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Sheikh Donald bin Trump: Making Saudi Arabia GREAT AGAIN, while Making MEXICO PAY For It ... with PAID Vacations & Business SUBSIDIZING by U.S. Taxpayers ... The "Drain the SWAMP" Editon ... (HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA PT.15)- (POLITICAL CORRUPTION & ETHICS PT.12)

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"O Allah, Trump is one of your servants, you control him and his fate. Command him - willingly or not - to serve the best interests of Muslims and eliminate oppression done to them. Spare us from his evil deeds and guide him on the right path," - - Saad bin Ghoniem

TRUMP: No politician in history 'has been treated worse or more unfairly' than me ... Thanx to Business Insider

This posting will serve the "How to Privatize America" & "Political Corruption & Ethics" series of this journal/ blog. This is some news that has not really been showcased as much as it should is why I wanted to do this posting ... it is much more importante than wondering who is spying on or hacking who, and related silly chat over Russia. This has been lower profile side news of sort that quickly became sidelined on the bench ... I mean, the biggest news over this last week or 2 has mostly been about this Comey and Trump investigations, allegations of dealing with Russia on the sly, etc ... all basically worthless, unless you can set grounds for an actual impeachment process ... if not though, just another distraction that will amount to nothing of any worth to Americans. I opened above with a video of President Trump the other day in a commencement speech to the 2017 graduating class of the US Coast Guard Academy. He made a good point as far as standing strong against opposition of course, but he also done this to publicize and play the "victim card" as well ... so his point about standing strong though is importante, which inspires me to stand against what he is doing to our country in this posting, and frankly I look at Trump as not much more than a unethical and corrupt spoiled brat, who has cheated business folks and taxpayers in the millions over the years. We are also spending way too much on him privately as if he were a damn sheikh and his familia was royal ... and this is "familia", because his son- in- law Jared is key in this and will make a nice bundle off this, these closed door dealings are not transparent to the public.

And YES, I have been more than fair with Trump and gave him the benefit of doubt as well in previous postings ... so please dont categorize me and my opinions as coming from this politipop culture left wing only perspective, I'm an independent who is both liberal and conservative. As far as his comment about himself as a politician being treated worse and unfairly than any others in history ... I have to disagree, I mean, how short sighted does he think we are? Just in my lifetime (which goes from President's Eisenhower to the present), the most unfairly and worse treated President has to be President Obama. President Obama, despite his unique bipartisan qualities and having to deal with the mess the Bush/ Cheney administration left, was shit all over on relentlessly through his Presidency and called names far more worse than Trump has ever been called ... just imagine if Obama was to pull this shit like Trump did with the Saudis as you will read below, and muslim clerics calling Obama a "servant of Allah" what kind of criticism Obama would have received on top of all he already got. But before I go on to my rants any further ... I linked some importante newsread/ video below as far as paying for Trump's vacations and these P3's (public private partnerships) he's pushing ... Thanx to Congressman Ted Lieu of California also for pushing this pay to play vacation SWAMP (Stop the Waste And Misuse by the President) bill. This posting is also an extension of my previous Trumphrastructure posting ... also a link below, how Texas/ Austin is rejecting Trump's infrastructure vision already, which I'm glad of. After, I will add my part below.

***** CNBC: Saudis reportedly plan to invest $40 billion in US infrastructure ... (newsread/ video)

***** BLOOMBERG: Trump's Public- Private Infrastructure Vision Rejected in Texas ... (newsread/ video)

***** THE HILL: Dem unveils bill to make Trump refund travel costs ... (newread)

***** MIDDLE EAST MONITOR: Saudi cleric: Trump a servant of Allah ... (newsread)


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Thomas Hudson Pickering (Ranch Chimp) & wife Rosalie

For those conservative Americans that supported Trump 110% with good hopes, that stand for liberty, rights, sovereignty of your states and country, rebuilding America with fair trade and business, etc ... so far you been supporting the wrong man, plain and simple ... just in this short time President Trump been in office, he has been the epitome of neoliberal globalization and poster child for corporate communism. When I read what was going on above in the news, as an American and Texan ... I was downright disgusted. And it is so deep it's almost unimaginable all this coming so quick from a President who recently in his campaign focused so much on making America great again, how countries have been shafting us, opposition to radical Islamic terrorism and Sharia Law, cutting spending and free rides for Wall Street, draining the swamp in Washington, being an outsider, etc. What President Trump is doing in this, is expanding the powers of Wall Street, and especially of countries like Saudi Arabia (Empire Files), who been wanting to invest in America much more with a passion, and they already have too much vested interests as it is in our businesses, spending and politics. The Saudis are simply looking to triple and quadruple their gains/ return investments quick for their own sovereign wealth fund and making infrastructure and development in techs, communications and everything else in their country, using our government, taxes and many American based corporations and finance to do it, and the investment is considered "low risk". Trump's crew expecting Saudis will invest $40 billion here of their money into "our" public infrastructure? ... you have to wonder why? I would bet somehow through backdoor legislation in tax laws, that we the American taxpayers will indirectly pay for it all ... while the Saudis profit enormously off whatever they invested in here, all at our expense one way or another.

All we do these dayz, is let oligarchs drain our finances/ revenues to where we have to depend on them to do what we should have been doing ourselves with our tax revenues and businesses. I mean, you should tell us that Mexico will pay for it, because that is how stupid the President and many in Washington thinx Americans are. On top of it, I dont like giving so much power over our country, business and legislation to Saudi Arabia, plus they have a horrible record on human rights or any kind of rights of people alone that are not in their "royal family" circles. They ARE NOT a democracy, and if they havent changed in the 80 year or so span that we been dealing with them and feeding their regional conflicts, how likely is it they'll change much any time soon, eh? But this is all twisted in to the neoliberal globalization shit ... I mean even recently, they just put Saudi Arabia on the UN Women's Rights Commission as a member (Fortune) ... imagine that!, this shows how deep this agenda is ... Saudi Arabia is a cornerstone of Sharia Law, and a top oppressor of even women's rights worldwide. It's one thing to sell arms to them, but to let them have more control financially and politically in America is insane, because these conflicts, interventions and back room deals we involve ourselves in over the decades alwayz have a good first appearance, then a sour outcome, and we end up getting the shaft more ... I have seen this time and again where friends become foes and vice versa just in my lifetime with various bad pacts we made and paid too much in support. The trillions that we spent alone and continue to on intervention projects in this region of the world could have taken care all of our own infrastructure issues or other domestic needs.

For the millions of muslims that think that President Trump may be being guided through prayer to help them or whatever, and thinking that this will miraculously make muslim countries better off for them ... you are pissing in the wind, this will also intensify even more oppression of various muslims around the world in time economically except for the chosen few at the top such as those within the Saudis empire. Anyone that gets out of line will be attacked and forced into more regime changes and austerity, such as what is happening in Syria, Iraq, or the extensive bombing and oppression in places like Yemen, Palestinian territory, the possibility of teaming with Saudis to force regime change in Iran ... or wherever else they decide. Another objective in this, is to form an alliance of global finance that breaks big power countries that have more sovereignty and control over their governments ... meaning they want to force China and Russia for example, to play their way or face a reduction in economic leverage and trade down the road ... China and Russia knows this too. The whole point to get rid of any government, socialism or communism for instance, was to replace it with corporate/ banking communism. Saudis for example are trying to buy into everything, not just here in America where they are already into everything from transportation to communications and politics, but around the world as well to widen their power/ reach and sovereign wealth fund. The Saudis know that just being dependent on their oil is going to hurt in dayz to come without more diverse international investments, plus this move really boosts growth in infrastructure, development and industries in their country. They fear that strong civil disobedience will come in their own country soon, and they been feeling their own spending pinch, and hearing the dissatisfaction of their own to where they needed to scale back their austerity (Bloomberg). America/ West made Saudis the power and wealth they are with our petro/ oil tech intervention and business over the decades, and frankly without our defense, they would be scared shitless because of their location in the world and their neighbouring countries.

As far as our own infrastructure problems in America ... this is why we been milked for years ... to force us to depend on privatization for everything we need now and shut down any of our taxes and spending of being governed and managed by our people. These so called private public partnership deals have been shady, and I'm glad to see Texas challenge this as far as this $30 billion of private funding for these 18 road projects, and to examine and challenge carefully this estimated $270 billion in transportation infrastructure costs that are being planned for Texas through 2035. People here in Texas are being very outspoken about all these toll projects, and are going to avoid them too in mass numbers. We can build highway infrastructure ourselves with our taxes, put a state toll, when the tolls pay it off it becomes public ... we done it time and again. Things like this "asset recycling" crap of leasing our state and federal assets in return for money that can be spent on other projects that lack funding needs to be carefully dissected and examined too. What would they want to lease and why, terms, etc? ... I have many questions on that one ... I dont want to lease federal land for fracking as example. I'm pro- business myself, and am all for private investment, such as Texas High Speed Rail, air transportation, freight transport, commercial/ residential development, etc, there is plenty of options for private investment ... but I'm not for making every damn highway/ freeway in America tollwayz though, or taking over all our public schools, public/ national parks, libraries, social services, police and fire for example. What we been seeing is a takeover of all our infrastructure and business, while the public which are supposed to be partners in this so called "P3" gig are shut out entirely, and the road were on, it's just a matter of time before we own less and less of everything from our public services, schools, to our homes and businesses, we will have no voice in our contracts, only being dictated to by CEO's, and only be able to frankly just boycott everything in time in solidarity to get any hold on it.

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Patricia said...

Spot on about Kushner, Ranch. This is a great post. I thought the whole Saudi trip was bizarre, but you know, it's a "sales event." Kushner is also supposed to be behind some pending deals with China. I think you know what's going on with the First Daughter and The First Son-In-Law. Here in Jersey, the same privatization scheme is going on with selling our toll roads and of coarse, jacking up the tolls so everyone just takes the long way around. If they aren't outright leaving a state with some of the highest taxes in the country.
On a lighter note, lovely pic of you and the Missus. have a nice Sunday!

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Patricia! ... I think that was one of the reasons to be president for Trump, besides having the title of "president" added to his list, was basically to build wealth for the familia, so yes, daughter, son in law, and others ... but I dont think that it has anything to do with wanting to serve America or the people at all. I rarely use the tolls here in DFW and avoid them for the most part ... Hell ... even the tollwayz have backups. No doubt we have already entered a neoliberal transition ... however, that doesnt mean that we have to give up all liberties and everything else that we value ... so it's just a monetary thing ... so the privatization is on steroids right now, but it's not just the states/ US, it's global, that's why basically you even have the same type political leaders being showcased and marketed in all western society. Thanx for the compliment on the photo ... someone wanted to take a photo with their phone, and I asked them to send me a copy. Thanx for your input here Patricia, have a good one.