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MARCH FOR SCIENCE 2017: Saving Science from the RAMMED SCAM of Control, Imprisonment and Privatization ... The "Blinded by Money, NOT Science" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.48)- (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.15)

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Why Was The March for Science Necessary? ... Thanx to Second Thought 

This posting will be for the "Global War'n'ing" and "Corporatcommunazica" series of this journal/ blog. I opened the posting above with a video from "Second Thought", because it's a clear explanation of the necessity of the march. But I wanted to have some of this "March for Science" recorded in this journal for reference, and because it really went off well with one Hell of a turnout worldwide (you can thank "Earth Day" for that too, as far as number turnouts) ... and it got heavy media atencion worldwide, social, mainstream, left and right media. It is difficult to try to find news on this without politics involved, since everything is centered around politics and money basically ... but this is an issue that is very importante as well, because it concerns everyone and everything on the planet, regardless of affiliation politically or otherwise. The turnout and awareness to this was just great, and so many people, professional to working class got involved. Much of the turnout on this has been in response to the current President and administration with its majority of right wing control in the congress on making cuts to spending on science, regulations, environmental safeguards and related ... but this is much deeper than just some cuts to science, and can have a slippery slope to it. But, if this is what it took to bring folks out and protest against it ... that's all that counts, cause the turnout and awareness was significant. What I see happening here is a little deeper than just politics or Trump (Tweety), which I will give my view of all this after some newsread links and video below. The last link from The Atlantic gives a summary of the proposed cuts, and link to President Trump's budget blueprint. We also have the government shutdown scare this weekend, which is used to alwayz peddle more shit too.

When Science Strikes Back: March for Science Draws Many Thousands Worldwide ... Thanx to TheRealNews

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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

First of all, I dont make excuses for these politicians and their Wall Street constituents that are popularly referred to as being scientifically illiterate, uneducated or stone age thinkers, etc ... I myself am far more scientifically illiterate, and have far more less formal education than any of them, and I'm about as old school as you can get ... just look at my photo, I look like I live in the 1970's! These people are educated in the best of the best institutions of education with degrees, and have the best access to information, they live in the most modern and highest standard of living environments with the best amenities, and dont eat crap food of fast food joints or the rest, or dont pour motor oil down their drains at home or office for reason ... they ALL know damn well what we are doing to the environment, so this talk about they "dont believe" that humans are doing any damage in our actions to the environment and Earth is more bullshit, they even bank on scientific data and research more than any of us when it comes to assessments for their personal investments and strategies. They know damn well what the Hell they're doing! ... they're NOT blinded by science, they're blinded by money ONLY. Modern civilization and everything we have to make our lives longer and better come from science ... agencies like the EPA are pro- business and essential for the consumer as well, it was pushed and signed by President Nixon, a conservative. Even if you only halfway follow politics, you knew this was coming as far as the priorities of budget cuts to be proposed and made by a republican majority ... I mean, they been talking about these cuts for years now in every goddamn session on the Hill and mainstream media, to campaigns. So it's expected to get a bunch more scams rammed through, since republicans waste no time once their foot is in the door, they dont fuck around, and utilize every opportunity to move quick. And I actually agree with republicans on the importance of spending cuts, it's just what I prioritize as far as spending and cuts is much different and more balanced and conservative. We are way out of balance in our spending, which I cover quite a bit in this journal, and we're way out of any balance, when it comes to our annual budget deficit figures ... to our multi- trillion dollar debt when you read up on it ... it's almost unbelievable ... how in Hell can this even happen when you rake in $3.5 to $4 trillion in tax and fee revenues annually? And now due to this neoliberalism/ corporate communism, we're even just going deeper and deeper and becoming even more dependent on the oligarchs ... which we all knew was coming too, just looking at this over the last decade even. Want to talk about spending cut needs ? ... our Pentagon/ defense spending and so called "nation building" is so far out of whack and overbloated it's become downright stupid.

The goal here with these cuts, is to try to run these departments tighter and cut back on waste, which is understandable ... but these cuts to things like NASA, EPA, health, technology, infrastructure, education, transportation and related is not all positive, because once you cut it, it's a little more difficult to raise spending when needed, and it will be needed, as simple as inflation makes a need for raising wages basically. And several social needs programmes are being entirely eliminated, which is not good ... I even view things like food stamps, as an economic stimulus, simple math shows you it creates jobs and revenues here in our communities. These cuts are not good for business or our domestic economic needs either, they are nothing more than corporate dictated to make a bunch more money and redirection of our spending, only for multinational investment groups as far as profits (which are at all time highs historically) ... not even much as far as job creation here in America can be done, except some on existing energy and finance ... but it's not enough compared as to what the transition to renewables would create, and needed public spending on strengthening our smaller domestic finance institutions and infrastructure needs here at home. As a matter of fact ... this is nonsense even about these pipeline expansions creating tens of thousands of jobs ... it decreases jobs if anything in labour and transportation of such especially. There is a bunch of room actually for cuts to some of the wild spending we do on corporate subsidies, And I'm not talking about taxing these corporations and investment affiliates to the point of bankruptcy either, they can cough up a little more and still do well, and they damn well know it, they are the ones that want every damn thing for free ... plus they have our protection and defensive support here and abroad also, so they are getting alot as it is. And I dont see any reason why we need tens of billions more for nuclear defense ... we already have more goddamn nukes than you can shake a stick at, and a very technologically efficient defense system as it is. Nor a need to build this damn bloody border wall, just so Trump can add his name to it ... and if you do cut the immigration from the border, their private prison/ detention centers will whine when they dont have enough illegals to fill beds and supply cheap labour to corporations. This nonsense that less illegals would create jobs? ... in what, jobs that dont pay squat and most folks dont want to do? Hell, cut some of those corporate sponsored legal immigrants in the tens of thousands that are coming from abroad, taking our high skilled and degree jobs for cheap wages from our own graduates! There is also other freebies that we need to tax, such as Wall Street speculation/ gambling ... the argument we alwayz hear, is that if we dont give these folks a 110% free ride and smother them in tax breaks and welfare, that they may run to another country with their money/ investments ... and frankly some of them, I would just tell "GO!", and we'll take what little we have left and do our own shit here without ya'll if you want to play that way.

All we see happening here, especially since the U.S Supreme Court opened the floodgates with Citizens United, is a bunch of multinational corporations and banks spreading more of their corporate communism cupcakes with neoliberalism sugar coated sprinkles on top. Dictating to a frail political representation that they weakened with such into cutting everything they can. The cuts by numbers may not seem that bad now, but this only leads to a slippery slope of wasting more of our money to please them and to grow bigger and pursue their multinational utopian goals transforming our economies globally to what they see fit only ... pumping fear into us, that if we dont do as they say, we will all fall into eternal poverty and be taken over by China or Russia or similar nonsense ... or threaten our politicians to not fund their re- elections or whatever. Our spending cuts need to start with them first. They dont really want to cut the EPA, NASA or other institutions of research, they depend on them ... what they would like to do though, is cut them to rock bottom means of survival to where we have to depend on the oligarchic controlled mega institutions they own to finance and buy them out, privatize and regulate the information, scientific and technological research and advancements to where they have first dibs and total control over them too. As far as expanding science and bringing facts of such to light ... it's more like imprisoning science to slave for them only at the top ... and denying science to take it's natural flow and pace of freedom to discover, evolve and advance. This is the same reason why they want to privatize every other thing they can, including education, and the reason why they want to have total control over every money transaction by every person, cashless societies, control over pensions/ social security, communications/ media, markets, health care, immigration, trade, etc. They at top really dont want to cut taxes as they say ... they still want everyone under them to pay, and use puppet governments as a flunky collection agency to bring them in, they just want all the money going to them instead of a peoples government and interests. Their ultimate goal, is to have all taxes and fees of any, redirected somehow through legislation to be all under their control and used for their investments, while they get a big return, and you are given peanuts return and penalized for everything they can nickel and dime from you. They only want safeguards and protections for themselves, not the consumers that make it all work. The whole mission is to cut out all governments and peoples voices or representation, and access to anything without their approval, there is NOTHING even free market about it, it's so twisted and one sided ... if they had their way, we wouldnt even have a damn constitution or court system for the people, because they would eventually take that over too. So this nonsense that this is all about freedom, love, spreading democracy, free market, etc, etc, is all bullshit as well. Fight and buck every damn thing they propose in every way you can.

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Infidel753 said...

It's true that ideally science shouldn't be politicized, but when one party has already politicized it, what choice do we have? The simple fact is that one political party, and not the other, is attacking science, and we have to recognize that reality when responding.

Ranch Chimp said...

I understand Infidel, you're right ... I myself have tried my damnedest to be fair and bipartisan as possible, but you can only do so much. Thanx for your straight input here.