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HURRICANE HARVEY | ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE PT.2: From Politically Correct Economics to Politipop Self Censorship & The CONSEQUENCES of Our Part in EXTREME WEATHER ... The "SOW & REAP/ SCIENTIFIC CAUSE & EFFECT" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT. 50)

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Telephone Rd @ Fuqua St ... Southeast Houston

How climate change makes hurricanes worse ... Thanx to Vox

First of all, my heart and thoughts go out to the folks who got hit by these intense storms on the Texas Coast, so this posting is also a local posting. As I write this hundreds are being transported to Dallas, we have so many shelter facilities up here, and I assume that thousands from Houston metro will be up here soon, we can handle many due to the size of Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex and abundance of facilities. This post will be Part 50 of the "Global War'n'ing" series and Part 2 of "Anthropogenic Climate Change". The mainstream news networx have done a great job at reporting this ... however, there is not much talk about why this is happening in corporate media ... so this posting and the links will be to look at the reason and what we are up against to come. Houston's location and weather naturally makes it more vulnerable with increased weather activity ... I experienced flooding myself in Houston 40 years back, as you can see here in the 2nd paragraph ... nothing like this though. But, because of global warming, I have been expecting this to happen to Houston and explaining this to folks locally here in Texas for a good 30 years or so now, because I keep up with weather and global warming and the cause and effect scientific assessments ... like the old saying ... "You reap what you sow". Several folks I have talked to I know think I'm a little nutty when talking about this, or think I'm fixed on doom and gloom, I'm anti- business, etc. But I actually believe in science instead of politipop programming, so I have reason to have expected this for so long. Scientists for decades have been warning us of this, most folks chose to ignore it, politically correct economics have made much to be swept under the rug, and many are programmed financially, politically or otherwise to practice self- censorship.

Above, there is an easy to understand quick video from Vox to explain hurricane intensity and causes. I also chose two read links below, one from Dr. Michael E. Mann to look at the science of this in easy to understand terms, and one from George Monbiot to talk more about the sort of politipop social programming and neglect part, which is straight to the point, if you like to hear honesty. Actually this is much less complex to understand than some may think ... it's a matter of listening/ reading, so you dont have to be some scientific brain ... it's simple as understanding what will happen when you get the wrong fluids in your car engine, or if you were to get toxic man- made chemical waste in a fish pond/ lake. Also I wanted to add a recap video from "Understanding Climate Change" of the events over a few dayz of the 200 mile stretch between the Corpus Christi and Houston- Galveston areas, the outer rain bands extended inland as far as San Antonio and Austin ... because no one compiles these events like this YouTube channel. I recommend the "Understanding Climate Change" channel as well ... because it compiles not just what happened in Houston or U.S. ... but daily uploads on the entire globe. What we see in Houston is just a small taste actually of what happens globally on a weekly basis. The reason you dont hear about it in corporate media, is because mostly poor people get killed by the extreme weather, in parts of the world that are almost obsolete to major U.S. news coverage of it, and no one cares until it hits major importante business and city areas ... and much here in America is informally and subliminally censored. After below, I will add some views on this of my own.

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Dr. Michael E. Mann                    George Monbiot

*****  THE GUARDIAN/ DR. MICHAEL E. MANN: It's a fact: climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly ...

***** THE GUARDIAN/ GEORGE MONBIOT: Why are the crucial questions about Hurricane Harvey not being asked? ... (newsread/ video)

***** NY TIMES: Houston, Before and After Harvey ... (videos)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #59 (Hurricane Harvey & Houston Flood Update) ... Thanx to Understanding Climate Change


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Exxon Mobil Misled on Climate Change (PBS News; 23rd August 2017) ... Thanx to Understanding Climate Change



***** PD/ RCJ: "GLOBAL WAR'N'ING" ... PART'S 49 THRU 1


Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

I also noticed when scanning videos on YouTube, that so many people are either really politically/ socially brainwashed or just have nothing better to do, but to bitch at each other instead of looking at the real reasons this is happening. As usual I seen people on the politipop right saying that global warming is a myth, politipop religious folks saying that Texas got hit because of sinful cities like Houston ... non religious people on the politipop left saying that Texas got hit because it is saturated with republican neanderthals or whatever (an example here of the online talk during the Texas rains in the summer of 2015). This is a result of human actions as far as the increased intensity of these storms, it is NOT political, spiritual or related ... it is a result of human institutionally and financially programmed thought, pop- culture, extreme greed and neglect. I agree that the Earth has been slowly warming naturally since the end of the ice age, but I also have scientific reason to agree that human activity has sped up the Earth warming 100 fold ... what would naturally take several thousand years, we are making happen by our activity in just a couple hundred years, in other words. In most of this, the wealthiest people of the globe look at us and laugh how we buy their propaganda all the way to the bank, they are the ones that keep us at each others throats and use their political flunkies to feed us nonsense, with expanded corporate media debate panels and distractions to the reality that many dont want to hear or even think. The wealth though will not be laughing for long rest assured, when it hits their pocketbooks, markets, properties, industries and families ... in time ... Houston being a perfect example of what can and will happen. Many folks that I talked to in Dallas have been shocked at the weather this summer (all summer), with below average temps and rain every week and cloudy dayz ... and up here, had nothing to do with the hurricane, usually it is hot and dry most of the summer in Dallas. I tell them again ... it's a result of global warming. A few thought that global warming means it would just be a hotter and drier summer ... but this is exactly how global warming worx though as I explain to some folks. Bottom line is more precipitation all over the globe and intensity of storms, dry spells, heat spells, flooding, snow/ ice storms, jet stream and high pressure upper atmospheric changes etc, ... as George Monbiot calls it for what it is ... "climate breakdown".

Also, it's quite obvious by now, that we are not going to be able to reverse the damage already done as far as extreme climate ... you can say this is bigger than us. This is also why I expect to see this more not only on the Texas or Gulf coast in hurricane storm seasons, I expect more of these intensified catastrophic storms even hitting the eastern coast of the U.S. from Boston to Miami metro areas. Just in some of the last storms in the northeast corridor, NYC subways had water falls from the flooding ... cities like NYC and Miami as example are not only in the U.S. path of these storms, their central city areas are located almost at sea levels right at the edge of the ocean ... and many major cities and economic hubs of the globe are located like this. Central Houston is actually 40+ miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico (other parts of south Houston closer), connected by a ship channel port into Central Houston. Unlike when the hurricane of 1900 hit Galveston Island killing some 6000 to 12,000 people (Wikipedia), where they after built a seawall and elevating the city 15'ft, you cannot do this to Houston because of the size and expense, but they can do some improved engineering and infrastructure to drain it better, but would also cost a fortune. But at this point, we are only capable of building infrastructure to try to soften the blows to come, which will cost alot. I also expect insurance companies to try to get out of paying much in this with legislative loopholes. I also expect large oil companies on the Gulf to pressure Congress to pay damages and government to subsidize them more on this. No, I dont see any reason to subsidize them even more, after all, it is their neglect that intensifies this damage, just like the spills ... but our establishment politicians fall to their knees when these companies come calling for more welfare/ handouts ... both, left and right. They will threaten us with jobs and energy demand talk, rising gas prices at the pump or whatever ... so be it ... raise the gas prices and do whatever, maybe it will enlighten folks on what our true enemy is. People are already scared of your talk and the catastrophic weather as it is ... in time, they will lose their fear and resist more. This is nothing but more of the continuing threat and fear of economics, and countries like Russia having more energy power or related, and a race to outdo them, etc.

The other things that are of concern, will be the possibility of diseases/ viruses that can grow and spread in especially warm and wet weather conditions. Places like Houston/ Southeast Texas does not have hard freezes like Dallas/ North Texas does every year either. I expect they will find more dead after these waters recede ... it's too early to even guess the fatality figures ... many are just now being reported as missing. Right now, a Houston area chemical plant is being evacuated because of a possible explosion brewing and dangerous chemical spill due to this storm (KHOU11). It's not just the huge oil business in this area that should be of concern, I hear no talk about facilities such as the South Texas Nuclear Project facilities down in Baytown Texas (Wikipedia), and the possible damage to them, now or to come ... so you can see, this is more than just a flooding large city. The last thing I want to hear out of our President or Washington politicians, is building a goddamn border wall to keep out border jumpers ... this is financial stupidity in comparison to our infrastructure needs. I would tell Trump who wants this border wall of his, to pay for it out of his own goddamn pocket, and if it worx, I'll later ask Mexico to reimburse him ... I mean, isnt that the same bullshit he tells us? We have a President, who on one hand sayz that global warming is a hoax ... yet is so in fear himself ... that he wants to build a seawall for his Ireland golf resort to protect his property from the rising sea level waters that he believes is a hoax ... that's about as twisted as you can get. I wouldnt depend on a politician to give me a scientific assessment of climate any more than I would depend on a person who flips burgers to give me an assessment on what's wrong with my car transmission, eh? The damage to the economy with these and GDP is enormous, not just in oil industries either, the ripple effect to so much industry can also economically paralyze us with extreme weather ... so it's something that will hit the wealthiest investors hard too. This is the reason why I stress throughout this journal/ series of the importance of much more public and private investment in green/ renewable energies, and more stricter self regulation, not just from government, because it is in the interest of business ... being actually pro- business. It is more economically sensible and business savvy to spend more on environmental safety, lessen mistakes, accidents and catastrophes ... than having to monetarily lose a Hell of alot more after the damage is done, eh? ... Enough from me.

That's the Reality ... Word Out ....


Downtown Houston/ Market Square District

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Infidel753 said...

As usual I seen people on the politipop right saying that global warming is a myth

It wouldn't surprise me if some of those people are actually being paid by oil companies (or some puppet entity of theirs) to write such comments. A lot of groups that have deep pockets and are pushing an agenda now realize that internet comment threads influence a lot of ignorant people's views about what "mainstream" thinking is.

The Paris agreement on combating climate change was signed by every country in the world except Syria and Nicaragua, and many are already investing huge amounts of money in developing non-fossil-fuel energy sources. It's not plausible to claim that all those 200 or so governments were fooled by a hoax (or are part of a conspiracy to support a hoax). But most people here know almost nothing about what the world outside the US is doing.

I hope this disaster on the Texas coast awakens at least a few more people to the danger.

Ranch Chimp said...

No, it wouldnt surprise me either of people getting paid, I mean, these entities payout so much for their propaganda as it is historically. I can assure you one thing though ... I myself would not take any money to motivate my thoughts or what I write, comment or whatever ... I'll just stay satisfied with what little I have and live on a tight budget, been that way most of my life and doubt that I'll change now at my age ... I actually enjoy myself at that, alwayz been free as I can.

Another thing that some folks are not looking at, is the age of some of the refineries infrastructure, frankly, so much is outdated guy ... I mean, much of the piping and equipment down there goes back 50 to 80 years. Of course when you look at the tele commercials of Exxon or whoever in primetime tele, they show pristine state of art like equipment with people monitoring everything that look like doctors, etc. I know about this too ... when I lived in Houston in the 70's, a roomate of mine was a offshore oil rig hydroblaster. A dangerous job too sometimes, I mean, these water pressure blasters he worked with could cut a person in half or remove a limb. He made excellent pay, he made in less than a week what I made in an entire month. Good thing was he go out for 3 weeks at a time (I'd drive him to port) and only was at home maybe a week out of the month and loved to spend his money at home! I kept his car when out. But he told me (and this was back 40 years ago) of the dangers down there. I expect some inspectors get paid off to over look some things, of course if they're caught, they're shitlisted. But I expect this, because I know for fact that it goes on in some of the small industries left and right ... so I expect it on a huge multi- billion dollar industry as well ... and many injuries, you never hear about ... only major shit hits the MSM's.

Yes ... I was pointing out in this series, how folks like even Goldman Sachs have invested like $150 billion in renewable ... and you know SOB's like them and major countries dont invest without intentions of return. No doubt, renewables is what many of these big investors will ALL want a piece of in time. But, I believe that we will need a Hell of a infrastructure change, not just in the industries existing, but the major global coastal cities that are going to see damage galore due to the extreme weather changes that already exist ... not to mention what will come later if we continue too slow and neglect. Someones gonna have to cough up some bucks, even the tightwad wealthiest in time ... you just cant get an indefinite free ride without consequences.

Thanx for you input Infidel ....