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SEVERN CULLIS- SUZUKI: Environmental INTERGENERATIONAL Justice, Crimes, Family Values & Common Sense ... Putting MORE VALUE in VALUES ... The "Paradigm Shift" Edition ... (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.49)- (PUBLIC PATRIOTS PT.51)


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This posting will serve the "Global War'n'ing" and "Public Patriots" series of this journal/ blog. It will be to highlight a few videos from 1992, 2012 and 2015 below and hear out Severn Cullis- Suzuki. Severn is in the "Public Patriots" series because of those she inspires these dayz and her message, and also credit to her father David Suzuki PhD, who is more well known in the mainstream and inspiring her and many himself, and credit to her mother Tara Cullis PhD. The title of this posting was also inspired by what Severn has to say in the videos. The first video is from her first speech to an assembly at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro when she was 12 years old. This speech got alot of atencion, and rightfully so ... she was speaking just common sense and honestly about the condition. It, at that time and today even more, is importante as well for those largest investors, corporations and politicians to slow down a minute and let some of this sink in. For some of the big players it's difficult, especially when you're intoxicated in a race and competition to gain more and more profits and lack vision and regard for their surroundings ... sometimes talking to them, is like trying to talk to someone that is shit faced drunk. But many will listen in time, it just takes a little coercion from others, consequence of their acts, and force from us is all. What I mean by this, is we have made some forward progress ... I mean, just look at the protections that been put in place over the last several decades. Look at what the smog was like in the 60's and 70's in LA compared to today ... I mean like, that shit was enough to choke a skunk back then, but we have better control over emissions today as example.

Another positive is we are in a transition to renewables right now as far as taking care of our energy needs to come ... this also came from public pressure. But too, as I point out in this series, there was also big incentive, because renewable and other energy technologies is big business of the future, this is what many big fossil fuel investors will want a piece of in time. At the same time on other avenues we are stepping backwards, again in intoxication, because we are drilling, fracking, mining more than ever, with much money being invested on wayz to do it bigger and faster. So even if we were mostly renewables for energy needs in the next generation, that doesnt mean that folks are not going to mine, drill and extract at unprecedented levels to maximize profits, being every damn thing they can get their hands on, that is why continued pressure, regulations and obstruction will alwayz be needed from one generation to the next until that paradigm shift comes that changes our current and past view and culture of capitalism. Look at Afghanistan for example as to why we are in there ... set aside the nonsensical politipop talk, that we are there to bring democracy, liberty, or to free women, children and gay people from oppression, I mean, if I had to listen to a politician tell me that in person, I would feel like slapping the shit out of them just for insulting our intelligence. We are in there, same as Russia was in there or the Chinese, is because this country is saturated with natural wealth, especially today with the strong demand for lithium, uranium, gas/ oil ... and saturated with gold, copper, gems and much more. They also want the arctic region's ice to melt ... to drill, mine and log all that region too, or anywhere else ... and on anything they can make a buck ($$) off of.

The intergenerational factor that Severn points out is very importante, because it should be at the top of our list when it comes to our values ... to put it simple ... do you value your damn life and what nature gave us to exist, evolve, and to sustain a quality standard of living? Because we do need a balanced amount of justice to counter some of the intergenerational crimes we have done to the planet on our part, in our quest for the good life ... I mean ... when you see pollution whether on land, sea or air ... it's a result of us/ humans ... it aint like the other mammals or species caused it, eh? ... nothing is a one way street, especially in nature, when you take ... you must also give. The same applies whether looking out for your health or even business ... nothing is exempt for that need of a balance factor in our societies and existence. You wrong nature, it has consequences on our environment and existence ... you wrong business, there are consequences on our markets and money ... same thing ... that's why they are basic values in anything. Severn points out how she raises her 2 sons with these same environmental intergenerational values that her parents taught her as well. In my case, it was my dad who is my first inspiration of why I have this series in this journal ... he alwayz told me as a kid the importance of respect for nature and the environment, and importance of balance. Being only about 10 years old and hearing alot about this, like with most kids at first for me, went in one ear and out the other and not completely understanding at such a young age ... but it stuck with me is what counts. No one else around me as a child even mentioned these things, my mother certainly didnt talk like that, and was from a complete different background and upbringing than my dad, as different as day and night ... so when it comes to these issues on the environment, politics and money ... dad influenced me much.

When I talked to younger kidz, my daughter or grandkid ... I point out the same values when it comes to these issues concerning the environment, business or simply health ... these are importante family values to pass on. If we didnt do this, and ignored what is importante to our existence to this point ... we would be in a mess. These values is what gives us clean water, a decent quality of life, the ability to buy or consume a product with a fair amount of safety, or to be able to simply breathe clean air. Everything on our planet has a responsibility of some kind in life, whether it's the bee as a pollinator, the ecosystem, or the producer/ investor in business and the human species ... it's simply basic responsibilities and our jobs. Of course most of todayz politicians will just be business as usual, say one thing and do something else, and have to keep their political aspirations at top and those lobbyists of big corporate/ banking interests ... so that is why you keep the fire to their asses and continue to hound them like we have to do on everything else. Alot of grassroots education and activism locally from everyone, even if it is on a very small scale, tweeting, Facebook, blogging, etc. Without doing this, we will only shortchange ourselves and move backwards ... because you cant just count on politicians and folks intoxicated with profits and wealth only to think clearly in that mindset ... they need a little encouragement, and even a foot in their ass politically and/ or monetarily at times to motivate them. On to Severn below, she been at this for years .... Word Out.

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