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JACK JOHNSON/ GALVESTON GIANT (PT.1): "Defeating the Undefeated" ... The Fight for Equal Opportunity & The Fight of the Century ... The "Black White Fight" Edition ... (BLACK HISTORY MONTH/ HARMON LOFT PT.11)

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This posting will serve as Part 11 of the "Black History Month" (february) series for this journal/ blog, to highlight the life of Jack Johnson (aka "The Galveston Giant"), the first black world heavyweight boxing champion. This posting in particular is for Harmon (aka "Red" to friends), who told me about Jack when I was a kid, in particular, that Jack started the venue, originally at 142nd & Lenox up in Harlem, that later became the well known "Cotton Club". As a kid, I had no idea who Jack Johnson was ... but Harmon loved telling stories about folks and events that made black history to everyone, so I learned alot from him ... just listening to Harmon run his mouth about stuff {:-) But there is more than just highlighting the life of Jack Johnson here ... this is a man who lived life to the fullest, and frankly is a perfect portrait of living the American dream, and utilizing free speech and thought, pursuing his goals ... and very importantly, opening the door for equal opportunity for those who were oppressed and denied opportunity, and especially, the many talented young athletes, who faced so many obstacles due to their skin colour or gender even, trying for the chance to compete and stand their ground and continue to fight, a man who set an example, a man who defeated the undefeated. When this man defeated the undefeated world heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries, outdoors at that, in 110 degree heat, riots broke out across America. Jack is not just a boxer ... he is an entertainer, entrepreneur and businessman, a motivational speaker, a champion of civil rights before any such movement, creative thinking, and even in his dark moments during a short prison stretch, inspired, organized and led, and even invented a wrench that he patented, you can look at him as actually "elite" for example, since we loosely use that term so much ... in a time today, where we praise and bow to worthless cowardly parasites, mistakenly calling them elites, who dont do a goddamn thing of worth, except ripping off vulnerable people in my view.

Jack earned everything he had, he didnt inherit it, a poor kid out of Galveston, Texas (Houston area) ... as a kid even working to help take care of his siblings, learning to make tough decisions at a young age, his parents were former slaves at that. He didnt ever seem to grasp the race thing much, even though he lived in a society of racial divide and extreme hatred based on such, and being black, was at the rock bottom level of this society ... he faced everything and obstacles head on, and was bold in doing such. Lived among and befriended many folks as a kid, many were white working class, didnt bother him, even dating women that were white, without feeling any shame ... because, why in Hell should he? He also received criticism in his day, from some black people, because his celebrity type lifestyle, money, the way he dressed, etc ... but he earned what he had, worked damn hard, and wanted to live the best he could, pursuing his dreams, and making the most of it. I actually thought, that President Obama would have granted this man a pardon of his conviction, so that surprised me, looking at what Jack was convicted of and how. This push for a pardon for this man, has went on for years ... even Senators, congressional representatives and many others not in government have been pushing for a President for years to pardon this man. The "Mann Act"(wikipedia) that he was convicted of, was a law made because of him and folks like him, in particular of colour/ race ... it is clear as day why he was convicted. Some say that there is rumor of how he treated women badly, where is the cases though?, show of evidence? ... and believe me, in those dayz, if there was such case, he would have been hung in a heartbeat, for just being black, and his wife or girlfriend being white at that, they would do anything they could to attack and condemn a man like him. It doesnt matter if he dated a woman that was white or black, or one that was a sex worker, or married them, or how many times he married, or how many women he dated ... and it must have been Hell on him in his time, I dated more than one woman as well, and dated black women, or whatever nationality/ race of women I wanted ... I'm white, and got criticism in the 1970's for such ... I can only imagine him in the early 1900's being black and having to go through it.

Some say that his family shouldnt even accept a pardon that has had so much controversy, and is so long past due ... and looking at the kind of man Jack was ... I figure he would tell them to take their pardon and shove it. President G.W Bush or President Obama wouldnt touch it, maybe President Trump will, it certainly wouldnt hurt if he did, and it is a bipartisan push. The way I see it though, is why in Hell should he need their approval or forgiveness? ... for what? ... what in Hell did he do wrong?, I'm a little like Jack ... for me ... fuck your approval or forgiveness ... but many look at it as needed for healing in society. Jack's life or reputation cant be tarnished the way I see it, whether he gets a pardon or not ... and if he dont, it is a clear reminder of what this country once was, and still is to a degree, despite the progress on some avenues that had been made. Enough from me, and on to some read links and video below ... the last video highlights the "fight of the century", and the 'great white hope' folks that tried to maintain their white American supremacy status, that Jack fought to change, and open the gates for equal opportunity for all.

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