Thursday, December 2, 2010

THE RESISTANCE and The PERILS of the POWER POSSE and its PREPAID POLITICS (PT. 1) ... (A Holiday Season Bedtime Story)

First I want to state that I am not an experienced writer, or much on bedtime tales or any of such, as this journal will clearly show. But just wanted to add this short bedtime or fireplace story for the Holiday Season. And what partly inspires this is many of the frustrations that I hear and read due to the current condition, and partly inspired by a series of dreams. So ... I wanted to add a little short story as a bedtime tale ... let's just say :-) **** Part 2 linked at bottom ... Enjoy!

Once upon a time on Earth in the early 21st century, the species and world was going through another periodic change, that happens every couple thousand years or so, where past mistakes and ways catch up and show their flaws, as well as need for change in direction. Even the earth goes through natural change over the thousands and million's of years, continents are always in motion as well as the waters, and jungles become deserts, seas become lands, etc. A time that was difficult as even past eras for many .... yet most beneficial for those who have power and wealth. Many of those with power and wealth didnt really get it through hard work and innovative thinking, creating anything, or even being heroes in battle victories ... but just because they had enough money simply to orchestrate a vision of what a Utopian society would be to them ... yet they forgot all those truly great people who were the backbone, creators, thinkers, scientists, and real heroes that made all this possible. And even since everything has it's price ... even the great energy sources that had us living so well, have even started creating problems that were not anticipated. Being that the warming of the Earth was accelerating melting of the ice caps at rates hundreds of times faster than would have happened naturally over a much longer period. But ... everyone wanted their cake and to eat it, and no one any longer wanted to sacrifice a thing of what they had ... or give to receive any more, and everyone's power and confidence went to their heads, they created mega religions to brainwash the people better than they ever were able to in past history, new mega medias and advertising, various biotech implants, computer generated mind manipulations, gimmicks and such, as well as institutions to educate them, and controlled them by keeping them all in debt, even still in debt from the grave ... the world was taking, taking, taking ... and giving less, and less and less. People wouldnt even control their usage of anything, and their waste, and regardless of starvation, and new diseases because of the climatic change that started to run rampant through the human species and even other species, natural disasters and such, they just continued hanging on to the past ... clinging to their flaws, and even still advocating to over populate for no reason other than excessive self gratification, labour replenishment, and keeping wages rock bottom and profits huge, etc. Continuing more and more to manufacture wars, not to free people, or to stop injustices, or to defend one's lands ... but to rape every resource they can from every land they can.

As time passed ... poverty, starvation, unemployment increased, debts that were never getting paid, and instead just being handed down to the masses while the majority of wealth ratholed all their monetary and minerals wealth to themselves, kept tight fisted and let themselves go unregulated with no discipline, while they were only concerned with regulating the masses and forcing more codes, morals, and responsibilities on them. They had now let their financial systems/ institutions be run strictly by nothing more than well educated thugs and programmes on computers that even milked the resources across the board more and more ... they lost all self control. Them and their offspring in power bought out all ideas, sciences, and everything they could, even using new sciences and technologies eventually to make their goal that "they only" would never die of natural causes, and/ or have facilities to protect them from humanity's ill actions and/ or any acts of nature on any catastrophic level, and even made their part biological and part technological replicas to carry on more of their ways, which the original species also revolted against. Yet still failing to respect the power of the universe and natural laws ... and still degrading the earth and it's inhabitants. New defense technologies guaranteed also more control and submission to their goals, even now controlling through more laws and regulations of/ on peoples communications and voices, with technologies watching and listening to every move people make. But none of them looked at the overall conditions and/ or consequences that come with it either when anything loses balance ... they were all too busy thinking one way only and not looking at the entire picture ... nor any longer thinking that risk and work get rewarded, but just how they do things, using old principles while the species and planet were changing.

Eventually after a continuance of bubble/ busts economics repeating itself now faster than they had even back in the 20th century ... their prepaid politics running out of minutes and patience, their power posse allegiance and affiliates failing and turning on now each other more than past, new groups of terror and revolt they havent anticipated sabotaging their pipelines, refineries, military and arms facilities, and using technologies to shut down everything from power grids to their most secured private environments and mega investments ... the tide started turning ... and it became time to pay the dues for all they have received, without giving or contributing a thing for it. Their education institutions have collapsed slowly, their stronghold mega religious empires were failing, and their weapons and technologies to control couldnt even go up against the now heavy populations that they themselves at a time encouraged and promoted. Crime increased, because many even decided that they didnt care if they were caught, because incarceration was food and shelter if anything, and when people started being asked to give up their lives when they got sick and old for a higher cause to humanity, even that faced mega resistance, no matter the propaganda they used to make it sound pleasing and rewarding, and the incentives offered during their last days werent even nothing ... they had just lowered the species to a point, where many would do anything just for a decent place to live and meals. Just how they created their new global empire as well, getting support from the masses, by saying it was for global unity, but was instead strictly for global domination by them, with no borders to limit their abuse and out of control and unbalanced greed.

While so busy the powers at ripping each other off, while entertaining themselves, the new breeds were thinking and catching up, forming new alliances and groups, making changes themselves to how they think and teach their offspring, and finding new ways to revolt and vent a wrath that the icons also neglected to anticipate, getting around all the new regulations, laws, and codes ... not being any longer devoted to their institutions, products, codes of conduct, force- fed morals, principles, or anything else that these icons created ... but instead decided to look at humanities flaws and make thing's more balanced. This eventually led to a new way of thought ... and those who did have this iconic power either played the new game, changed and downsized their power, or went down and lost all and failed. People just simply walked away from it and ignored it, abandoned it, and started a new way and world ... and finally coming to realize that those who been dictating had actually never nothing to offer, and couldnt even survive without them. The species reduced it's out of control population growth, and focused more on quality instead of quantities, a new splinter of the human species came about and evolved. The new sciences and technologies changed everything from agricultural to energies, reproduction, to how gravity would be defined. But the change was the uplifting part, learning to respect their planet more and now to give and contribute before they receive, and to pay in full across the board.

POST NOTE: This hasnt a thing to do with the bedtime story above ... but I want to point this out simply because over the next couple years, there will be a huge increase of this talk, alot of paranoia and such, and because it has been constantly over the last couple years or so brought up to me during small chat by local folks around town and in Texas concerning this "2012 Event" with some read, video's, chart's, link's, and much more here . Look ... I will make this simple ... there is no talk from what Mayan studies/ arts have been so far uncovered (even though only a small fraction been uncovered, because of the difficulty in trying to access the areas of past habitats, because of the jungles, terrain, etc) , that the end of the world will be in 2012. Like many past civilisations who studied cycles, astronomy, astrology, etc, etc. Mayan's were simply masters of keeping time, and some of the earliest math related. I mean ... you didnt have much else to do back then but art (and the art is a beauty unmatched I may add), symbolism, written languages, etc. All these folks thought from their studies, is that life, stars, and such have cycles of change is all ... and we know from sciences that life does change on earth, and that there are cycles, always have been, a couple billion year's ago only, there was not much on earth as it is now either. As I write this, even with all the gloom science findings about species becoming extinct, there are ALSO new species exploding in numbers as well, many in the deepest depths of our oceans even. Of course, it's probably safe to say in a billion years ... this planet wont be in rotation around the sun as it is now, or that even this sun will still exist as is, that is just the change and expansion of the solar system/ universe, etc ... and also by that time, our species as we know it, wont even exist either. Worrying about these things is pointless, you may as well worry about the close calls, etc, with asteroids/ meteors ... and even after the supposed big one hit that wiped out the dinosaurs ... it wasnt the "end of the world" ... okay(?) ... life just evolved once again in different forms, and throughout even the thousand years or so of darkness proceeding that event, there was always some sort of life ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... or we wouldnt be here! :-)




Beach Bum said...

...concerning this "2012 Event"...

Already heard someone mention someplace, maybe the History Channel, that the "real end of the world" will be 2014. If I think hard people have been predicting the end of the world in my lifetime since 1980 with some sort of solar system wide planetary alignment bringing about the very things 2012 is suppose to bring.

My biggest concern is how many people seem to like dwelling on this stuff, doesn't say much for our society.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning/ Evening for some of us Bum! :)

Well ... your right, and also throughout all culture's for several thousand's of year's ... there are so many stories of the end ... that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... that alone is ENDLESS! :)

I like the History Channel myself, and all the other stuff like Science Channel, NOVA, Discovery, etc, etc I dont watch any of the show's or other stuff of entertainment on tele, and is the reason why, I dont write much about it or movies, show's or anything, because I simply dont keep up with much of that ... I mean ... my favourite movie had to be at least 3 decade's ago, which was "Airplane" ... which I know is "stupid" even as far as a movie, but that's entertainment to me also, beside's all the old Clint Eastwood Western's which I have on DVD's (got a bunch of old underground shit and John Waters stuff too on VHS, sick extreme porn, extreme gore and horror). :) But especially the History Channel, I dont take a thing as gospel truth, as "Mendip", blogger I linked through Infidel had recently pointed out about some of the questionable programming on there concerning Nazi techmlogies, not that they didnt have great tech's ... they certainly did ... but some not as elaborate as some would make you think too.

Indeed ... the whole purpose of posting that "post note" was because over the next couple year's as I pointed out in the start of this journal back around 2008, it will be a real big concern, so expect it to go a lil tad overboard the next couple year's. The thing is ... this has all been twisted as well concerning the Mayan's ... I never seen one shred even of talk or presentation from Mayan finding's ever, that even they thought the end of the world is coming in any of this, NOT ONE ... where folk's get this shit from? ... I can only fanasize and speculate! I mean you can find the same shit waiting in line at the grocery store on the rack's of newsprint with dark cloud's over a US city, shot at an angle with it saying that it is Satan's face smiling, from Christian myth's, or a tree trunk that has a twisted photo taken making you think it could be Mother Mary's face also of the Christian myth's, of recent centuries. So Yes ... million's are going to think that the end of the world is coming too.

But Yes also ... there has been alot of other talk about the solar system planetary alignment's too, for year's, worrying about these thing's are not going to do nothing for us. Nor is the Earth going to fly off to another galaxy. :)

Thanx for your input here Guy! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

But also as I point out, regardless of what change's natural or influenced by us and our degradation of the planet, etc, or whether catastrophies hit as a result that even killed a few billion people ... this does not mean it's the end of the world ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... all it mean's is that nature is cleaning up and reducing a species number that has degraded this planet for far too long (just a lil humor Guy), you will have to also expect because of the climatic change as I pointed out time and again also, that other form's of life will come, (life is life, even if it's human's enemy, that's the nature of nature and all beast and life form's, the strong survive the weak perish, simple) such as viruses, that we wont just be able to battle at first efficiently, and may spread throughout the species quickly at some point's, leaving million's of casualties as a result, like a fast spreading flu epidemic or such, still ... not the end of the world ... shit happen's, heh? We all should have also known many year's ago ... that with melting ice cap's ... and increased precipitation as a result ... that those month's when Earth is furthest from the sun ... those snow packed winter's and fall's are going to get more hard as well, that's just basic grade school science and meteorology, rain's, possible shifting in the ocean's, tsunami's, typhoon's, etc, etc ... again ... all thing's that been going on since the beginning of the planet is all, the world is still here is my point. Worrying does no good, awareness, and devoting more time to science's, technologies, and dealing with various scenario's/ event's to come is importante ... but if we continue to only focus most of our time on folk's sexuality, having lesbian military personel wear pink beret's for the cure, or what some dumb ass politician is doing or saying, or other related nonsensical bullshit, we will be less ready for challenge's. :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Need to also point out in above comment I made as far as when Earth is furthest/ closest to the sun, etc ... that may be misunderstood how I put that. Understand the tilt and rotation and that tecnically were I reckon closer during our winter month's in North America actually, when South America is nice and warm. To make it more simple ... look at it like this .... when your heaviest precipt season's are wherever you are on the globe, expect more activity, whether it's in the form of warm or frozen.

Tim said...

Geez I read that bedtime story to my granddaughter...She cried for 3 hours.

Kidding of course.. I told you man you should be Nostrastiffy. If indeed the world ends, I think that would be terrific. I'd love to witness it. I wasn't here for the start and it would be a great consolation to be here at the end.Hehehe
Good stuff

Ranch Chimp said...

Tim: Grand daughter crying for 3 hour's .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... It had a happy ending though ... like most pop culture tale's Tim ... I was just trying to display my pop culture side. :) In other word's ... I left out alot of detail's out of "personal discretion" :)

I am looking forward to a day Tim, when folk's may use a lil more discretion on deciding to have babies annually actually. And no ... I'm not against babies as some may take that ... I am just saying that today is different than 100 year's ago or a thousand year's ago ... and for those who say's that the Bible say's to be fruitful and multiply .... trust me .... we done our job. :)

Nope ... the world aint going anywhere's any time soon .... kind of like our government actually! :)

Thanx for your unique voice here Tim! :)