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ANIMALS AS LEADERS: "Cognitive Contortions", "Wave of Babies | Tosin Abasi", "Physical Education", "Ectogenesis" ... & Interview

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(left to right) Tosin Abasi, Matt Garstka and Javier Reyes

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Animals As Leaders Talk New Album + Much More! ... Thanx to The Circle Pit

This selection and entry into the music/ arts honour roll society of this journal/ blog is to honour and showcase some of the work of "Animals as Leaders" (wikipedia) out of Washington, DC ... an opening interview above with Tosin and Javier from 2013. This posting of music fits well in mood with another unusually rainy day here in Dallas, which has been very frequent and almost daily all summer ... usually it's simply sunny, dry and hot in summer months here. This is an instrumental crew without any vocals that covers quite a variation of genre and sound ... they are mellow and melodic, as well as heavy and intense ... combining simple and complex rhythms and composition. The emotion of this instrumentation pours out a voice of its own without vocals. The concept started with Tosin back around 2007 after Tosin's former band Reflux disbanded (and Tosin is among my favourites on guitar work) ... with a few ideas, demos, and a buddy Misha Mansoor. Matt Garstka came in on drums in 2012 after Navene Koperweis left ... and Matt is outstanding on drums, I been viewing some of his lessons here on YouTube. Tosin hooked up with a guitar/ bass favourite of his, Javier Reyes ... and there you have it. When you bring together 3 individuals with the music genius and talent like these ... well ... you usually end up with a great product, to put it simple. Tosin and Javier also have signature 8- string guitars designed to specification ... the ESP-LTD JR- 608 of Javier, and the Ibanez TAM100 of Tosin. AAL have 4 full albums, they have gained quite a fan base and touring worldwide, which is understandable listening to them. Tosin and Javier are also members of another crew called T.R.A.M. (Facebook) ... which includes former Mars Volta member Adrian Terrazas- Gonzalez. I'm wishing them all the best of yet to come in their endeavors ... and Thanx for all the great stuff. I selected some video, studio and live work to showcase below ... Enjoy!

ANIMALS AS LEADERS- Cognitive Contortions (Music Video) ... Thanx to SumerianRecords

Animal as Leaders, Tosin Abasi plays "Wave of Babies" on EMGtv ... Thanx to EMGtv





Animals As Leaders- Physical Education (live Kiev 3 october 2016) ... Thanx to punk2441

Animals as Leaders- Ectogenesis [Live- 12/ 11/ 16 - Gas Monkey- Dallas, TX] ... Thanx to xSteamPunk





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