Friday, March 3, 2017

LORI HARFENIST/ THE RESIDENT: America's GLORY with LORI ... Quick Rants to GO & Kept on the LOW ... The "Politically Correct" Edition ... (AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM PT.6)

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This posting will serve as Part 6 of the "American Exceptionalism" series of this journal/ blog ... and to highlight Lori Harfenist, aka "The Resident". Lori already is in various postings throughout this journal as well, and I been listening to her rants for several years ... she alwayz makes it quick and to the point, and covers so many issues ... Lori alwayz has some great food for thought. I opened above with her self promotion of her 2016 book, and wishing her good sales of it. Lori is out of Brooklyn (NYC), and is married to vocalist/ drummer/ songwriter, Tomato. She been at this on YouTube for over a decade, and a producer, and back years before on NYC's public access tele, with many more of these clips on YouTube and RT America. Lori picks at everything, raising those questions and making points, that are unpopular to bring up, and brings what really should be brought out to the table, especially on those who we look up to and praise these dayz, that keep so much on the low from us themselves, Lori cuts through some of the political correctness. I love her little quick commentaries throughout the week ... and she makes me laugh all the time, and sure to put a smile on my face! I compiled a handful of clips below, to look at the other side of our glory ... after all, America is exceptional when it comes to some things, eh? Luv ya Lori!  {:-)

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Prison exec brags to bankers: US 'attracts crime' ... Thanx to RT America

Starbucks reputation plummets after refugee pledge ... Thanx to RT America

Guess what America- the "lists" already exist ... Thanx to RT America

The Resident: A pill for lazy Americans ... Thanx to RT America

Kids draw graffiti, media blames "racist" Trump supporters ... Thanx to RT America

SNL's Leslie Jones rips into Black Lives Matter's WHITE protesters ... Thanx to RT America

The Resident: How 47% of Congress Became Millionaires ... Thanx to RT America




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