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RUSSIA HACK ATTACK 2017: Fake News, Paranoia Blues, Red Fear & American Light Near Beer ... The "UCBS/ United Corporations Bear Scare" Edition ... (RT/ RUSSIA TODAY PT.3)- (ABBY MARTIN PT.3)- (AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PT.5)

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This posting will serve 3 series of this journal/ blog ... "RT/ Russia Today", "Abby Martin" & "American Exceptionalism" ... the "American Exceptionalism" series will simply be a new series name to replace "America's Stupidity", to of course be more fashionable and politically correct ... after all, America's stupidity and paranoia is somewhat exceptional, is it not?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Actually, 2017 seems already like it will be more fun and hilarious to me than I first anticipated, full of a new batch of surprises and treats to get handed to us by our corporate political tyrants who represent our interests ... such as the other night, when they were filling us with "Tweety Bird" (Trump) tweets via media, and new Russian bear scare talk about "Poo- Poo" (Putin), to scare and entertain Americans while drinking their favourite fake beer (near beer), or viewing favourite tele series, playing video games, etc ... They were in late night sessions on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) screwing us on a number of health care issues, such as eliminating the chance that we can get better prescription drug prices or choices, of course, a bipartisan effort. You can certainly bet these dayz, that whenever they are filling us full of corporate/ political manufactured fake news to enhance our paranoia, blues and mental prison miseries ... their other hand is in our pockets, screwing us out of something. It appears that 2017 will be the "year of the bear" (bear being a symbol of Russia) as far as scare tactics ... and of course they still have the ISIS scare going on as a back up ... either way you go, someone's gonna get us, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... While these folks in Washington chop away at our liberties, choices, money, social and public services, and whatever else they can get their paws on, all of which we work and pay for ourselves, and get us even more scared to conform to their neoliberal and puritanical utopian fantasies ... and of course our new saviours will be corporations/ banks, to get us past all the evil of the world, etc. Russia is accused of manipulating our election, hacking the DNC, etc ... if America's political parties werent so damn manipulative and corrupt, or just even halfway honest on anything, we wouldnt have a damn thing to worry about, eh?

There is also plenty of scare that "Tweety Bird" (Trump) will bring us into a new war that will be bigger and better than ever ... sending out intercontinental nuclear missiles around the world, and I reckon ole "Poo- Poo" (Putin) will send some our way, and we will all be killed, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) maybe North Korea will jump in, eh? ... maybe ISIS or affiliated homies? ... maybe they'll target what many despise most ... the Pentagon, Washington (Capitalism Hill), and Wall Street ... I mean, if you're gonna clean up shit, you may as well start in the cesspool {:-) ... who knows? But the idea that "Tweety Bird" or "Poo-Poo" would set off a nuclear apocalypse is unlikely the way I see it ... 2 billionaires with big power wanting to destroy all they have? ... uhhh ... I dont think so {:-) ... I doubt either think they will go to Heaven and get a reward, or care to be martyrs ... their Heaven is right here on Earth. Not even corporations who love conventional wars and make billions off it, would want nuclear war, all these folks make a shitload of money and have power because of our existence ... wipe out that many folks at once and disrupt their financial casino playgrounds? ... uhhh ... I dont think so {:-) But, there are still many Americans that love getting the shit scared out of them, whether it's in the movies or media ... and the thought of doom and gloom is exciting to them ... so, it's all in good fun I guess. This cleverly orchestrated new scare is just the same ole shit in new packaging is all, to buy some more time to distract and fuck us out of something. What Americans should really be doing, is not worrying about this nonsense with Russia or other foreign crap, but getting out here ourselves in our own streets and at the voting polls, and raising Hell against this corporate/ banking American vermin that is destroying us from within our own country. As far as all this fake news and propaganda talk we get about Russia or RT ... what the Hell do you think we get and do in our own country? ... meddling in elections? ... what do you think that America been doing for decades? ... the bloody fucken hypocrisy of America is enormous ... and runs second to none on a global level. In America ... any NON- CORPORATE NEWS today, is "fake news" we are told. I like RT News, and other alternative media myself ... freedom of the press, eh? More below of this hysteria from folks at RT, as well as Abby Martin, who I alwayz love to hear her input/ views.

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RT programming interrupts C- SPAN for 10 minutes, everyone freaks out ... Thanx to RT America


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'They are the most scared of real reporting': Abby Martin blasts US intel hacking report ... Thanx to RT

When the US interferes in elections, doesn't "meddle" ... Thanx to RT America


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