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ELIZABETH WARREN 2020 PRESIDENTIAL RUN: Restoring DEMOCRACY and Ignoring OLIGARCHY ... The "Enhanced Fighting Chance" Edition ... (ELIZABETH WARREN PT.18)

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Elizabeth Warren Launches Exploratory Committee for President ... Thanx to Elizabeth Warren

I will start off 2019 in this journal/ blog with some refreshing news I caught New Year's Eve, when Senator Elizabeth Warren announced that she will start her run for President 2020, this will serve as Part 18 of the "Elizabeth Warren" series ... a little opening video above. I had my eye on Warren for years, as you can see in this series, and been hoping she would run for President ... so Congratulations and Thank You to Senator Warren on this action ... it's about goddamn time, Senator {:-) I look for talent ... like exceptionalism, strength, accuracy, and outstanding performance in those folks that I highlight for their qualities in this journal, like a talent scout does ... just like I do in the music/ arts series here. One of the things I look for in a political candidate, whether it is for the House, Senate, President or locally ... is a record with integrity, job performance, and action on issues that concern the majority, and for balance, Elizabeth is very qualified for President, probably one of the best qualified and considerate that I seen in a few decades ... and in these times, she is a real treat and breath of fresh air, from the stench we have. She is the first Democratic contender to come out, and there will be many more, some even more popular as far as mainstream media and the political establishment, so she hasn't had any Senators talking about endorsing her yet, and it's still in the exploratory phase ... but good enough for me. I felt it was good though that she announces this early on, some don't ... the reason why, is because it gives her time to introduce herself to the people ... because I have talked to folks, that don't know about her ... many folks just don't have time to examine politics closely. Senator Warren want's this to be a grassroots type campaign, so this is not about trying to raise millions from special corporate interests, Super PACs or whatever ... she prefers average Americans to give small donations. If someone from the Wall Street crowd wants to donate ... you can give your personal modest donation equally like any other American would, is the way I see it ... after all, y'all like calling yourselves "united citizens" (Citizens United), eh? ... here is your chance. For those who feel unheard across America ... there is a need to enhance our fight to make sure we do get heard.

The vast majority of Americans know how importante the economy is, so much of our lives are focused on trying to make enough money to live, and so many of us know and felt what it is like to get cheated and shortchanged. One of the most considerate things of many for Americans that came out of Elizabeth was the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... that is responsible for recovering $12 billion for nearly 30 million folks across the country that been burned in some way since established in 2011 ... which many Americans fall prey to, even many more cases that are not reported. Elizabeth has background in knowing banking, bankruptcy law, and the economy, she understands not only the average American making ends meet, but importantly understands how the financial system worx, and the importance of them abiding by basic rules, as most Americans have to. We seem to forget at times that America is supposed to be a Democracy (representative democracy, not direct), and forget some of the rough times historically that this country has went through when we don't have enforcement to watch some of the big predators, many that have ruined our economy time and again out of arrogance, greed, irresponsibility, and lousy management ... so this is more than just the wants of an oligarchy, the American people and workforce is what make this machine work, and allow so many of these predators to do exceptionally well at our expense. Much of what Elizabeth done is to help folks that like a fair deal, work hard and play by the rules. If you're in middle America or the southwest like myself in Texas, or Oklahoma where she grew up, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent politically, and you have a smaller company that serves your community's needs, or the average wage worker, what she been doing for years, is looking out for your interests especially. I recommend her book "A Fighting Chance" (goodreads) to read, to get to know her and some of the challenges we have better as well ... she understands those working folks on the right too, and fights for them as well, understanding fiscal responsibility, after all, like myself she is a former Republican, but seen how the party lost much values. If you go through previous postings in this series, you will also see her in action. A video below of Elizabeth making her announcement and answering questions below in her neighbourhood in front of her house ... you certainly have my endorsement, Senator!

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Elizabeth Warren speaks to reporters after announcing possible 2020 run ... Thanx to Washington Post



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