Monday, January 16, 2017

TRAFFIC APOCALYPSE: How to AVOID a Traffic Jam in Dallas ... & Blame it on the Cops ... The "All Way Drive/ Freeway Roundabout" Edition ... (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE? PT.10)

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This posting will serve as Part 10 of the "Defensive Driving Course?" series of this journal/ blog ... to take a look at how folks in Dallas (and I assume some other towns), try not getting caught in a traffic jam from a wreck or whatever on a freeway ... in this case, they blamed it on the cops, but some of these folks do this if there are cops or not. I wanted to post this, because I see folks all across Dallas- Fort Worth, that just cant stand getting in a traffic jam ... folks will do anything to just get off the freeway, they will drive down grassy hills, embankments, drive over medians and curbs, or sidewalks ... some with cars that are low to the ground, unlike a pick- up, SUV, 4x4, will even chance damaging their alignment, etc. I have experienced cars driving off freeways on various freeways across the Metroplex though, when back ups occur. This particular one was over in my part of town, North Dallas by N.E. (I live about 8 miles west on this freeway N.W.), about 15 miles or so north from downtown on LBJ Frwy ... geeezz, what's wrong with ya'll ... this one is crazy, and makes me think it's some kind of "all way" drive, going north, east, south, and west, even though it was supposed to be eastbound LBJ ... or them damn roundabouts like they have in London, which seemed twisted to me as an American {:-) You know though, we should feel blessed here in Dallas, because I've drove some of the biggest and worst freewayz coast to coast over the years, in Dallas- Fort Worth, we really have an abundant, up to date, and fairly good flowing freeway system here ... which spoils us, and traffic usually moves quick. Sure, it's common to get pissed or want to get out of a jam, but that's life ... play with your phone, many are on their damn phones when they're driving anywayz, listen to some tunes, or just bitch like I do and get it over with.

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Driver Mayhem On Interstate 635 LBJ In Dallas << CBS Dallas Fort Worth ... Thanx to Accidents 




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