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JAMES HODGKINSON'S GOP LAWMAKER ATTACK 2017: Is "False Flag" by Government "SATANIC ILLUMINATI" & "Commie Liberal Agenda" to Take AWAY Our GUNS, RIGHTS, PRIVACY ... while Making Politicians ISOLATE Themselves ... The "Reality Check Tearjerker" Edition ... (THE END MUST BE NEAR PT.11)

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"United In Our Anguish": Democrat And Republican Politicians React To Virginia Shooting | TIME ... Thanx to TIME

Well ... it looks like time for another round of "The END Must Be NEAR" series for this journal/ blog, so this will be Part 11 of the series. I opened with above video to hear out our loved ones on Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill) in their time of grief out of fairness. The title of this posting is sarcasm in humour inspired by the talk from so many right wing folks online and YouTube every time there is a mass shooting in our nation, that it's a "False Flag"... part of a commie government "Satanic Illuminati" covertly engineered conspiracy to disarm us all and take away all our liberties, etc, etc. I mean ... all that talk has been missing on this shooting ... why? Instead, we have many on the right in this country saying this is proof that liberals are terrorists ... um, um, um ... good Lord ... imagine that! So the right wing is saying, if the shooter is from the left wing, it's a real shooting ... but if the shooter is from the right wing though, it's a staged shooting/ false flag. The establishment politics call the shooter a lunatic ... yet, if the shooter was killing for their corporations and wealthy supporters, they would call the shooter a hero (just for a sample taste of the hypocrisy). Many lawmakers, mainstream media, political talking heads and others said they are in shock that something like this could happen ... I dont see why? Some say it is unthinkable that this would happen at a friendly practice of baseball, in a nice friendly neighbourhood, being a practice for a game to raise money for charity ... I dont see why? They say it's shocking because kidz were there ... I dont see why? Even some weeping like it's the end of Democracy ... I dont see why?

I myself am shocked and surprised that this hasnt happened more often considering the political situation and climate in America, or even in other democracy type countries that are pushing this global neoliberalism and austerity and ripping off millions of people ... the only one who ended up dead so far in this shooting was the gunman. Where are all the tears on Capitalism Hill every bloody damn week, when our children and citizens get attacked by violence, or by a few bad cops that get away with murder killing people for no good reason at a traffic stop or whatever? Where are the tears for all the people who try to exercise their First Amendment right to voice their grievance and get their asses whipped and rights violated instead by law enforcement and rent- a- cop goon squads and former mercenaries? Where are the tears for the thousands of people who die in America because of healthcare policies ya'll legislated? Where are the tears for thousands of hard working tax paying Americans who lose their homes and get ripped off by banks that are legislated to be able to burn people? Where are the tears for the thousands of innocent people overseas, like in the Middle East who get bombed and killed over our legislated invasions and occupations of their lands for oil and mining corporations ... while indirectly and directly arming terrorists? Where are the tears for the thousands of Americans incarcerated wrongfully, died incarcerated, or receive outrageous prison sentences because they are addicted to the very pharma drugs you let big pharma saturate our population with?

I heard some lawmakers views in the news with republicans hugging democrats now saying that something needs to be done about the gun laws ... why? when there are already laws in place that are not even enforced. I mean ... I'm an independent viewed as a liberal because I vote democrat for example, I dont see any need to tamper with my 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, I'm sure many Americans on the right would agree ... America is saturated with arms, disarming the innocent wont help. There is nothing done much about any other shooting in our country ... besides telling us to pray, hold hands and sing songs of love and unity ... different view when your balls are in the sling, eh? Now we are told that this will bring us all together on Capitalism Hill to where they can finally get things done as the people want. That's the whole problem and hopefully this is a reality check for ya'll up there ... you dont do what the people want, in fact, you are so out of touch in your political planning, you are mainly doing only what your wealthy and corporate/ banking campaign donors want ... and act like you dont give a shit what the people want. What is this new bipartisan love this week going to get us? ... a new Ryan/ TrumpCare health plan of bipartisan agreement? We are sick of these "Care Bear type insurance plans", whether it's TrumpCare, ObamaCare, RomneyCare, HillaryCare or any of the cleverly legislated rip- off plans you design ... perhaps people want a choice ... an option, some competition, right to negotiate prices, etc ... it's our health, our money, and should be our choice ... not your corporate/ banking campaign donors. Perhaps get a bipartisan deal for some new tax scams to transfer more of our tax dollars to the richest people and multinational corporations, who will take most of our monetary generosity offshore?

Yesterday some lawmakers got on the tele news and said the American people dont really know that folks on the Hill are friends, and instead get caught up in partisan rhetoric or whatever ... no, I think many Americans DO KNOW how close of friends you are, and are sick of the bullshit from ya'll. Some lawmakers are saying that they need more protection when in public or wherever ... you have lots of protection as it is, much more than most, which is why the shooter was taken out quickly yesterday. What now? ... make this a reason to isolate yourselves from the people even more? What's shocking is how these people are so shocked up there that this can happen to them. I mean ... what in Hell would make you think you are immuned to what the majority of people have to be concerned with everyday? The ballgame will go on as usual they say, which is good ... just hope that ya'll dont have to spend millions doing this with extravagant costs and after parties, to raise this $500/ $600,000 or so for charity, eh? They say it is also all about tradition as far as this game ... it should also be tradition to listen to what the people of this democratic republic want, instead of telling them what you think they should want. I included a news link below ... then a closing video at the bottom as advice to lawmakers who say they need protection ... do what we do in Texas for example.

That's the Reality! ... Word Out ....

***** CNN: How a morning baseball practice turned into terror for GOP lawmakers ... (newsread/ video)




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Beach Bum said...

Yeah, I do not support any changes in the Second Amendment. But there does need to be restrictions on civilians owning assault rifles and the amount of ammo a person can buy.

I'm retired military and remember when one of my drill instructors talked about how the 5.56 round the M-16 uses was designed to less kill an enemy but rip through the body and cause enough injury so it took another soldier to take care of him.

I've given up on rational discourse about guns. Believe it or not the ban guns crowd hates me because I think such actions will not work. The gun nuts think I'm evil because I believe in restrictions like mental health background checks, mandatory training, and liability insurance.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum ... no, I didnt know about the design of the 5.56 round, but it makes sense ... I mean, specialty ammo is a big thing too, I myself bought special ammo for handguns (of course I would have never used it on a range though, because of the price). You gave up on rational discourse? ... you know guy, I feel the same way, and not just over guns (we live in a very polarizing society). I have a difficult time even talking with some fellow progressive folks the most that are anti- gun, so I try to keep my mouth shut, so they dont think I'm some gun lunatic, but I understand. If I personally had a family member killed in one of these mass shootings, I may feel different ... I dont know. I'm not even a gun fanatic or collector or anything, done a little hunting and target range stuff, carried guns for years, and worked for a guy who was a gun dealer for 8 years (damn near everyone at our shop was armed, buy, sold and traded, etc), so it's just normal to me. The 1st, 5th, 3rd or whatever Amendment means just as much to me as the 2nd, been around guns since I was a kid.

I think President Obama summed it up perfectly when he first got in office, when he said that when times get tough, folks grab guns and religion. Yes, there has to be some kind of restrictions in these times Bum, but even tighter oversight and enforcement of existing laws ... I mean ... I went to a gun show and couldnt believe how loose it was. You are old enough to remember when any of this wasnt an issue ... all these mass shootings is what fucked things up ... plus we are increased in tensions, and frankly our tensions (IMO) come alot from these pre- paid politicians on both sides. Now we are knee deep in guns with hundreds of millions in our society ... so deep, we couldnt get rid of them if we tried. I dont blame this on the founding fathers either, this is a different era with new challenges ... the Constitution/ Bill of Rights is one of the greatest things to me about this country.

Thanx for your voice here Bum ....