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TRUMP'S Bigger Than TEXAS Break On TAXES ... Tax LEAN Queens & WELFARE Kings ... The "GREAT American Tax Cut" Edition ... (HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA PT.14)

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**** CREDO ACTION: Tell Democratic leaders: Hold the line against Trump cuts ... (petition)

Reagan economic adviser Arthur Laffer breaks down Trump's tax plan ... Thanx to CBS News

This posting is Part 14 of the "How To Privatize America" series of this journal/ blog. It will focus on the new tax cut scam being peddled by the President and his crew ... a historic bigger than Texas tax cut at that. There is also alot of talk about getting this through to I guess give some show to the first 100 dayz of the Trump presidency ... maybe try to peddle some bipartisan bargaining chips bullshit with folks on the Hill to postpone any government shutdown this weekend, bipartisan tax reform crap or whatever. Believe me, the last thing I wanted to do is hear about Trump or do a posting on him, he's got too much free publicity and freebies as it is ... but this is some serious business. You dont need to be a tax accountant or economics expert to see what can most likely happen with this tax cut proposal ... even without it all finished and available for public review besides a couple flash pages ... this is not what it appears to be ... which is why I opened this posting above with Reagan economic adviser Dr. Arthur Laffer, and to be fair here to those who think this is great for America ... and a Credo petition above that. Even though Arthur is excited as Hell about this tax cut ... something aint right, because the stock markets (equity stocks and bonds) didnt hardly budge when Wall Street heard the news. I mean, you would figure with this "great news" to get a big positive reaction on Wall Street, eh?, or even with the republican party ... so you got to wonder what's up, eh?, maybe Wall Street and the republican party is in question too. For me, it's pretty clear what this tax cut plan is. I threw in some links and video below to get some opposition and skepticism views and opinions from the pros on this ... then below, I want to add some of my own.

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"A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites": Trump's Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich ... Thanx to Democracy Now!




Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

First of all, about this first 100 dayz talk show about what this administration has done, and I gave President Trump the benefit of doubt in fairness (and NO, unlike some, I dont think Trump is evil, or like Hitler, or that he hates women, homosexuals and people of colour, so please dont categorize me with that bunch). All I see that President Trump accomplished in the first hundred dayz besides executive orders and a Supreme Court pick, is proving that he is more full of shit and more flip- flopping than Hillary Clinton ... that's about it (but dont expect much from anyone in only 100 dayz either). He was already whining yesterday, that he thought this job would be easier, already in the first 100 dayz, that shows me he may buckle under pressure, which I expected before he took office ... why? ... because the contrast of being like under house arrest with this new position of his, and not having the mobility, privacy and freedom he had in the private sector, and if not in the first hundred dayz ... in due time. Bottom line, you cant handle the heat and pressure, you should have never took a job in the kitchen, eh? What in Hell did you expect this job to be like? ... dont whine so quick if you dont get your way ... it was your free will and choice to pursue and accept this position, you made your own bed ... now it's time you live with it, including any mental anxiety that may come with it later. Plus were shelling out millions as it is, so he can spend a quarter of his time on his Florida resort or whatever it's called ... each run costing us a few million dollars a pop, pay his NYC properties security, and for all the back and forth travel of his wife and kidz ... it's bloody ridiculous. Listening to Arthur Laffer above sounds great ... I mean, it's all uphill and happily ever after talk, but how likely given the history of these tax cuts, and knowing how the big money and markets flow today globally is this going to work as he sayz? These kings and queens of today already get tax breaks, loopholes and welfare subsidies out the ass as it is ... and every damn time they fuck up, they feel no repercussions. Do you realize that the underground drug cartel and organized crime world dont even get a "free ride"?, and are actually governed better, are more trustworthy to their word, and are held accountable for when they fuck up ... they actually pay with their lives and get iced/ end up dead and get flushed out when they pull shit like these folks do. This is just bad timing for this tax reform crap ... this should be on the bottom of priorities, unless it is real and fair reform. Now you see why I hope that little to nothing gets done in Washington over the next 4 years actually, because when they do get things done, it basically screws us out of something else ... in other words ... I'd rather get nothing done and take 6" inches up my ass the next 4 years, than taking 12" up my ass for the next 4 years.

No, I dont even have the slightest reason to be optimistic about this so called tax reform ... where is there evidence looking at the past of this accomplishing all these great things? Where is the incentive for multinational players, investors and corporations to bring back jobs to the U.S.? History has shown that whatever we give these folks is never enough ... their nature is to take, take, take, with no self control. I wouldnt even expect President Trump or his daughter Ivanka and their businesses, to all of the sudden have some sort of patriotic awakening, and bring the thousands of jobs they have abroad of cheap labour to the U.S. for that matter ... and that is the President of the U.S. that sells the "make America great again" talk ... so what in Hell would be the incentive for others of the private largest wealth to do so? Is there a history of this trickle down ever happening without any counter force to implement rules and standards? Can these markets even regulate themselves? ... history shows they do a lousy job at trying. No ... I think if we just give more and more, they are going to do what they alwayz do, and take more and more while shitting on us for being so stupid to begin with (which frankly, we deserve some of it). I'm all for giving tax breaks, negotiating and other incentives ... but what we have been giving and doing is beyond reasonable, it is totally out of balance and ridiculous ... and makes our country weaker if anything. With all the issues we have on our plate as it is, now is not even the time for this tax reform talk ... our economic problems are much deeper than having a goal to make folks too rich even richer. Plus, I only see this as another scam being pushed to make tax reform a big issue ... you have republicans wanting to get the corporate rate down to 20% ... the so called outsider President runs this 15% game, then the democrats are still stuck on the 30+% figures ... you got a republican House majority ... they force the dems to bargain and meet them halfway, they write a complex bipartisan deal up, with all kinds of extras tossed in, tell the people we met halfway, and no one got what they all wanted, and end up with a 20- 22% corporate rate, with existing loopholes taken out, with extras tagged on to the bottom of the bill when it passes to create a shitload of new loopholes ... this is nothing but like a street scam. I cant even picture republicans wanting to go along with this ... they are the ones alwayz whining about the deficit ... what in Hell do ya'll think this will do to the deficit? They say the average persons taxes will be simplified ... sure they will, and with all kinds of deductions eliminated too. Then the goddamn tax preparation lobby will bitch, because taxes will be so simple, which will cut the need for their over- priced services ... I do my own taxes on paper with a pen, and frankly dont give a shit if you simplify it.

President Trump alone has control over 500 companies himself that would benefit him big time from some of these tax cuts ... I frankly think that Trump wanting to be President, was mostly to set up his and his family future empire of wealth. What has he done in the past to create American jobs with all our country and taxes done for him? Most of these jobs we have to begin with in our country are from the smaller businesses, they are key to jobs. And of course they will get breaks, but with as tight as things are, why would they take what little gain they receive and just want to hire more people? More breaks equals more spending and more jobs equals more people paying taxes? ... there will not be enough to offset any deficit and debt increases ... I myself would bet on it. This will clearly lead to Americans having to pay for the wealthiest to just get wealthier, while we get a few bones tossed to us ... and get stuck with all kinds of economic issues and miseries in the long haul. Despite all the new private development/ construction you see going on all over American large cities ... our cities have budget problems coast to coast right now ... and are unable to even take care of our city and states needs. The tax burden on folks in states like California, Oregon, New York, etc ... that have state income taxes and tight budget issues would have an untimely and unfair burden and punishment put on them the way this tax reform is being presented ... and who pays for their needs, if they have to pay all their money and tax to the wealthiest people?, should they just hope and wait that it will pay off for them? When the private sector of wealth has all our money, who pays for our needs? ... you got it, we have to depend on them who we gave all our money to, and then we no longer have a voice or real representation, instead having only major share holders and CEO's dictating what we can have or need through their privatization. This is not only happening in America, every damn so called free market country on the globe is being squeezed into austerity measures by this same neoliberal shit, it's getting worse by the year for the bottom 90%, period. And you know that we're about to spend a fortune on new defense plans, and shelling out more, whether it's for action over Syria, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan or wherever. Saudi Arabia is already scaling back their austerity measures out of fear of civil disorder, and they been squeezed financially because of their intervention and bombing in Yemen too ... this is a country we are depending on for their oil and to keep selling arms deals to. Patricia at Polygon blog, gave me a link here about what we are also going to have to shell out for Israel to build their defense at our expense. We have much more serious challenges than thinking to take another multi trillion dollar gamble hoping that wealthy folks will save us after they get all our damn money.

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