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ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT 2017 (PT.1): The NEW WAVE of Jet Stream Waves & The Resource Recourse Race ... The "Commodities 2 Commode" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.47)

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This posting will be Part 47 of the "Global War'n'ing" series of this journal/ blog, with a recent report on a new problem we are facing with this "global warming", which has been sugar- coated to call it "climate change" today. Now though, the jet steam wave is out of whack, which been talked about for years, but this report is another scientific confirmation you can say, to give proof. This is one of the longest series I have in this journal, and probably for some, would be extremely boring, unless you keep up with this, I mean, it's not as popular as Trump tweets, Hollywood scandals, or pop celebrity pregnancies and love affairs, eh? ... it isnt the most viewed in the news or YouTube. Folks are also desensitized or even complacent today ... because how much this has become a "normal", catastrophic weather is just a way of life, eh? ... just as much as political corruption, austerity, monthly wars, privatization, neoliberalism etc, etc. But, I continue to do these postings on this, because I feel that it's one of the most critical issues we face as a species, if not now, to come, because believe me ... this is something that we dont have much control over and experience with ... so it will be a challenge. As far as the big multinational corporations or the top wealth investors caring much about this whether they believe or admit it is happening or not ... I dont think that they really care a bit, until it hits their pocketbook, and only then, they will find a way to make the populations pay for it, instead of themselves. And too many now, because of our progress in science and technologies, feel more invincible these dayz, eh? ... I mean, who cares about heat waves when we have air conditioners?, who cares about crops, when you can engineer and manufacture them?, who cares about oil/ chemical spill disasters or whatever, when you have new clean up methods, and insurance companies and tax revenues to pay for any screw- ups? ... I could go on and on. Most of the wealth dont even live in harms way, so it's no skin off their ass, just cutting into profits at most ... and NO ... I dont believe for a minute, that these energy tycoons dont believe that we are not causing this, at least amplifying it severely, these people are NOT dumb, they purposely ignore this for the money end is all. Some just dont want to think of it, or even feel they are responsible, until it hits them in some way, some feel depressed, so shut it out of their mind, etc ... I dont follow or write this to depress folks or feel depressed myself ... I feel there can never be enough AWARENESS of this in media and action to make improvements.

I been talking about the future of green renewable energies since the start of this journal, because I see this as a big business of the future ... yet others will tell you no, the big business and job creation is in clean (dirty) coal, natural gas, oil, etc ... so folks like myself are looked at as folks with impractical ideas, because of the expense, etc. The fact is, at first, I see green energies as maybe a little more expensive, but in the long haul, the price coming down and down gradually, like with any new product. I seen a news clip of President Trump the other day, talking about pushing through the latest pipelines for Canadian oil to go to the Texas coast for refining ... saying it will create thousands of permanent jobs, make America energy independent and the usual talk. Nonsense, it wont create thousands of jobs looking at it, or permanent jobs ... in fact, pipelines decrease jobs, saves billions on transport costs for one, and if anything, just boosts profits ONLY for your largest investors. Maybe a few hundred jobs at tops, and only temporarily at that. And much is shipped offshore anywayz, were still not going to be independent, producing energy for our needs without depending on imports, it's nonsense, look at how much USA imports (Forbes/ Energy), look at how the market worx, and look how fast thousands get laid off when the prices drop per barrel, and the market gets saturated. And believe me ... if thinking about green energies as big business sounds impractical or nutty ... you sure as Hell wouldnt have Wall Street giants like Goldman Sachs investing $150 billion into them (Fortune/ Tech), or major countries of the world going to renewables (CleanTechnica) ... so save that political bullshit talk for the campaign trail. As I pointed out in the start of this series, they just let everyone else do the legwork, then, and only then, when it gets to show it's worth, the big giants buy them out to semi- monopolize the industries ... governments and folks like Goldman Sachs, sure as Hell are not going to invest so much in something that is considered impractical, or not a money maker ... they invest for the return.

Below I included links and video, Dr.Michael Mann, who worked on the report, explains this jet stream problem in terms that is easier to understand for the average person in the first video with The Real News Network. Also towards the end of the video, Dr.Mann points out how critically bad President Trump's proposed cuts are to things like NASA, or EPA or whoever for "business", which is very importante to note, for those who DEPEND on science and related in the investments communities, just as much as cutting info to shareholders in the stock market, to use for investment assessments and strategies ... that is NOT very pro- business Mr.President, eh? I also added a newsread from Science Daily, which has the report linked in to the bottom also of their piece, but added the report myself below that on this posting. The report made me to have to read it slow and carefully, even having to look up certain words and terms, because I'm not that scientifically literate, so it was a little challenge for me to understand at first, but once you get into it, it becomes clearer and worth the read for sure. Below that, at the bottom of the posting, I added a couple short bonus videos, to show what is happening in Greenland ... as I pointed out years back in the start of this journal/ series ... how these large energy giants and mining corporations cant wait for the ice regions of the globe to melt, many want all the ice to melt in fact. Again, the reason is because they are ready to dig up and drill any damn resource they can get their hands on, that there is a big global demand for. We are in a race to get all we can, and countries like Greenland, and others around the globe are looking to improve their economy, to keep up with the rat race ... the whole reason the oligarchs drive austerity and to keep the struggle strong ... so you have to depend on them, their systems and wealth, as our saviours for their recourse. I'm sure Greenland's Minister of Finance, Maliina Abelsen, has good intentions, by letting in these folks to grab commodities ... but I'm not sure if she realizes what a slippery slope this new industrialization can lead to, how powerful it is ... and how you can turn a beautiful country quickly into a commode (toilet) if not careful.

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Study Links Extreme Weather Events to Climate Change ... Thanx to TheRealNews

***** SCIENCE DAILY: Extreme weather events linked to climate change impact on the jet stream ... (newsread)

***** NATURE.COM/ SCIENTIFIC REPORTS: Influence of Anthropogenic Climate Change on Planetary Wave Resonance and Extreme Weather Events ... (scientific report read)




Green Tech Future: Environmental Atlas of Europe ... Thanx to European Environment Agency

Greenland's business boom ... Thanx to The Telegraph


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Infidel753 said...

these people are NOT dumb, they purposely ignore this for the money end is all.

As we now know, Exxon has known since the 1970s about fossil fuels causing global warming. They suppressed the information.

As for the jobs, there are far more jobs in clean energy now.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for the ThinkProgress link too here Infidel ... I have been reading up on that also elsewhere too, having the link here is a positive. But then again, I felt myself that there is plenty of job creation in a massive new energy transition, in fact ... ENORMOUS in my view. Oh yeah ... Exxon been concerned for years/ decades, I remember reading up on that a few years back (great thing about the internet) ... they got made, which also goes to show you, that even BEFORE the 1970's research went in gear ... they ACTUALLY SUSPECTED that something may be wrong with their actions, even before those concluded scientific findings, they felt some guilt, because they KNEW what they were doing could have ill consequences.

Also I had to add a point in the posting of importance as far as business that Dr.Mann mentions in the last part of the TRNN video. And that is because of Trump's call for cuts to very importante agencies, like EPA, FDA, NASA or whoever ... much information from these agencies, are essential to investment strategies and assessments for such ... so President Trump's proposal for these cuts, can have a negative impact on business.