they been promising to screw us for awhile. As far as what the American people "want" though ... NO ONE is doing what the American people want, even on this so called healthcare, the vast majority of Americans simply want some healthcare safety and system, that doesnt rob them of their entire savings and pay, and some sort of national safety net as a backup ... and WILLING to pay for it, partial public option or whatever ... geeezzz, there are 101 different plans they can do. They are not giving people what they want, or anything close to what they want ... they are not giving consumers what they want ... they are not giving smaller free market business people what they want ... in fact, the ONLY people getting what they want ... are multi- millionaire politicians, and the multi- national corporate/ finance that fund them. Who would want to spend another $50 billion plus on an already over- bloated defense budget of $600+ billion, to pay for it out of our public amenities, services or medicare, social security (all that we pay for ourselves, I may add) ... NO ONE in their right mind would want that ... and no one does want that ... you would have to be severely mentally challenged to want that. Then when legislation gets presented ... the politicians send emails to the people, asking them for $5 to $500 donations to fight the very legislation that they are involved in drafting ... if that IS NOT a suckers game ... I dont know what is! Thank You for your voice here Bum ....