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CELEBRATING CO2 with Dr.Patrick Moore: The Recipe & Slippery Slope of Promoting FILTH for WEALTH ... The "CARBON FOOTLICK" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.46)

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This posting will serve as Part 46 of the "Global War'n'ing" series of this journal/ blog, to hear out Dr. Patrick Moore, who is a self labeled "sensible environmentalist" and co- founder of Greenpeace, who has left Greenpeace, and explains today ... why we should be celebrating carbon dioxide. I wanted to highlight Dr.Moore in this series though, because much of what he sayz makes sense, and to be fair as well to folks like Moore, and this debate over global warming, and whether it is caused by humans, a debate I wont engage much in with most folks I've talked to that deny it, but write plenty about my views on the subject obviously in this series. Folks like myself that talk over and over about ditching fossil fuels and investing much more in renewable energy, are often looked at as left- wing nuts, that want to drive oil companies out of business, and increase poverty by doing such, with no consideration for jobs and the growing demand for energy. I'm not against oil companies (just some of the practices), and realize the importance of oil, coal, natural gas, etc in these times ... from what I read, Moore has ties to things like nuclear and geothermal as his thing ... I'm not a scientist like Moore, but believe that there is a big future in renewable energies, and other things to come through science and technology, that are not even known yet, that will make the use of fossil fuel extraction and burning old history, and frowned upon by even mega investors in the future. I also believe that we are naturally getting warmer, since the Earth has a long history of these warming and cooling trends, and even when certain species may become extinct that cannot adapt to such, new species replace those that die off. At the same time, science and common sense tell me that because of our actions, we accelerate this warming we currently have, and I think we as a species have done plenty of damage to the Earth as it is ... carbon dioxide for life on Earth is one thing, polluting all the land, waters and air is another. I dont think we are going to reverse the massive damage we have already done by going totally green tomorrow, and dont have time to debate for decades now, who's right or wrong ... whatever we done, we done, it's over, and time to change our filthy ways ... there are other wayz to improve the economy, energy, and create wealth, without tearing up and polluting everything we touch. This "Celebrate CO2" thing is another corporate marketing gimmick, the same as calling coal use as "Clean Coal", or in past, changing "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" talk, or "Public/ Private Partnership" gimmicks, all cleverly worded, designed and sugar coated to sell you the acceptance of their monopolies/ empires and limited and stringent ideas.

What Dr.Moore sayz below is enough to make every fossil fuel provider and investor go hogwild, especially with this new White House crowd and administration we have coming into office this month, with an unbalanced representation of interests, basically of a handful of millionaire/ billionaire hustlers that are thinking of the quick buck ($$) instead of the future, not caring a damn thing about things like carbon footprints, as much as they care about bootlicking a handful of these corporations ... they are so excited ... like a bunch of heroin addicts that just found a few pounds of heroin, and in a rush to tear up everything they can, as well as any regulations that keeps them in line, and keeps our existing life halfway safe. Listening to Moore, or a number of oil company rent- a- scientists, will make these fossil fuel giants and investors think, that they are some new kind of environmentalists, humanitarians, and greenery machines, as long as they keep pumping as much carbon dioxide into the air as possible, they will be saving the planet ... their new pop- culture slogan is "celebrate CO2 --- is a celebration of life"! The fracking, extraction and the rest are already on steroids as it is, and is only getting worse, even without this new Washington, the old Washington alone done enough to grow and feed this frenzy fuel race, as well as other corporate controlled governments and politics of the globe. There is accident after accident, whether it is offshore or onshore, because of the lack of regulatory oversight and accountability as it is, which causes a slippery slope of damages, and we sure as Hell dont need more deregulation ... again, regulation is pro- business, it helps all interests and business in the long run and reduces accidents and/ or intentional neglect and negative results of such. It's understandable that we need very large energy providers, to meet the demands of hundreds of millions of people on various continents ... I mean, it is more easy to have some control over what they are doing as well ... but there is also no need to have just a handful controlling everything. What folks like I say, is not extreme, or going to put oil companies out of business, but diversify supply, demand and business more, and competitive thinking is healthy for business ... cleaning up things is pro- business, and keeps business "in business" ... where in Hell would we be if we never made gasoline unleaded? ... where would we be without waste and dumping regulations and oversight? They want to destroy the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? ... that's the same as destroying business and yourselves ... protections of the environment, protects your investments as well, eh? Enough from me, and more below with a 20 page PDF read link and a 20 minute video from Dr.Moore.

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The TRUTH about carbon dioxide CO2 Patrick Moore, 'K' Sensible Environmentalist ... Thanx to r v K Today




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