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DRAFT BERNIE FOR A PEOPLE'S PARTY/ NICK BRANA: Creating CHANGE on a Different RANGE ... The "Independent Alternative" Edition ... (From The FOXHOLE with Bernie PT.35)- (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.49)- (THE AWAKENING PT.48)

Bernie and Jane: "The action will be in a third party" ... Thanx to Unofficial Draft Bernie Sanders To People's Party

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This posting will be for 3 series of this journal/ blog, "From The Foxhole with Bernie", "Public Patriots" & "The Awakening". It will focus on another new movement to start a new party, that represents the people in America. Nick Brana started up this party, he was with Bernie's campaign, as national public outreach coordinator, lobbying superdelegates for Bernie in the last election, and formerly part of Bernie's "Our Revolution" movement, which Nick resigned from. Nick wants Bernie to come in to start a new people's party. But before I have any input/ word on this, I linked an interview with Nick from The Real News Network and Paul Jay below, to explain what is going on and the reason, which Nick summed it up perfectly. I like Nick's vision and enthusiasm, see leadership qualities, and appreciate what him and so many others are doing, not for my sake, but for the next generation, and motivating our kids and grandkids to get involved in the political process and resist with new strength and vision, instead of this tired and dull prerecorded repetitious deadbeat show we have currently. And Thanx to The Real News Network for video as well as transcript ... also TRNN is funded by public/ viewers, independent, receives no government or corporate money, a news network worthy of peoples support, and one that covers what many cannot. And dont let folks, tell you it cant be done ... or you'll never get a thing done. At least, it is worth the time, to hear Nick out, and visit their website linked below his photo above. After, I will add some of my views on this.

***** THE REAL NEWS NETWORK: Campaign Calls on Bernie Sanders to Lead a New Party ... (video and transcript/ read)







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I myself focus much on these movements throughout these series and journal/ blog, strictly because like many others, been expecting and looking for a surge in peoples movements to splinter and start forming. At first, I was excited about Occupy Wall Street for example, they, like many other progressives, Tea Party folks of the right and such ... are dismissed by the 2 parties as extremists, nutz, radicals, or nuisances that are poor, or stay in their parents basement, because they speak out of order, and are a voice for millions, that the 2 parties rather ignore. In 2017, even the anger against the establishment within the republican party, is what helped Trump, many of which may be surprised, that Trump may not be what they were expecting though. Now as far as independents and progressives, you are seeing several new movements, even people that were right leaning, which I even talked to some here in Texas, that liked Bernie on many issues, and listening more to progressive ideas. Progressive folks came far since the Occupy Wall Street start in 2011, which was a sort of political enlightenment booster in my view, and have become more sophisticated and organized, which I been looking forward to for some time now. You have this movement to draft Bernie for a new people's party, you have Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, a Liberal Tea Party in the worx, Our Revolution inside the Democratic Party, and others, making much progress across America too. So the people in USA are off to a great start, they are working their asses off, and utilizing ALL the tools available, from rights/ laws to networking/ media ... which is great news. This also inspires others globally that are witnessing the same with this neoliberalism on steroids of today. This is simply to get the majority of people in this nation to be heard and have a sayso in their future, which has been increasingly ignored by our mainstream politics. And even many of those establishment politicians didnt expect this to grow like it did ... and WILL continue to, many thought it would just fizzle out, and they could keep on neglecting the oath they took of their obligation to the people, play them off as nutcases in public, etc ... so it's a rude awakening for many establishment politicians ... the reason many didnt see this coming, is because how out of touch they are with the people of this country, and basically have no contact with anyone out of their circles, except when campaigning, and that's even all staged. Supporting these groups is positive, because you have nothing to lose, that we are not losing already on a daily to yearly basis ... just look where we are at today, from over the last 30 years.

Some folks are upset with Bernie because he keeps at it in the democratic party, they feel like it's a waste of time, and he should have walked after the election ... but understand, he has long roots and friendships for years with many in that party, he worked with those folks for years, so there is some bond, which is understandable. His thing is trying to push the party towards being more progressive ... yet many in the party, dislike progressives more than republicans (from Nick's own experience also), and you can clearly see this in their actions ... and right now, that is the only strong force to challenge Trump and the republicans. I dont see the democrats though doing anything significantly progressive, besides challenging Trump/ GOP, basically politics as usual ... and moves like this, is really seen as negative by your base, especially coming off a loss so soon. I mean, there is nothing that would make me think that they will change, or expect change ... their actions have been clear as day ... if there was, I would have "reason" to believe they will change, and would say so ... maybe they will change, but I see no evidence or action of it yet. If Bernie cuts out and hooks up with the new party, I dont think it would hurt, I mean ... he will still be what he has been for years, as far as being an independent Senator from Vermont, but, if Bernie doesnt, I still support him for all he has done. Nick sayz that according to gallup polls, that 14 million democrats left the party ... I dont buy that though, or have too much faith in these polls, after all, I thought from polls and media, that democrats would win by a significant margin last november. But what I do think, is that if Bernie did join, it would really pull in a significant amount of people to it, in the millions, and be much more significant and diversified than the Green Party ... which is a plus, because it would force some democrats to have to at least be competitive, or lose more. What I do know, just from what I see online, as well as so many folks locally here in Texas that I have asked their opinions ... is that many folks are really sick of what they see, on both sides, and have lost alot of love and hope ... and see no vision out of these 2 parties ... because they frankly have no vision. There are many millions of people out there that need something to embrace as far as politics, call them independents, or whatever label you want, but they're hungry. Folks like Nick, at least have some vision, other than politics as usual ... and even if Bernie doesnt want to jump onboard, there are others who may in Washington ... I mean, why not call in someone like Tulsi Gabbard, when I look at Tulsi, I see a winner too, or several others, work local grassroots, and try to even consolidate and unite, 2 or 3 movements, there are many things and strategies that can be done. Nick was looking at it as being different, than say the Green Party or Libertarians, because you could start with a base in the millions, and Bernie would certainly invigorate so many, trust me.

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