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THE FLAMING LIPS (Cover Tributes): "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds/ feat. Miley Cyrus", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Space Oddity", "The Who Tribute" & "War Pigs"

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This posting will be to honour and showcase some of the work of "The Flaming Lips" (wikipedia), out of Norman, Oklahoma (OKC area). Although with all their albums (19, 14 studio albums) with so much, I wanted to focus this posting on cover tributes they remade of classics, from The Beatles, Queen, David Bowie, The Who, and Black Sabbath ... because of their trademark style they put on them ... really outstanding work too! TFL are well known, so not much need for intro, they are in a class of their own as far as genre, although well known for their psychedelic culture, so you can label them anything you like. TFL also been nominated 6 times for Grammys, receiving 3, as well as a BRIT Award. They're well known as a unique concert experience these days, with all their theatrical props, lasers, lighting, big screen vidz, etc ... and done experimental shows, just to try out new things, and Wayne Coyne is hands on behind the scenes in all of it, working with the crews setting it all up. Others that were widely known for a unique concert experience, would be "The Residents""Butthole Surfers", and "Pink Floyd". But, TFL sure came a long wayz since Wayne, his brother Mark, and Mike Ivins started this crew in Norman years back, and playing their first gig at OKC's "Blue Note Lounge", and deserve it, from their work. I got to see them in the old "Theatre Gallery" in Deep Ellum/ Dallas (where I seen Bad Brains and many others, and TFL's played there regularly, driving down to Dallas from OKC, which is a 3 hour drive), shortly after they started up in the mid 80's, a very intimate smaller setting ... I read, that Wayne was still working as a fry- cook at Long John Silver's at that time (and getting held up at gunpoint a couple times at work {:-), while doing gigs as well ... and those were some good ole dayz! Even back in the day in smaller type dive joints, they were unique, yet on a minimal budget, but their trademark began to show. Thanx for the great music to these guyz too! Below, the first is working with Miley Cyrus on a 2014 release, and some others. "Oczy Mlody", is their newest album just released, January 2017. I chose studio and live for this mix ... Enjoy!

Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Music Video ... Thanx to Uriel Shima

The Flaming Lips- Bohemian Rhapsody (Studio Cover) ... Thanx to ilooklikeppl

The Flaming Lips- Space Oddity (Official Music Video) ... Thanx to flaminglips


"The Womb" ... Flaming Lips art space/ Oklahoma City




Flaming Lips The Who Tribute ... Thanx to riospcdepot

The Flaming Lips & Cat Power- War Pigs (Live Black Sabbath Cover) ... Thanx to Sergio Mendes


"King's Mouth" ... art piece by Wayne Coyne

Image result for "King's Mouth" ... art piece by Wayne Coyne




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