Thursday, September 7, 2017

TOSCHA FAY SPONSLER: Texas Woman on ESCAPING Police Custody & STEALING Their Car 101 ... "90 MPH Girl ... I Can See You Had Your FUN!!" {:-) ... (LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side PT.9)- (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE? PT.11)

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Texas Woman Steals Police Car Then Crashes It During Chase ... Thanx to PoliceActivity

This posting will be for both "LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side" and "Defensive Driving Course?" series of this journal/ blog. This happened in Lufkin Texas, the video above is a sort of instructional video I figured, to highlight as a lesson for those evading police as well as the police themselves, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) Lufkin is kind of a sleepy town besides the annual Zombie Walk and a few local festivities, a town of about 35,000 down in the woods of Deep East Texas. Toscha Fay! ... what can I say? ... some look at what Toscha did as dumb ... but I have to grade her with an "A" for effort, and you have balls ... and even declined medical care after your crash, you pulled through good! Cops pulled a "PIT" maneuver (pursuit intervention technique) on her after about a 23 mile chase of multiple agencies at speeds of up to 100 mph, causing her to lose control and crash. She gave you boyz a run for your money, eh? ... good to see you boyz get a little action. {:-) Toscha took her shot because she has other cases and knew she was going down anywayz, may as well go for the gusto, in other words, eh? ... I mean, she got out of her cuffs, the unit cage wasnt in place, so why not take the vehicle and book? Although, it would have been better just to take the petty theft case and go down (jail), then they would bundle/ consolidate your pending cases of whatever with it, and make a flat deal/ bargain ... now you have more serious charges and case. In the old dayz it was easier to make a getaway, and even jumping bond after ... you could move a half a dozen state lines, cross into Canada or Mexico ... stay on the low/ incognito for the 7 year or so statute of limitations, and you're good to go ... today, different ballgame. I like your style Toscha, reminds me of the old dayz in a way, you're a class act girl! {:-) The Ulta Beauty store called the cops because of shoplifting on Toscha, and credit to her for keeping up with her beauty cosmetics needs.

But Toscha has a handful of felonies now on her, including evading, escape, car theft, using the car as a weapon, and assault on an officer ... when cops were going through her bags to get stolen goods, they also found a little methamphetamine, so that's another felony. Police say they seen her trying to grab the shotgun in the unit while driving, that is mechanically locked in place ... that wont hold in court though, basically supposition. Surprising to me, her total bond is only $18,000 ... which means you need at least $2000 cash to get bonded, and the bail joint will also want property collateral, since they will flag you as a flight risk. Toscha also has quite a lengthy prior record from what I seen ... let me just say, she's been a busy young lady, and leave it there. Here's the bottom line (of course taking priors in consideration) as far as the legal end ... you're gonna have to do some time on this girl. And it's the best way to go, they're going to shoot at minimal for 4 to 20 opening (and you dont want a jury trial on a case like this in f'n Angelina County, trust me), plus the prosecution is going to push the "habitual" card due to priors. Take a plea between 2 to 10 is okay, in 2 or 3 bids ... decline and negotiate, work the clock in other words, try to get it where you can do a couple years and walk, you can on 5 to 10, that's your best shot. You dont want even a lengthy probation ... because frankly, it may be difficult to do it on paper (probation) and reporting, UA's, etc ... without catching another case/ violation. Other than that ... I wish Toscha the best on her cases, and hope she gets her shit together after all is done. The official newsread below from Lufkin Daily News, and a closing song/ video dedicated to Toscha below.

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***** LUFKIN DAILY NEWS: Lufkin police release video of pursuit involving stolen patrol vehicle ... (newsread)


I wanted to dedicate this song to Toscha. "Crosstown Traffic" is a 1968 classic originally by Jimi Hendrix with fitting lyrics that also inspired part of the postings title. It's covered below by Hayley Richman  ... an impressive upcoming vocalist/ songwriter out of Montreal, Quebec. This will also be added to the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY".

Crosstown Traffic- Jimi Hendrix Cover ... Thanx to Hayley Richman


***** PD/ RCJ: "LADIES a Lil on the HOT & SPICY side" ... PART'S 8 THRU 1



Lufkin, Texas ... Zombie Walk



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Infidel753 said...

That's a dramatic video -- and it looks to me like the cops may be partly at fault due to incompetence. Surely handcuffs aren't supposed to be that easy to escape. And there was no barrier stopping a prisoner from getting access to the front (seems dangerous since even a handcuffed prisoner might try to attack the driver while the car is moving). And there were several cops there but apparently nobody was watching her. And nobody even took the keys out of the car? Yeesh.

Any particular reason why you wouldn't want a jury trial in a case like this? Does the county have a lot of car-chase fans?

Maybe the next zombie walk can have walkers with simulated car-crash injuries as tribute.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes, definitely Infidel, and good you noticed that ... that is why I called it a "lesson" video for cops too. Put it this way, they fucked up big- time, yep, the keys too ... distracted getting so excited on what they will find in her bags to greedily get more points/ charges, the search part bit them in the ass, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) If you noticed, one cop DID look into the vehicle, but she was sharp and stood still, even though her cuffs were off, she could see him through the side of her eyes, she knew when to make her move. The cage has a panel to lock in place, but the officer didnt use it. This is a sleepy type community compared to the city ... basic shoplifting cases/ petty thefts, minor drug possession, DUI's, warrant stops, etc ... they never have any problems, folks take their bust and would never pull a stunt like that, cops know that, it's a more friendly laid back setting than the city.

As far as the jury deal ... no way "in her case", I would want a jury trial (despite how people do like car chases and their vehicles). Too small and straight laced type town, they're going to have a "majority" pool (at least 70%) of jurors that are upstanding American and Texas flag on pick up bumper types, church goers, etc. The prosecution will paint her past and pending cases, and intertwine a lengthy history, many of the jury folks will look at this gal as "trailer trash", disrespectful to law and order, a druggie, moral turpitude, etc ... even if they didnt initially think that way coming in to the jury. By the time the prosecution makes their closing arguments, there will be less room for sympathy. I would (again, in her particular case) want to negotiate without a jury a plea or no contest bargain, turn down the first couple offers and work the clock and bargaining down. As a defendant, my defense wouldnt have much to play a hand with in a trial, and the length of the trial would work against me, because of the compelling audio/ video evidence, and it makes my case open and shut to a jury assessing it all. Courts are busy, time is money, trials cost the state/ county, cases backlog ... prosecution wants a conviction the easiest possible way, and the court wants to move things through as quickly as possible ... you dont have a murder or complex case ... you give something for something in return, and everyone is happy. The state gets their conviction and you get a reduction in punishment, if that makes sense? (hard to put in in few words) ... to paint a picture.

Thanx for you voice on this ....