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Democrats who Voted with Republicans to KEEP Your Prescription Drug Prices SKYROCKETING ... Just Blame it on Racist Transsexuals from Mars ... The "QUESTION EVERYTHING" Edition ... (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COWS PT.7)

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Corporatist Dems Vote AGAINST Bernie's Cheap Prescription Drug Amendment ... Thanx to The Ring of Fire

This posting will serve as Part 7 of the "Pharmaceutical Cash Cows" series of this journal/ blog ... which I wanted to record in here, because of the lack of atencion this is getting in Democrat media, and I opened at top with the video from Farron Cousins, because it is straight up (yes, Farron IS a Democrat ... a real one though). It is very importante in these times, if you are a supporter of Democrats, to bring this into the light, not try to hide and shy away from it out of fear, or for whatever reason. The only damn thing mostly I hear in the daily news, is what "Tweety Bird" (Donald Trump) tweeted, or fellow Democrat media and supporters talking about how evil he is, etc. The Democratic Party has been losing their asses big time all over the country, besides in a handful of blue metro havens, so you end up with no strong enough party/ presence to counter GOP policies/ moves. You need to TALK about this, question EVERYTHING, apply pressure to your representation, and work on it, if you want to try to rebuild a party that Americans will strongly embrace and put their faith back in, and at least have some leverage against this neoliberalism and the GOP agenda ... otherwise, all you will be able to do is kiss more ass and give in to whatever the corporations/ banks and GOP demands through some "grand bargain" garbage. Geeezz ... I dont know what in Hell it takes to wake some of these folks up? ... it's bad enough taking 12"inches up your ass, what do you need to wake up and address the problems in the party and really make changes ... a grenade up your ass? As a Democratic supporter/ voter myself, it's shameful and embarrassing at this amount of cowardice, and is exactly why these corporations and the GOP take advantage of you, your fears, and generosity. Pharma companies are doing what they are ONLY ALLOWED to do ... this came so close to passing, those 13 Democratic votes against it, basically buried it ... we could have been on the way to better prescription costs in this country! Most of these politicians on BOTH sides, run their damn mouths endlessly about how they want to give you "choice", such as in the insurance market, "shop around", be global in trade, or related corporate sponsored related political sales pitch nonsense ... yet are responsible for restricting you from all they say they want for you to be able to do ... what does that tell you, eh?

This is a lousy way to start off 2017 on the Democrats part too ... you already lost, and have nothing to lose ... as far as the corporate money from pharma is concerned, some who also got money from them voted "for it", even a number of Republicans voted "for it" ... and mostly all Americans want it. This bill, which democrats argue later, after they got made, that this was a "resolution", not a "bill". Sen.Cory Booker opposed it, because he said it lacked safety and quality wording. Sen.Cory Booker is also one of the top senators for getting pharma money ( ... does that kind of money sway votes? ... you decide. But, the bottom line is, if they would have voted for it, it would become a bill, eh? ... politicians are really clever how they twist shit. It was a very importante bill (resolution) too, yet no coverage in mainstream media either, a bill that people on both sides have been asking for, for years! Being able to negotiate better prices on whatever consumers need is pro- capitalism, pro- business and free market even ... those who cant meet the demands of the consumers, go under and liquidate, etc ... even the most staunch pro capitalism conservative would agree to that. Politically speaking campaign- wise, it's already been proven, that with public support and campaign financing alone, you can be a winner in politics ... just look at what Bernie Sanders done as an example. The sooner these things and flaws within the Democratic Party get addressed, the sooner you can get on to rebuilding and being prepared for the 2018 and 2020 elections, and come out swinging this time .... dont just go along with the GOP, let them nail their own coffin shut, and you will come out ahead. Basically, what this would look like to the average hustler, is a con- job, where you have a ruling corporate sector, that owns a majority of both parties, who play these back and forth taking turns flip- flopping, good/ evil games year after year, to keep these 2 parties and their supporters/ voters, at war with each other in an unending battle, as they chip away your rights, liberties, and rob us ... and it's just a matter of time, before most Americans will think this, unless there is actual action trying to stop this. With these kinds of moves/ actions, you wont be able to hide it in todayz diversified media, and this time, you wont be able to blame these things on the "Russians" ... you will have to come up with some new twisted scapegoat bullshit ... which you may as well just say "Racist Transsexuals from Mars" are the blame next time ... because it's only a matter of time, before all your support views you as having not an ounce of credibility or backbone and leadership qualities. More below from "Common Dreams" on this, and Thanx to them as well as Bernie Sanders.

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***** COMMON DREAMS: Big Pharma- Backed Dems Join GOP to Block Bernie Sanders Effort to End Drug Price Gouging ... (newsread)




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