Wednesday, September 19, 2018

BERT & ERNIE COCKFIGHT 2018: "GAY PLAY or MUPPET FUCKING Fetishes? ... America NEEDS to KNOW" ... Lubed, Screwed & Tattooed ... The "Fret No Mo" Edition ... (BATTLE OF THE DOLLS PT.12)

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Sesame Street: Bert And Ernie Are Not Gay, They Are Depraved Pansexual Perverts ... Thanx to The Onion

This posting will be Part 12 of the "Battle of the Dolls" series for this journal/ blog. I have an opening video above to get a little more detailed on the sexuality of Bert and Ernie, since mainstream media seems to be ignoring it ... so fret no more, the answers should be here for y'all. But what inspires this posting, is when I woke this morning and clicked on the tele news in bed ... I was expecting the usual news briefings to get updated on. But I was expecting the usual news such as last nights local shootings, or some person shooting up a venue full of people, climate change disasters, perhaps President Trump's buddies getting busted for fraud, money laundering, racketeering, and the usual, or Trump's girlfriends speaking out, about how he pays them off, more corruption revealed in our Congress, priests raping children, banks ripping off millions of customers, corporations screwing customers, etc, etc ... you know, the usual distasteful fucked up shit that all these pieces of shit that we praise get exposed of for the vile scum they are. What I did not expect in the news, was this thing about Bert and Ernie, the puppet/ muppet characters of Sesame Street ... and all the confusion and desperation to find out if Bert and Ernie are gay. I'm so far out of touch with pop- culture, that I even had no idea that there was a petition and push back 7 years ago for them to get married, nor did I even know about the Bert and Ernie response when hearing the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage. Don't get me wrong though, I have watched Sesame Street before with the children at home, knew of folks like Bert and Ernie, but it never crossed my mind to think or question if they were gay or not ... I mean, they're little puppets, dolls, fictional characters. I am very grateful that I never got bothered by these things, it must be torture on the mind, to have to take our sexual issues and disorders or whatever, and incorporate them into fictional characters, or even other creatures in the animal kingdom. I think that gay, straight, and bisexual people that get so bent out of shape over things like this, have similar issues psychologically. I wouldnt even be writing about such in this journal, except that I find it so strange and stupid, so it's more in humour than anything. I cant tell you what sexuality they embrace, if they do, or if they should be married, I frankly dont give a shit one way or the other ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-). However, I went and compiled some news, video, and art, past and present, for the reader who may care to view it, which I hope is somewhat entertaining.

Word Out ....

***** CNN: Sesame Street says Bert and Ernie's relationship status is not complicated ... (newsread/ video)

Should Bert and Ernie Get Gay Married? (CBC) ... Thanx to Jessica Bennett

***** PETITION: Let Bert & Ernie Get Married On Sesame Street- ... (2011 petition)


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Infidel753 said...

Snort. I almost wish they would come out as openly gay just to watch all the religious-nutball websites have a meltdown over it. "Gasp! Corrupting our children! We need priests like Father Moe and Father Lester to speak up and protect them!"

Obviously "climate change disasters, priests raping children, banks ripping off millions of customers," etc. are much more serious matters. But a dose of the plainly ridiculous is sometimes nice too, just to make a change.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah, I hear ya Infidel, I actually did get a laugh out of it when watching this on the news this morning, I almost couldnt believe what I was hearing, and the folks acted so serious about it ... I mean ... they were sincerly concerned in finding out if these puppets were gay or straight ... I laughed, and thought to myself "this is the reason why we get fucked up our ass so much by these billion dollar entities ... they know how fucken elementary some of our concerns are". Yes indeed, like yourself, I believe that fundamoralists would go ape- shit if they came out as gay ... we wouldnt hear the end of it for months! ... knowing them bastards, they would use it as an excuse to push full fascism or some other crafty political shit, or have a whole string of new laws and censorship to abide by, the billionaire class would love it too, even though none of them SOB's are fundamoralists, not to mention have any kind of social or religious morality, besides pretending they do. I was reading some online comments, which was from the fundi- breed types, how they were so happy and singing praise to the almighty, that Bert and Ernie DID NOT get confirmed as gay or whatever ... this shows the depth of this "mental sickness".

Off subject a minute here ... I really been watching this fight over Kavanaugh getting confirmed, closely ... I will credit the democrats on this, and happy that they are standing against this pick. I dont know if he attempted to rape this gal, but what I do know, is our SCOTUS is getting really way off balance with these recent picks, and can hurt us for many years to come. I can only hope, that this can get stalled until after the mid- terms, somehow. I mean, at the rate this new wave right wing of America is going ... it will just be a matter of time, before these SOB's have us running competition for first place with some place like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Anywayz, thanx for your voice here ...