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LUPE VALDEZ Run For TEXAS GOVERNOR 2018: 4 Decades of SERVING The United States, Texas, & Dallas County ... The "Top COP 2 Top JOB" Edition ... (LUPE VALDEZ PT.2)- (TEXAS GUBERNATORIAL RACE 2018 PT.2)- (VETERANS SPOTLIGHT PT.49)

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Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez Announces Run For Governor ... Thanx to CBSDFW

First of all ... my heart and thoughts go out to those in SoCal, that are being hammered with these fires (NBC4/ LA), this is one of the most beautiful areas of our country, at that ... and this Global Warming just adds to intensifying these fires! This posting is concerning local Texas politics, and will serve 3 series of this journal, as an introduction to now former Dallas County Sheriff for the last 12 years, Lupe Valdez ... some news video above. I been hoping that Valdez would run for governor, because I know she has been thinking about it for a couple years now, so congrats on that move! All states have their unique situations and issues, Texas is no exception. Another positive here in Texas, Democrats have fielded candidates for 90 of 150 Texas House seats (Texas Observer) ... so there is signs of progress showing, for a little more political diversity here in the Lone Star State. Our current Governor Abbott, has been declining to address critical issues we face here ... plus, Austin is way out of balance politically, considering all the needs and issues, and it's not a clear representational picture of Texas. Lupe Valdez has Texas, patriotism, and service written all over her, and a pretty solid record. She started from a Texas familia of migrant workers, busted ass, working her way through college, earning a bachelor's in business administration, and a master's in criminology and criminal justice. Valdez is a U.S. Army veteran Captain, federal agent for U.S. Customs and with the Department of Homeland Security, prior to becoming Dallas County top cop, she had 3 decades of law enforcement background, worked anti- terrorism, and in Central and South America, as well. But Valdez and Abbott got off on the wrong foot you could say, a couple years back, when Abbott made some monetary and political threats to her, concerning Valdez not honouring the way Abbott set up the sanctuary city penalty thing. Bottom line here is ... Valdez has a more common sense, and non radical way of dealing with illegal immigration issues. Valdez knows and worked the border, knows the people and the tricks of the trade ... Abbott does not, simple.

They say that Valdez will have an uphill battle ... which is fine, she has dealt with uphill battles her entire life. I know with the lineup of Democrat challengers we have now (and there is more to come), that Valdez is at the top of my list, I expect already to vote for her in the primaries (early voting late february 2018). I would like to see her get the nomination, but too, whoever the opponent of Abbott and the GOP is, I will be voting for them, and straight Democrat in the Texas 2018 elections, although I'm an independent. As far as the presidential 2020 election, I'm not sure how I will vote on that, I wont vote republican, but if democrats pull what they did in 2016, I wont vote for them either. Mostly all I hear here in Texas, is the money factor, with the tons of cash Abbott has, and this has been the culture too much we hear since 2010 across America ... money, money, money. But there is such a thing as upsets, and people voting their conscience, so it's not all about big bucks only. A key primary challenge for Valdez I noticed, will be investor Andrew White of Houston, who is riding mainly on the coattail of his dad, former Texas Governor, Mark White. I like candidate and Dallas businessman, Jeffrey Payne, more than White, Payne was an orphan, came to Dallas with $2000, and started 5 businesses. White is a self proclaimed "very conservative democrat" and "moderate republican", which is a popular label these dayz, whether in Washington or Texas. White never been clear on where he stands on women's choice issues, or many other social issues ... and listening to him, I doubt he ever will. White is simply just that ... an investor ... we are saturated these dayz with investors in politics, and folks who have no idea what is happening on Main St or our communities in America. It's also refreshing in 2017/ 2018, to actually see some candidates for political office, that have actually had to "work" to earn a paycheck at some point in life. Look at the U.S. Congress for example ... I would bet that half of them are millionaire investors only, and not much else ... I mean, they're like a dime a dozen up there. Also, I'm so sick of hearing the whining out of Democrats, that "they need to move more to the right" ... I mean ... why dont they ask more Republicans to move more to the left? We dont even have a fair balance for representation, and Washington is as bad as Texas on it ... if you do nothing over the years, but move to the right, there is no left anymore at all, to give any balance ... it's a one way street of neoliberalism. I myself years ago, was far more bipartisan, and even voted Republican, but because of neoliberalism, religious fanaticism, phony patriotism, and lack of rational conservative ideas by the GOP, I been forced to move far more left, even more left than Democrats.

Another Democrat challenger, is Tom Wakely ... I actually like Wakely too, but he is a Berniecrat, and you know, by the time they get done with him, both Democrats and Republicans, they will have all this fake media, that he was some shit like a former Soviet Union baby transplant, of old school eastern communism ... you know the talk these dayz ... "RUSSIA IS GOING TO GET US!", etc. Instead of blaming everything on, and worrying about, Russians, I suggest our politicians clean up their own damn house, and work on fixing their own corruption, incompetence, and neglect, first. They are also going to play the economy and jobs card, big time here ... talking about how great business is here in Texas under Abbott/ Republicans. Bottom line is, Texas has a very attractive business climate, and much else, and it been that way for decades, and will continue to, under Democrats or Republicans ... so you can toss that talk to the side. Same in Washington now, with all this hype on how the stock markets are exploding with confidence under Trump/ GOP. Bottom line, all this economic recovery came under 8 years of Obama, it took that long to recover, from the 08 mess it was in. But Obama sided more with Wall St, instead of Main St, and Obama gave more to Wall St, than even former President W. Bush. Obama came in office with a mess leftover from Bush/ Cheney and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression ... Trump came into office with no financial mess to deal with ... it was all done for him, he didnt have to do anything, but take all the credit. And all this new activity in the markets, is just speculative chance, with a bloated overvalued market. Valdez is well known in Dallas, but not across Texas yet, so it's importante for her to work the state, and introduce herself to Texans. She done much to clean up the Dallas County jail and Sheriff's Department here in her 12 years, and the internal corruption, she has been active in the LGBT community, and stands more for working Texas families, the needy, small business, education, women's rights, and transportation improvement, as well as unifying law enforcement more in Dallas with the community, and looking out for her deputies more than the past Sheriff Bowles. I linked a couple pieces below, to read up more on Lupe Valdez.

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Infidel753 said...

I hope she makes it. I know Texas usually votes Republican, but if Democratic turnout can jump enough to elect a Senator in Alabama, anything's possible. Having a military and law-enforcement background will probably help.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infidel: There is actually enough democratic leaning folks by population in Texas to overturn Austin ... for years, the republicans of Texas worked carefully on things from gerrymandering to tightening voting and suppression. If we didnt have what it takes, all these major metros in Texas would be red, not blue. There are also many that just dont vote. I alwayz encourage folks to vote ... I couldnt even believe the amount of people with petty drug offense or whatever felony records that I met over the years, that did not even know they could vote ... or the numbers of folks I talked to that never registered. I first registered to vote, when Nixon was President, just a few months before President Nixon resigned ... to give an idea of how long I been voting. The democratic party here, just needs to work on Texas more, and getting things more straight. Valdez has a Hell of a resume too ... not many politicians with one like it. Thanx for your input.

Ranch Chimp said...

Also let me point out Infidel ... I'm not a big fan of democrats, I would actually love to be voting for a new party, that is more progressive, because of the new 21st century needs and issues, so it's for me, not a left/ right issue, as much as a change issue. And republicans or democrats (as history shows) can both be progressive, there has simply been not much trying to be, out of politicians, since they are so indebted to not a majority of people, but a small minority of wealth, so much is not being addressed. "IF" the democrats can try to establish a better platform, communicate and serve the needs better of more of a majority, get some new ideas and young blood in, then that is worth supporting them through elections, until something better comes along. This is why I am so gung- ho on "some kind" of campaign finance reform as well ... I mean, we are so unbalanced. We have got to a point, to where republicans are not conservative even, and democrats are not even liberal or left, we have moved both parties too far to one side, which is to the right. Plastic patriotism, religious fundamoralism/ theocracy and corporatocracy without no self control, has been destroying not only the republican party, but the democratic party as well. But, I feel confident, that people will heavily challenge politics and business as usual, and bring change in a matter of time.