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EMPIRE FILES/ MARTIN & HEDGES: "Trump, Alt- Right, & Christianized Fascism" ... Turbocharged Neoliberalism, Inverted Totalitarianism, & Dominionism Crusades ... The "INCREMENTAL CHANGE" Edition ... (ABBY MARTIN PT.4)- (CHRIS HEDGES PT.2)- (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.13)


This posting will serve 3 series of this journal/ blog ... "Abby Martin", "Chris Hedges" & "Corporatcommunazica" ... much of the posting title was inspired by what Chris Hedges talks about here. Some folks will look at this, and say that it cant happen, this is America, Democracy, etc ... anything can happen ... some things have more of a chance than others, but anything is possible ... which includes the American majority resistance and opposition to this political and religious cult stuff. So what Chris talks about here, in his interview with Abby, is not to bring paranoia, but to enlighten, educate, and bring awareness of the current condition, more than anything else. I mean, you already have a form of what Sheldon Wolin labeled as "inverted totalitarianism" (wikipedia) that Chris talks about, or what I call "corporatcommunazica", sprinkled with neoliberalism. You also have a growing force in America, of this type of religious patriotism, and with some of a "dominionism" (wikipedia) type mindset ... which to me is like some sort of "sharia law", so they have no business whining about muslims ... ya'll fundamoralist christians are in the same damn boat and sleep together in my view ... I dont like either of ya'll, and frankly dont give a shit if you dont like me either. The United States was NOT created or designed to be like some ancient theocracy, its ideas were to move beyond that, and to be free of that, to not be ruled by religions. This is NOT against peoples beliefs or values, it is to prevent those institutions, from forcing their beliefs or values on someone else. President Trump being in office with a republican majority gives them big balls, and of course, they have all the answers, if you ask them. This is why we should be emboldened in opposition to these forces ... NOT kissing their asses like we do, and asking them to be nice to us, whether it's politics or these religious cults. Even though Trump been President for only roughly a couple months ... I dont think he understands, that his job is to represent ALL people in this country, not just a handful ... and his appointment selections have been lousy ... I mean, even Hillary Clinton, who has neoliberalism and Wall Street written all over her wouldnt have picked a crew like this. I'm not even sure what the democrats plan is these dayz, they been losing their asses politically, and they dont seem to be doing much, except pointing out how bad the republicans are (duuuhh {:-) ... so I dont know if they even have any vision outside of neoliberalism either, just maybe a milder form than republicans.

And as far as Trump's business vision, he of all people should know and understand, it is NOT a one- way street ... we are the producers and consumers, eh? ... we are essential to healthy business, and business without adequate regulations, destroys business. It's nice that Trump (I also call him Tweety, because of his tweeting personality) comes up and sayz he opposes TPP, or some other nice things, but not much credit should go to him yet on anything, he hasnt done a damn thing of any worth to us ... and the TPP was dead when Obama was President ... so his opposition is meaningless anywayz, it never would have gone anywhere ... he's just playing a safe hand, and saying what a bunch of people want to hear, after all, he's a hustler. As far as their healthcare plans, sure ObamaCare/ ACA is a corporate cash grab, as I detail here, basically calling it "CareBear" insurance, because you have to have the education level of a toddler, to view it as universal or any other politipop rubbish ... YES, it's "universal" in the sense, that you have a handful of corporations ripping off each other and the consumers through legislation. But the republicans have been lousy trying to figure out how to replace it, acting more like desperate dope fiends, in a rush to push any damn thing through fast, without a real plan or fix, and full of clever things to put the bite on the consumer somehow. The other day, I was talking to this guy here in Dallas, and he was upset about what the republicans want to do with healthcare, cutting medicaid, medicare, EPA, etc ... and how it could put our people and consumers in even worse shape ... what's odd, is that he voted for Trump/ straight republican out of habit, and thinking of "change" (against the establishment status- quo) ... I dont know why he didnt expect this, he's a grown man of 50 years old. Ya, you might get change ... but maybe not the change that you expected, eh? The way these folks do this is incrementally, look at just the last few decades and where we are now. And these oligarchs love religion and its warriors, to create a smokescreen, tool and weapon ... the oligarchs themselves arent very religious, any more than Trump is. Enough from me, give Chris below a listen/ video or read/ transcript, Thanx to The Real News Network ... he sums it up alot better than I can, and he is a world traveled presbyterian minister, journalist and professor, so you cant say he doesnt know a thing about these cults, foreign affairs and politics.

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