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BETTER CARE RECONCILIATION ACT 2017: TrumpCare Bears "Too Big To Fail" TAX SCAM Plan ... The "Dream Team Scheme" Edition ... (HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" PT.11)- (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.15)

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**** KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION: Summary of the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 - Updated 7.13.17 ....

Warren Buffett: Single Payer Is  'The Best System' For America ... Thanx to Tea Partiest

This posting will be for the "Health Care Reform" and "Elizabeth Warren" series for this journal/ blog. I opened with a snip above from PBS NewsHour the other day with Warren Buffett (full clip here), listen to what the man has to say as far as what the percentage of healthcare is as far as GDP, and how real reform such as single payer may help more than hurt. Hell, even artificial intelligence and basic math can point out the problems here, since it's not politically brainwashed. And it's sad having to have a man worth $70+ billion or so to point out the simple reality in this political game, but what he's saying is straight. I wanted to post something on this "Better Care Reconciliation Act" because I had nothing in here on it. Also I noticed when talking to folks around Dallas- Fort Worth, I have not talked to anyone who even understands what is going on with healthcare recently or over the last several years ... yet everyone is concerned. It's almost unbelievable that this has been priority for so many years, and sold to so many Americans as reform, because it has nothing to do with healthcare reform, but simply a tax scam scheme being peddled by this GOP/ Trump dream team to milk billions of tax dollars while leaving the American healthcare consumer and majority of American people out in the cold. I myself am for single payer, but were not close to that yet, that's why I would try to push for a partial single payer type test run, with hope it expands and sells itself though consumer demand and competition, as President Obama proposed ... that is truly more free market than this out of control cost monopoly we have now. I linked the Kaiser Foundation read above to try to get some idea of this "new" replacement scam, I also added some links below from Dr. McClanahan who is also a Certified Financial Planner, and from economist Dean Baker with the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and a video from Senator Elizabeth Warren who is fighting against these moves. I will add my own views after below.

***** FORBES/ Carolyn McClanahan MD, CFP: The Wealthy Want The Senate To Dump The Better Care Reconciliation Act ... (newsread)

***** THE REAL NEWS/ DEAN BAKER: Trumpcare Would Make U.S. Healthcare Even More Dysfunctional ... (video/ transcript)

Senator Warren on the Senate GOP's health care bill ... Thanx to Senator Elizabeth Warren

Warren Buffet: Healthcare Bill Huge Tax Cut For The Rich | Squawk Box | CNBC ... Thanx to CNBC


***** PD/ RCJ: HEALTH CARE REFORM: another "FORM" of "REFORM" ... PART'S 10 THRU 1



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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

When people heard that this new GOP Senate plan didnt get the support it needed, which was basically just the AHCA repackaged to peddle off with a new label called the BCRA with Hot Rush stamped on the package ... there was a sigh of relief which is understandable ... but this is nowhere near over, all we have now is a little holiday recess. I myself was fairly confident that they wouldnt get the support they need, because of all the special interests that are involved in it, also being it's strictly about politics and corporate interests in conflict, and because of intoxication on the republicans part of gaining such a strong and sudden majority grab, they tried to rush this without careful consideration in desperation. The GOP having the power they have currently will attack ObamaCare/ ACA continuously, something they been after to repeal since it became law, they will continue to attack it instead of trying to fix it. Even several republicans were in on creating ObamaCare and all the political establishment ... I mean, it wasnt even President Obama's plan, it's a corporate political plan to make money. Like the ACA plan, this BCRA/ AHCA is no more Trump's plan than the ACA was Obama's plan ... in fact, it is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell running this deal, I doubt Trump even is doing much in it or knows much about it, besides running his mouth, tweeting or whatever, and doing what he is told. My concern is that they are going to next try to do a bipartisan repeal and pull as many democrats into it as possible ... and instead of fixing anything, take us deeper into a ditch and creating another "too big to fail" corporate and tax revenues tied mess legislatively cocked and locked. And like Buffett explains simply in the opening video, it will eat up too much in the GDP with the growth rate and make us even more dependent on it ... we get a crash, we'll get hit hard.

I expect the republicans if they cant get further support in their party, will try to pull in bipartisan support by disguising it with the talk of "fixing ObamaCare" or "doing what the people want", creating jobs, cutting fraud/ abuse, or a list of other sales pitches. Bottom line here in this repeal stuff, is to sell another inferior product at a premium price to folks, and tax revenues giveaway to put it simple. This hasnt a thing to do with not making it mandatory for folks to buy insurance, if it was, they would simply take that part out ... nor is it about giving people any choice, if it was, we would have real choice and at minimal a partial public option in it. Besides, insurance companies, pharma and medical providers dont want the mandatory purchase part removed from healthcare, or even the medicaid subsidies as long as they're raking in billions off it, eh? And any kind of financial assistance, or reimbursements they come up with, will make individual accounts at most all directed by some Wall St firm/ bank and legislatively locked in to find a way to even milk any income tax returns of millions of working class people, use a backdoor on the accounts to play with on foreign markets, etc. So there are different battles in this with different interests ... it's just basic nickel and dime hustling done on a large scale ... and so unprecedented due to size, it is basically mass racketeering and should be considered in any sane democracy as organized crime. Everything in this plan shows clear as day that it is nothing but a private tax grab, that even corporations need to worry about ... with various interests at battle, ignoring the needs of the consumers/ people buying the product, which can have an economic backfire. And this plan is really out there, it has scam written all over it inside out that even a rookie hustler could make from a mile away.

It's even more sad that our politics that we have to depend on for representation has to get twisted and embedded into this without even much consideration for the actual people buying this product (us). I myself am just so burned out with the political climate, this new administration, corporate correctness and multinational neoliberal ass kissing as much as I am with the semi- puritanical religious climate in this country, and try to avoid as much as possible of both politics and religion when I can ... the shit and bitch fights ("bitch fights" I define as folks verbally or online bitching at each other, nothing to do with "gender") ... it just gets old and boring frankly. People in this country both left and right and independents want some type of secured health care, and are willing to pay for it even out of their payroll taxes, and been this way for several years now, due to the rip- off health plans they been getting while having to use every saved dollar they have to try to get out of a hole. And now we have republicans trying to even take health care to an even worse level, and it just gets worse and worse, the BCRA is even worse than the AHCA, and both of those are worse than the existing ACA. On top of it, we have a President that throughout his campaign and presidency tells the people that we wont believe how great, marvelous and beautiful things are going to be under his crew. It is so old school of a sales pitch that you would expect not from a president, but more from some Wall Street hustler peddling some ponzi scheme ... and no, I dont think he's evil ... but like really out of touch with America's health care needs for sure and much else. This plan is not only no reform of healthcare, but totally against Trump's talk about saving medicaid ... it cuts it out over time if anything, with nothing to replace it with. The fixed amount funds to be distributed to states to handle will also end up a mess with billions lost and redirected through back doors. The measly $8 billion or so assistance would even dry up quick with the costs of healthcare and coverage alone.

Not even the wealthiest people have been complaining much about the little tax they had to come up with paying for ACA, and have enough common sense to see that you are creating a bigger social problem when our citizens and workers are being stepped on like this. Buffett himself said this new BCRA plan will give him simply another $680,000+ tax break as example, which he could care less about. This is basically pocket change for a man of his wealth and many of those in the billionaire and multimillionaire brackets ... it's no sweat for them ... the greed is at all time highs like I never seen in my lifetime. I am grateful though that we still have people in a strong position of the democrat party such as senators like Warren, Sanders and Schumer to push back against these plans, and a handful of opposing republicans who have even worse proposals. Of course there are also many democrats that are about as worthless as republicans, but if we are able to use them for something, we might as well, eh? Unfortunately none of the 3rd or alternative parties are in any position to do anything,  ... frankly, without the democrats countering this and a handful of republicans, we would be up the creek even worse without a paddle. In my view, this couldnt be a better time to push for even a "partial public option", which was President Obama's first idea, that both parties trashed ... because this plan of BCRA as Warren sayz, needs to go in the trash. You cant say it would drive insurance companies and services out of business being only a partial public option ... you cant say it's a takeover of socialized health, because it will be the choice of the consumer only on what they choose to buy ... it is partial, real choice, and free market since it will be up to the consumer/ customer on what they "choose". If anything, it would actually make the market far more competitive and cost efficient, while reducing what seems like corporate bureaucracy, and force these too big to fail entities of healthcare to actually compete ... meaning if they lack what it takes like in any free market and snooze ... they will lose because they failed to be competitive.

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