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DATELINE ARKANSAS | SNAP CUTS 2017: "Chasing the Dream/ PBS" ... & Keeping AMERICA GREAT Again ... The "New Compassion Ration" Edition ... (POVERTY & DESPAIR PT.4)- (SNAP CHALLENGE PT.4)

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Byrd Family: Debbie (mom) with daughters left to right ... Isabella, Jaymee & Alyssa


**** MoveOn Petitions- No cuts to SNAP (Food Stamps) ... (petition)

This posting will be for the "Poverty & Despair" and "SNAP Challenge" series of this journal/ blog. This is from the PBS series called "Chasing the Dream", so I wanted to highlight a couple pieces below ... and Thanx to PBS for their "straight up" work. But what you have is the big cuts to SNAP and much else that the Trump administration and majority republicans in Congress are pushing hard. I also want to focus on the reality here in America instead of the stereotype pop- culture about what food stamp recipients are about, that you may hear in talk in your communities or on the internet, many on the net basically pigeonholing recipients like a "one size fits all" type thing, basing everything on race, immigrants, dopers, lazies or whatever. Unless you have actually spent time in either poor inner city or backwoods rural communities and sat down with various people and dealt with them face to face, it is difficult to understand. The young lady Debbie in the above heading photo with her 3 daughters is not a lazy bumb or a doper ... Debbie worx her ass off, she has also 2 years of community college and had to drop out of Southern Arkansas University Tech before she could complete her associates degree in psychology to take care of her kidz ... hear her out in the newsread link below. Some video below that in another small Arkansas town on what they go through to get food. James Jackson in the video is straight up, this is a man who worked his whole life and is now in a tough spot ... he dont want to be in the situation he is ... I know his type. Randy Lindsey who owns the "Bottom Dollar Mercantile" store is speaking truth as far as how many hours he would have to cut his employees, and how they depend on SNAP for their small rural town business, as well as how many folks in town depend on that store to shop. These guys were also Trump supporters, who probably voted straight republican, and just voted that way in some desperate sense of euphoria ... listening to the "make America great again talk". Many of these folks may vote, but blindly and are very uniformed. Plus so many all over the nation in red state and rural areas were simply hustled. It's understandable to a degree, many folks didnt realize that they are listening to a top of the line hustler that played his game in the fastest hustling city in the country (NYC) ... this is a guy that could hustle the shirt off many of their backs. Trump selling his idea and himself, with what rehearsed seasoned politicians wont talk about. After the link read and video below, I will add some ... to cut through some of the bullshit and hustle to this, and talk about why it's importante to fight against these cuts.

***** PBS NEWSHOUR: If SNAP benefits are cut, who hurts the most? ... (newsread)

Hunger a persistent problem for poor Americans as Republicans mull SNAP cuts ... Thanx to PBS NewsHour


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***** PD/ RCJ: "SNAP CHALLENGE" PARTS 3, 2 & 1

***** PD/ RCJ: "POVERTY & DESPAIR" PART'S 3, 2 & 1


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Thomas Hudson Pickering/ Ranch Chimp

Some folks may say ... "I dont live in a poor inner city or rural town area in the middle of nowhere ... I dont receive government assistance or food stamps (SNAP) ... why should I care?". I mean, I dont receive government assistance or SNAP myself or live in an inner city slum or out in rural America. But what is happening in these areas is happening in America ... if we dont take care of our own ... how in Hell can we help others globally? I'm an American, so the people of our nation are number one in my concerns, then others if I choose to after. I myself grew up as a kid hustling the streets, even stealing or whatever ... even slept on the subway and in movie theatres as a kid ... and later in life had the opportunity to spend time with folks in rural areas with values like those above. When I listen to this cleverly worded horseshit from Mick Mulvaney/ Director of Office of Management and Budget, run his mouth about they will now measure compassion by the number of people they get off assistance, etc ... all that is, is another sugar coating label to try to make themselves feel righteous about the shit they're pulling. The sales talk pitch they use, is that you cant help someone get out of a rut by making them dependent on you, that this is to "help" Americans ... yet they who say this in Washington and their multinational business depends on us. Bottom line in reality, corporate lobbyists dont design legislation to get people out of a rut ... in fact, the way they design everything in this country is to put folks in a rut, ripping off Americans, and lobbyists drafting legislation for Congress to pass ... so that our taxes go to them. The deal is again, looking out for our own, and many of these SOB's in Washington and their ratholed wealth constituency could give a shit less about the people of this country, unless it contributes to their material/ financial interests ... they ONLY look out for their interests and power globally. For decades, the whole design is simply to have Americans listen to them and spread our way and rules across the globe, look at America as like an extension of the Roman Empire, same shit, new package only ... the same type bunch is running it. We as tax payers and citizens give too much as it is as far as multinational interests with banks and corporations ... so much, it's become ridiculous, even from the most capitalist free market view. You keep letting these folks take, take and take ... you wont have a damn thing left. It's understandable and good business to give those who invest and even corporations a tax break and some incentives.  But what we have is nothing but an out of control robbery of America, with rules in the game changing by the month ... all dictated by the same trash.

The reason it's so importante to fight this using various methods, is because this is a slippery slope, to abolish and replace all that we have with corporate style communism ... it's not to strengthen us, but strengthen them ... and actually make us more "dependent" on them for our needs, and weakens our powers. They plan on cutting folks federal pensions even, or any bargaining rights of workers, Social Security, healthcare, property rights or whatever they can make a buck off of, all of what WE pay for. Do you see them cutting any of their treats? ... of course not. Frankly speaking for myself, I dont care if America is No#1 and that we have total control over the globe ... wont do most a damn bit of good, I dont worry about another country invading us, we are geographically large and have one Hell of a defense. Besides, all that "invasion" talk is nothing but talk ... we dont need billions more in nuclear missiles, you want more cyber defense, not nuclear defense. In fact with all the defense technology today, we wouldnt even need nuke weapons in any war ... and only have them to sell woof tickets to who ever else has them. Which one of these largest holders of global wealth actually wants a nuclear war? ... they dont want to destroy what makes their lives so good and their assets. And most of these mouth pieces in Washington or their corporate/ banking buddies wouldnt fight for this country ... we do that too. Many need to shut up for a change and listen to us, obviously they dont, so that is when we put the pressure on them. When we run out of money and worth ... they just look for the next country/ people to burn and gain power. Of course they have a vision for a future, but we need to make sure we have a sayso in it too. Either way you go, these folks are gonna do what they alwayz done ... so no reason to just give in to them. There is so much room for cuts in other giveawayz without driving corporations out of business. WE have needs too as people, and WE ARE what makes this machine work. What you have is folks managing our money and taxes (we're the consumers, producers) ... and telling us what our priority expenditures should be ... slow down a minute and think of how ridiculous that sounds. If someone came up to you on the street and asked you for all the money and credit/ debit cards you have in your pocket ... and told you they will spend and manage it for you ... you wouldnt turn it over to them ... you probably would look at them and say ... "who the fuck do you think you are?" ... that's the same attitude you should have with many of these folks that are out to only screw us.

SNAP for instance is such a positive for our economy ... not Russia, China, Indonesia or whatever ... OURS! We do plenty for other countries as it is, and our money made it possible for many to develop ... we consume so they can work and eat. Folks like President Trump, his daughter Ivanka, are having their products made for dirt cheap wages in places like Indonesia and China ... turn around and sell it with a skyrocket mark up percentage in high dollar American department stores or shoppes on Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills/ LA), so they have no business (him or his daughter) running their goddamn mouth about bringing jobs in those production areas back to America ... without bringing their own shit back here. I mean, the Trump's can bring some of their jobs and production to Arkansas, they have moderate wages in Arkansas ... when you (Donald and Ivanka) bring your jobs back here, then you can highside or brag. The argument they will alwayz lay out is how broke we are ... were lacking funds because of their reckless spending of our tax dollars, not because were shelling out food stamps. SNAP is not only feeding those in need ... but keeping business going in communities coast to coast, all that money is being spent here and generating money here ... not abroad. It helps keep and create jobs, since Washington is so concerned about waste and creating jobs. They say people arent eating right and healthy ... that's where education comes in. They say some folks dont look hungry because they're obese ... that's because people that are low income, are choosing foods that fill them instead of eating healthy foods. Some of those foods, the same junk foods that you promote for business with your advertisements and lobbies in Washington, and who feed your campaigns. As far as the fraud ... take the video above as an example ... if these folks are trying to get a few extra food items or whatever ... I dont give a shit, their little grabs are nothing compared to what ya'll in Washington give out of our revenues. All this is for us, our people, many working and paying taxes themselves, here in the U.S. ... and the money stays here ... it dont disappear and end up in foreign offshore accounts. It keeps the peace, so that people dont have to steal to eat. The other argument is because of how many new recipients came on in the recession, and the recession is over. Markets are up and down faster, more financial fragility, with bigger hits, misses, acquisitions and mergers in todayz global economy ... a quicker here today, gone tomorrow type thing ... many jobs dont pay what they did, many are not coming back, and are not secure as they were in past, everyone is feeling the pinch, inflation, etc. NO ... I dont support cutting SNAP like this ... ya'll up there in Washington need to re- evaluate some of your special interests, earmarks, and foreign waste.

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