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UNITED STATES NATIONAL HEALTH CARE ACT/ H.R.676/ 2017- 2018: Revisiting & The PUSH for Health Care Reform ... The "Enhanced Chance" Edition ... (HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PT.10)

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This posting will serve as Part 10 of the "Health Care Reform" series for this journal/ blog. It is to look at revisiting and taking another shot at health care reform, since this administration has failed with their nowhere rush plans to destroy ACA/ ObamaCare. This is a subject that I have talked to so many folks about over several years, and got so many opinions on this, from health care professionals, and a variety of Americans and some from other countries ... so I heard many views of this. I even had my daughter explain to me, how a couple friends of hers in England and Germany said those countries have a wait period for some medical needs, or to see "specialists", even familia of mine in Canada, have told me that some things are a wait, unlike here in America. Understand also, that these corporations are doing everything they can to destroy and dissolve national healthcare in those countries too ... again, neoliberalism. A doctor of mine told me that it would be difficult to do here in America, as far as national health care, because of the population ... also telling me, that many specialty doctors may decide to go to law school over medical school, if they cant make a decent living, etc. I have had folks tell me, that the insurance industry and many medical services providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies would be squeezed out of business, etc. So I have heard so much first hand from many folks, and I really appreciate their insight and opinions ... really. I understand it's NOT easy ... but change isnt easy for anyone, especially when business is so good for some ... but we have to try to figure out some way to make some balance, in a system ... that is great, yes, as far as how were taken care of ... but badly in need of reform, as far as costs and much else, which I wrote plenty about in this series already. My point here, is not to throw in the towel and give up, when we all know there is room alwayz for improvement. And there has to be a way that we can cover everyone in this country for the most needs, without tearing down all the insurance companies and related companies ... I never buy into folks talk, about nothing can be done ... I dont buy it, and know damn well if you try, you can do things.

I'm NOT complaining at all about the medical service and quality I or friends and familia have received that have decent insurance in this country ... it is really good. But like everything else, as we are alwayz told ... there has to be adjustments made to the financial/ costs end, and tighten the ship. I mean, were alwayz told about spending cuts needed and tightening our entitlements, public amenities, etc, etc ... we have to tighten ... means ya'll have to tighten too ... it's not a damn one way street. I'm not blaming this solely on one entity as many do, such as insurance companies ... I understand, because of how all these businesses are milking everyone, that even insurance companies get the shaft and ripped off too, therefore having to push up premiums ... and everyone providing services, is milking everything they can, from milking medicaid/ medicare to insurance companies and each other ... it's like an unregulated wild- wild west type of cost/ spending structure ... so DONT tell me that nothing can be done. These mega giant companies also, from big pharma to insurance ... need to get in shape and balanced too, and if they cant do it on their own ... someone needs to crack the whip and get this shit in line. Now I dont expect the majority of folks in the House of Representatives and Senate to suddenly awaken and jump all over this ... because they have their corporate lobbyists and sponsors to kiss up to ... but I expect for millions of people to start to wake up and pressure these folks, to get off their asses and do something. That is what this is about ... signing petitions, calling your representatives, etc ... apply the heat, eh? With all the experts and all the money and resources that we have ... you cant tell me that we cant come up with an improved type system, where everyone will at least have access to health care ... unlike now as well, where non- insured people have to cram our county hospital emergency rooms for basic needs, or putting more of it on community faith based organizations ... we need something that is nation- wide and supported by our government, and supported by our tax dollars. America needs this more than building a damn border wall, or building a larger nuclear arsenal of weapons ... it is already supported by a majority of Americans, and there is plenty of wayz to pay for it, and plenty of support from Americans for that end as well. Some links above, the Healthcare- Now link above, puts a straight plan on what to do to shape this, then some video below.

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Infidel753 said...

Medicare-for-all would undoubtedly work better than anything else we've tried. Too bad it doesn't have a chance in hell of getting enacted, until Democrats have control of both Houses and the Presidency. Even then, Obama had that when he passed the ACA and he couldn't even get a public option -- too many conservative Democrats. Those insurance companies have a lot of cash for lobbying.

even familia of mine in Canada, have told me that some things are a wait, unlike here in America.

Last year I was given a referral to a rheumatologist, and it turned out there was a three-month wait for even an initial appointment. And I had good insurance. It probably depends on what kind of specialist you need. And that's to say nothing of the people who don't have insurance. There are good reasons why no country that has a national health system is even considering switching over to anything like the mess we have here.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Infidel ... of course there is need for specialists, and understand some wait, you're right too, even here you can have waits, for the most part though as far as care, it can work alot better. You're right, this system is a damn mess over here ... and I notice even in UK right now, people are bitching up a storm, because these same corporations that control our healthcare, are doing everything they can over there, to tear theirs down and privatize it ... just like every other government/ public system, from healthcare to the post offices, freewayz/ roads ... you name it ... they are on a roll all over our so called "free democracies" to privatize it all. Thanx for your input on this here Infidel.