Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DALLAS Anti- Discrimination Ordinance for TRANSGENDERS: The SEPARATION of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity ... The "BLIND BATHROOM WANKER" Edition" ... (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT.29) & (HUMAN MORALITY PT.18)

Dallas City Hall

First of all, Thank You to our Veterans on this "Veterans Day". This posting will serve 2 series of this journal ... "Sexploitation Nation" as well as "Human Morality", and is a local posting directed to my fellow Texans and Dallasites. It will take a look at the recent news this morning locally here in Dallas concerning yesterdays extended protections against discrimination on our citizens based on gender identity, and all others here in Dallas, on housing, medical needs, public places or whatever else ... and Thanx to the City of Dallas Council for this ordinance to protect our citizens rights. Part of the title in the posting "Blind Bathroom Wanker" was inspired by the myth that folks who masturbate will go blind, and the idea out of the same bunch that protecting peoples rights will make transgender people go into women's bathrooms to wank/ masturbate or molest women. Of course the bitch fights broke out just minutes after the ordinance passed between Dallas City Council members being attacked by State of Texas Republicans as usual. But first some newsread and video below, and I will add my part after with some opinion of my own.


***** NOTE: Although others in Texas were quick to make petty bitch- fights using social media tweets or whatever after this decision, NOT ONE person showed up at this meeting/ session in opposition to this amendment, even though it has been in the worx for nearly a year, it was unanimously agreed upon by City Council members and Mayor Rawlings, with support from the audience/ Dallas citizens that attended. So, the question is ... what the Hell business is it of others in other counties hundreds of miles from Dallas? This is our OWN local issue and decision, is it not? ... is that NOT a value in our state, for counties/ cities to decide what they want and what is best for OUR/ their communities/ cities? It's bad enough having someone bitch about what we do in our city, yet are so bloody damn lazy to not even attend the session or hear anyone out, but instead get behind a computer screen or their iPhone and tell us what is right for us. The open hypocrisy of some of these folks is shocking, below State Senator Don Huffines sayz that the voters make themselves clear, and of course he supports the Houston vote. On the other hand, where was Sen.Huffines when the Denton voters (suburban Dallas) voted that they do NOT WANT fracking on their land? ... as you can see here, Denton voters voted against fracking on their land, while Governor Abbott and others rejected their vote, and said that their VOTE DONT COUNT, because oil/ mining companies mean more than the peoples vote/ voice. So what you have is ... the peoples vote ONLY counts when it is what they want.


Dallas amends anti- discrimination law to define gender identity ... Thanx to FOX 4 NEWS- DALLAS- FORT WORTH

***** DALLAS NEWS: Mayor to Dan Patrick: Dallas' LGBT protections are not about where people relieve themselves ... (newsread)





Houston November 2015 photo


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (Pickering)

Of course recently in Houston during this off year election/ voting deal, they banned expanding rights to LGBT folks, and pushed it with propaganda about men dressing up as chicks or whatever to go peeping in women's restrooms or transgender people going into the women's bathroom to I guess molest or sexually prey on the female gender. If Houston's voters actually came out to vote such as in a popular election year ... you can bet this would have never went over in Houston ... the GOP fundamoralist's pull this crap and rig these things the way they do, because that is the only way they can get their small petty issues passed, is with low voter turn- outs. Folks up here in Dallas act a little quicker on some things, and our City Council could see what was coming after the stunt they pulled in Houston a week or so ago. I read that Houston never had an anti- discrimination ordinance for LGBT, in Dallas, they had since 2002 ... what this updated language to the ordinance passed yesterday does, is makes it more solid as far as discriminating against especially transgender, and every other citizen of this city regardless of gender identity. Let's be clear though ... there is and should be a separation between "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" ... and THAT IS what this is about regardless of any of the rants against it.

It is disgraceful and an insult to the citizens of Texas and any city in our great state to discriminate against folks just because of how they were born, or even any handicaps that a person may have. And the nerve of these folks to cloak these things and make issues out of it, by using these politically manufactured religious cult type standards of morals to project their hatred, although they claim that this is solely about protecting women only, and not based on religion or politics, but it's all connected to a cult mentality here. Some even go as far as saying that the messianic Christ figure Jesus would be as hateful as them and discriminate and persecute fellow people/ citizens, to even go as far as making it a criminal offense to simply need to use a bathroom, it's disgraceful ... which should be looked at as an insult to the teachings of Jesus by anyone who follows the teachings of Jesus. You would think that they have a conscious or some shame in what they do, but they dont seem to ... in the past they have used similar methods to discriminate and persecute people of colour and immigrants, and even go as far as justifying hurting and killing people for no reason other than their race or gender. The reason we have to pass these ordinances to protect our citizens rights, is not to try to discriminate against another ones beliefs or values, and not just about the use of a public bathroom ... but to simply protect all our citizens, otherwise they would be attacked and persecuted more than they already are ... plain and simple, so it's not to try to turn people gay, or allow to let men molest kids or women.

Recently I was getting gas at the Shell/ 7- 11 station here in the neighbourhood at LBJ Freeway and Webb Chapel Rd, I had to use the bathroom ... there was 2 other guyz waiting to use the men's bathroom which was occupied, I got in line and asked the guyz in front of me, if the bathroom next to it was occupied? ... the guy looks at me and says ... "it's a women's restroom" ... I asked him ... "is anyone in it?" ... both said they didnt know ... they just stood there waiting, I told them ... "I dont give a shit, I need to piss man", they just laughed, I knocked on the door, there was no answer and I went in. Is what I done wrong? ... is it immoral? ... is it illegal? ... should I have went outside the building to the side or back and took a piss?, that would be illegal and enough to get a citation if a cop was nearby and seen me, for "urinating in public". Being the sanitation conscious guy that I am, I even lifted the toilet seat before taking a piss, and would wipe with a disinfectant cloth, if I got any piss on the edge of the bowl for that matter. The bathroom's both have a toilet, the only difference is the women's restroom has only a toilet and no urinal on the wall. Should I be penalized for what I did? ...  by some of these folks moral standards ... I should be.

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Infidel753 said...

That's about the size of it -- low turnout. Almost all the results of this month's election were crap because of that. Even if the wingnuts manage to get a referendum to overturn the Dallas ordinance like they did the Houston one, it's more likely to survive because the next election will be in a high-turnout Presidential year.

Maybe the trans people should claim they want to go into the bathroom to do some fracking instead of wanking? They'd be home free.

That's the most unusual city hall building I've ever seen. It must be a bit unnerving to work near a window at that kind of angle where you can see straight down out of it, especially on the higher levels.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Infidel, the City Hall is a unique view from inside looking down, I been in there several times and attended City Council sessions too. It has a great view as well looking north of the downtown Dallas skyline from it's huge wall windows (it's on the far south end of downtown), across the street from it is the Central Library which I also visit weekly. Back in the 1980's they made a film called "Robocop" ... City Hall and downtown Dallas was portrayed in the movie as the future Detroit.

On the LGBT rights issues ... I have actually had feedback from 4 women in particular (Jennifer, Mary Ann, Suzy and DeeAnne) that I recall in past, that have viewed my blog and told me in person that they disagree with my stand on gay/ lesbian marriage, and look at it as between a man and a woman, a couple even thought that I was a little too loose on sexuality issues, I'm sure they dont read much on this blog after, these women are NOT fundamoralists either, they just look at marriage as a guy and gal I guess. I had a couple guyz I know locally who viewed this blog and asked me what was up with all the stuff about gayz. You know, for me Infidel ... it's strictly a matter of rights is all, my wife and I for instance been together now for 33 years, from the time we met and dated, my wife and I was very supportive of same sex relationships and marriage, familia, etc, before it was even talked about much. Since we were younger, we had friends that are gay/ lesbian couples, we attended gay venues/ bars with them, went to familia and social functions, they attended our familia functions, etc ... and my wife is Catholic.

I also had a couple folks who thought I was a tad harsh on folks of faith in my blog ... I try to be tolerant as possible though in here regardless of what faith they have ... being a few folks told me, they think that I just generalize and place all Christians under the umbrella of "fundamoralists" (fundamentalists) ... I realize that them though and many people of faith are NOT fundi's I explain to them ... but we DO HAVE a serious problem with separation of church and state politically, especially in Texas ... so I just try to point this out, I certainly am NOT against folks for their faiths, and really dont give a shit one way or the other what folks believe or choose to ... I believe it needs to stay the Hell out of politics simply, too much institutionalized religion is damaging to any society, history clearly shows that ... I also tell them to read their Bible (which I'm sure they never even pick up for that matter)... to see just how the Jesus figure was a type of adversary of institutionalized religions back in his time.

Thanx for your input Infidel ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Infidel, I also remember the posting you done on your blog a couple weeks or so back explaining this low voter turn- out deal and how it worx, which was a informative piece, and makes sense how these folks operate.